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  1. Was just reading some analysis over at 538 about the enthusiasm people have for the 2020 candidates and there was a WTF moment when comparing to Hillary 2016:


    What’s especially notable here is that Biden’s net enthusiasm rating is near zero, which is similar to most major-party presidential candidates’ ratings from 1980 to 2012. Trump’s current score of around -20, on the other hand, has only one historical comparison other than his own campaign four years ago: Hillary Clinton in 2016.


    If you're interested in the summary: you've probably heard that potential Biden voters are less enthusiastic about Biden than Trump voters are enthusiastic about Trump. Well, 538 basically takes it one step further and calculated the net enthusiasm (Biden voters are very very anti-enthusiastic about Trump, while Trump voters mind Biden a bit less). In short: based on these net numbers, Trump is in a tough spot. 

    In other words, Trump seems to be the new Hillary. ;D

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  2. 5 hours ago, dingformung said:

    You still can't get enough of this dude? I mean, he seems to be a good guy and actually does make some valid points here and there but it takes him ages to get to the point and it's basically trivia. The video when he thanked Trump for stress-testing the US was pretty fucking stupid

    Hmmm, about things that are pretty fucking stupid. I could name a few as well.


  3. 1 hour ago, ignatius said:

    double ah fuck. 


    a bunch more people are gonna die. part of me thinks his psychopathic plan is help the virus spread so there will be more chaos come election time or it'll provide some cover for big dirt he's going to do.. not that he needs any cover these days. seems he can do whatever he wants w/o repercussions. 

    he's prolly just an idiot and it indeed looks like the president has too much power. way too much. and that needs to be changed. 

    or rather, listen to Beau. couple of good points.


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  4. I think you're exaggerating the differences between the costs of living in Germany and the Netherlands. It's not a night and day difference. Housing might be the biggest thing. Could be that on average the Netherlands is more expensive. But if you're going to a university in a city like Berlin, I don't think the difference is significant either. And odds are, foreign exchange students end up living in cities with universities. Which tend to be the bigger and more expensive cities. 

    Heres some stats to waste your mental capacity on, btw. Its the 2020 big mac index. Germany and the Netherlands seem to be missing. But the Eu area aggregate is present and some examples. From which I prematurely conclude: the variation with the EU isnt particularly meaningful. (Ignoring former eastern block. And moreover, also ignoring that eastern germany used to be part of that. Hella confusing...)


  5. Smells like German bias, imo. 

    Makes sense that all EU universities, Germany included, could attract more foreign exchange students. One thing thats missing though (from your post),  is the language used at universities.

    In France and Germany I'd expect French and German instead of English. Correct me if I'm wrong though. But from my experience, universities in -say- the Netherlands are pretty much prepared to provide full courses in English. And during a recent trip to Germany... ehm... well, I would be happy if Germans had *some* knowledge of English. Which wasn't often. No strong evidence here, obviously. But I do think that language is a stronger factor than, say, zero tuition fees. Especially when you consider that the exchange students who would go to US/UK, would be paying a small jackpot. If money was an issue, they wouldnt be going there anyways. (And scholarships would also help, obviously)

    So in this aspect, I don't think Germany will be an attractive option. Apart from specific subjects where Germany excels/has expertise that other countries dont have. Like ... ehm. 😂

    Germans are good at car science and techno, right? 

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  6. Good thing SDNY can continue to do it's job investigating Trumps finances. Still betting on that orange jumpsuit. Regardless of him winning another round. Which I just don't see happening, btw. Even if he cheats...

    The corona-crisis and an economy in shambles is a recipe for a disastrous election. And the BLM-thing has the hole nation in the curtains as well.


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  7. 27 minutes ago, zero said:


    I agree with this line from that review 1000%:

    the media egg him on relentlessly and IMO play into a game with him causing him to send out outlandish and ridiculous tweets. the majority of his tweets should be viewed as childish off the cuff remarks that he will never follow through with, mostly because he can't due to the fact that the president is not a king.

    True. Although, to a certain degree he does play the media (by pushing BS through his twitterfeed), imo. But to assume there's a genius strategist at work here.....nah. It's mostly reactionary "panic football". If there's a genius to it, it's because he just happens to attract a large group of voters.

    And - let's not forget - he has the GOP by their balls. Not sure if that's Trumps "genius", or because the GOP has a base which resembles a giant piece of cheese with holes. Where most of it are people who are ideologically fluent, and either operate by group think, or by emotion.

    Trump genius =

     fire panic GIF

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  8. Reading some reports here (Netherlands) that the situation in Texas/Houston hospitals is getting out of hand. And will likely reach max ICU capacity in the coming week(s).

    Good luck over there. And stay strong.

  9. Given a certain "pommepusher" episode in a distant past, I don't expect anything to come from this. There's no charming TJ into doing favors for his fans. Or rather, some of his overly critical and moaning fans who largely ignored him since he went ebm. 

    Would I be willing to shove some green paper into the hellish kickstarter pits? Yes, of course. Don't be so silly. It's just... Not gonna happen. Would be surprised if you hear anything. 

    Also, even if Warp contact TJ about this, what are the odds TJ even responding? Close to nil, imoooooo. 

    Sorry, ima disbeliever. Lovely idea though! 

  10. 9 minutes ago, brian trageskin said:

    i don't know if a lot of it is but part of it probably 

    therapeutic practices and medicine have to do better than placebo to be considered effective, simple as that

    You're living in a fantasy if you seriously think it's simple as that.



    What is already known about this subject?

    • Clinicians are encouraged to base their practice on the best available evidence.

    • However, much evidence is derived from subspecialty populations or addresses rare, uncommon problems.

    • The extent to which recommendations for primary care practice are guided by high-quality evidence is unknown.

    What are the new findings?

    • In a primary care-oriented medical reference, 18% of recommendations were based on consistent, high-quality patient-oriented evidence (Strength of Recommendations Taxonomy (SORT) A), while approximately half were based on expert opinion, usual care or disease-oriented evidence (SORT C).

    • Clinical categories with the most A recommendations were pregnancy and childbirth, cardiovascular, and psychiatric.

    • Categories with the least were haematological, musculoskeletal and rheumatological, and poisoning and toxicity.

    How might it impact clinical practice in the foreseeable future?

    Primary care physicians should be aware that only a minority of recommendations are based on high-quality, patient-oriented evidence. This highlights the need for regular literature surveillance by primary care physicians to identify stronger evidence as it is developed. More research is needed in the primary care setting that evaluates the impact of interventions on patient-oriented health outcomes. Progress could be measured by periodically re-evaluating the percentage of recommendations based on high-quality evidence.


  11. that's quite the generalisation. especially considering the importance of the placebo-effect in regular medicine.


    if it works, it works. there's so much that isn't understood well in medicine. much of regular care hasn't even been proven. don't dismiss something purely because it says "homeopathy" on the box. don't blindly believe anything either, of course.

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