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  1. 12 hours ago, Brisbot said:

    All that matters is what Trump thinks. Many Republicans dislike the older guard of politicians. But you know that I imagine.

    Republicans or Trump voters? I'm tempted to think there's a difference between the two. The Republican wears face masks. The Trump voter believes in conspiracy theories.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Gocab said:



    Rate of law enforcement killings, per million population per year, 1999-2011. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics.

    Of course the number of killings are higher in places like Venezuala, the Phillipines and Afghanistan, but that's not really anything to be proud of. 

    and then there's always this thing.


    Native American!? Euh, call me a silly European, but the Natives are not the caucasians, right? Looks silly to distinguish Latino and African and consider the non-spanish europeans as natives. I'm confused. I'm thinking of those Indians and the likes as the original natives. But if so, they decided to ignore the caucasians as a group?

    Anyways...So, if your grandparent came from Ireland, you're considered a native. But if your grandparent came from Africa, you're not considered a native. Sure. No institutional racism whatsoever. Just some European idiot not understanding what the hell is the thinking behind that graph.

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  3. Tbh, the number of confirmed cases at itself is quite meaningless. It depends on the number of tests done. And the percentage of positives from those tests. And then there's the obvious: look at the per capita to assess whether the highest count also means the highest per capita.

    There's not much to conclude from this graph, if you ask me.

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  4. 2 hours ago, caze said:

    by institutional racism I'm talking about that which is perpetuated directly by institutions, like the police, or government, social services, education system, etc. you're correct, the law isn't the sum total of it, I didn't mean to suggest that it was (should have put an 'eg' before 'laws').

    by structural racism I mean the more broadly scoped context within which institutions and society in general interact, which are by their nature far more complicated and hard to understand.




  5. 9 hours ago, caze said:

    there's a very real difference between institutional racism (where laws are explicitly prejudicial), and very hard to understand 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) order social and cultural things. it's important to distinguish the two. most of the modern anti-racism stuff you see in this activism and from academic sources is grossly oversimplified and lacking in empirical justification.

    just a point of critique. institutional racism goes beyond what the law says. there's also the stuff which could be summarised under "policies and procedures". or standard practise, of you will. even with perfect laws, institutions could show signs of institutional racism just by how they operate.

    hypothetical example: if the law says stealing is illegal, but the police only (systematically?) goes after people of a certain race, there could be a bit of institutional racism involved. nothing wrong with the law. and potentially something wrong with policies and procedures.

    other than that: yeah public discussions are mostly oversimplified. By definition. That's how language works. It's inescapable.

  6. Love some Skee Mask, and I hate to be a negative Nancy: but the EPs sound like a bunch of half-finished ideas to me. Not much interesting going on in there. Not my T. Sorry. 

    Would have loved to love it. But can't. So I'll pass.

  7. Some interesting info in this youtube on cop training. With some explanation about procedures and what goes on in peoples (including cops) minds. At points he is critical wrt current habits. Also note how he warns cops about bringing this stuff up in their unit. It's basically a guarantee to get another job.


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  8. for numbers and stats, go here: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-data

    other than that, it's just silly to reduce this issue to a single indicator such as you're doing. not only are you ignoring the fact that the virus started spreading at different moments in time in different regions. you're also ignoring the underlying context of why numbers are higher in one location over another. much of the underlying causal relations are still unknown at this point, so this whole measuring dick-size nonsense is just that: nonsense.

    if you want to compare policies, you might want to compare those "are we bending the curve?" stats in the link i posted. there's a couple of them. also note that there's evidence this virus is very sensitive to superspreading events. which means that a relatively small amount of people infect a relatively large amount of people. (note how the R0 is just an average which ignores this factor) if true, most policies might not be as effective as assumed. (not saying you should ignore them, btw. you shouldn't!). most effective might be just to avoid crowds, and thats it. but we simply dont know at this point in time. (again, not arguing you shouldnt follow current national policies! whatever they are)

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  9. Trump will attack anything. 



    The US will not just sanction ICC officials involved in the investigation of alleged war crimes by the US and its allies, it will also impose visa restrictions on the families of those officials. Additionally, the administration declared on Thursday that it was launching a counter-investigation into the ICC, for alleged corruption.

    Couple more headturners in that article btw.

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  10. 39 minutes ago, joshuatxuk said:

    *that cult link very honest posted*

    this is informative, I'll read more into and keep it in mind

    Yes, that's a good read.

    The shortest summaries of summaries:


    Avoid confrontations as they are rarely useful and can serve to drive people further away.

    When you spend time with them, don’t mention the group and don’t question them about their own beliefs, or those of the group. If they brings them up, be non-committal.

    Good luck with those cultists. And keeping your sanity... 😞

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