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  1. Was just reading some analysis over at 538 about the enthusiasm people have for the 2020 candidates and there was a WTF moment when comparing to Hillary 2016: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-trump-not-biden-might-have-an-enthusiasm-problem/ If you're interested in the summary: you've probably heard that potential Biden voters are less enthusiastic about Biden than Trump voters are enthusiastic about Trump. Well, 538 basically takes it one step further and calculated the net enthusiasm (Biden voters are very very anti-enthusiastic about Trump, while Trump voters mind Biden
  2. around here = watmm, or that place you call ~(∃x)(Px∙Lax) [Px: x is a place; Lxy: x is located at y; a: apriorion] ?
  3. Hmmm, about things that are pretty fucking stupid. I could name a few as well.
  4. Love some new massive attack, but this is like watching that ancient zeitgeist doc/movie. Apart from the spoken word, it does sound interesting. But that spoken word...meh... no. Not while I want to listen to some decent tunes.
  5. if anyone finds a tracklist, please post. theres a couple of tunes in there that are asking for my money. but i don't know where they live 😞
  6. he's prolly just an idiot and it indeed looks like the president has too much power. way too much. and that needs to be changed. or rather, listen to Beau. couple of good points.
  7. I think you're exaggerating the differences between the costs of living in Germany and the Netherlands. It's not a night and day difference. Housing might be the biggest thing. Could be that on average the Netherlands is more expensive. But if you're going to a university in a city like Berlin, I don't think the difference is significant either. And odds are, foreign exchange students end up living in cities with universities. Which tend to be the bigger and more expensive cities. Heres some stats to waste your mental capacity on, btw. Its the 2020 big mac index. Germany and the Netherla
  8. Smells like German bias, imo. Makes sense that all EU universities, Germany included, could attract more foreign exchange students. One thing thats missing though (from your post), is the language used at universities. In France and Germany I'd expect French and German instead of English. Correct me if I'm wrong though. But from my experience, universities in -say- the Netherlands are pretty much prepared to provide full courses in English. And during a recent trip to Germany... ehm... well, I would be happy if Germans had *some* knowledge of English. Which wasn't often. No strong
  9. Good thing SDNY can continue to do it's job investigating Trumps finances. Still betting on that orange jumpsuit. Regardless of him winning another round. Which I just don't see happening, btw. Even if he cheats... The corona-crisis and an economy in shambles is a recipe for a disastrous election. And the BLM-thing has the hole nation in the curtains as well.
  10. True. Although, to a certain degree he does play the media (by pushing BS through his twitterfeed), imo. But to assume there's a genius strategist at work here.....nah. It's mostly reactionary "panic football". If there's a genius to it, it's because he just happens to attract a large group of voters. And - let's not forget - he has the GOP by their balls. Not sure if that's Trumps "genius", or because the GOP has a base which resembles a giant piece of cheese with holes. Where most of it are people who are ideologically fluent, and either operate by group think, or by emotion. Trump
  11. what the f am i going to do with electronic music on an island without electricity!? i'm going for the lady artists. preferably those who can swim. 80's Sabrina?
  12. More like self-asphyxiation
  13. Reading some reports here (Netherlands) that the situation in Texas/Houston hospitals is getting out of hand. And will likely reach max ICU capacity in the coming week(s). Good luck over there. And stay strong.
  14. Given a certain "pommepusher" episode in a distant past, I don't expect anything to come from this. There's no charming TJ into doing favors for his fans. Or rather, some of his overly critical and moaning fans who largely ignored him since he went ebm. Would I be willing to shove some green paper into the hellish kickstarter pits? Yes, of course. Don't be so silly. It's just... Not gonna happen. Would be surprised if you hear anything. Also, even if Warp contact TJ about this, what are the odds TJ even responding? Close to nil, imoooooo. Sorry, ima disbeliever. Lovely idea t
  15. You're living in a fantasy if you seriously think it's simple as that. https://ebm.bmj.com/content/22/3/88
  16. again, if that's your standard, a lot of what is considered regular care is snake oil as well.
  17. that's quite the generalisation. especially considering the importance of the placebo-effect in regular medicine. if it works, it works. there's so much that isn't understood well in medicine. much of regular care hasn't even been proven. don't dismiss something purely because it says "homeopathy" on the box. don't blindly believe anything either, of course.
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