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  1. 1 hour ago, joshuatxuk said:

    I hope so, because regarding Mattis' recent statements one friend's dad dismissed him as a deep state RHINO and one of my elderly Catholic relatives called Mattis a "disgruntled man" which I find so hard to comprehend while she fervently defends Trump. 

    Both camps exist, the Republicans who are turning full-blown right-wing fascists and those who are waiting to defect or staying quiet while disapproving Trump (very few are openly leaving) - the question is which will win out in terms of the swing vote?

    I vaguely remember you talking about this before, but do these pro-trumpers get their ideas through Facebook  and Fox? And the Fucking NRA perhaps. So we have the three Fs of the F-ing Fu Fux Clan. 

  2. Currently at Defcon level 3, I see. No sweats. ?

    54 minutes ago, Centurix said:

    Software Developer, work from home. Lots of projects on. Main gig has an office in Brisbane and was like 50/50 home/office but now more like 95/5 home/office.

     It's OK, I've had lots of times in the past with long stints working from home. The main issues are noise and fridges.

    Also, do a fair bit of electronics, here's half my office.



  3. 15 minutes ago, very honest said:

    moving stuff going on. protests all over. imageproxy.php?img=&key=2dcc633b0f3f1e2fgermany, london, amsterdam. 

    Yeah, here in the netherlands as well.

    Although here, it's more aimed towards institutional racism in the Netherlands and not about white supremacy. The institutional racism feels like it has more to do with ignorance and unawareness in the first place. And less with white supremacy beliefs. At least, up until now. Those beliefs might be less outspoken around here, but still present. You never know. White supremacy which is silent just looks like ignorance. 

    Anyways, if you're familiar with the whole "Black Pete" debate, his days seem finally numbered. That took way too long for people to realize that shit should be part of history and not some tradition to keep going. 

    Good to realize that it's broader than just about the situation in the US. 

    My personal takeaway, is that I used to think it would be better to just be silent (or rather, passive) as a white guy and let the people of color have their say. But now it's clear that remainig silent will help to keep change from happening. So you could end up being part of the problem anyways. Even if you (silently) support change. 

    Might have been some byproduct of those discussions on "agency". Which led to a transition from white guys having opinions on everything, to just keep your mouth shut (and listen, ideally). Which was a welcome change, I guess. But not the end point. 

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  4. What was that guy doing? That was not a "walk up to" and more like a "walk up against". Not defending those officers. It was a stupid shove. But that guy was behaving awkward, to say the last. 

    And that's def. not "killing at will". Come on. If that's an attempt at murder, you can go to a rock concert and put the entire mosh pit into custody.

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Zephyr_Nova said:

    My brain is 0% economist.  What does being in debt even mean in terms of a nation?  Who are they in debt to?  Clearly it doesn't matter, because they're able to just keep spending spending spending.  The whole debt thing seems like a fiction to me.

    Chen might be more equipped, but I'd argue it's both similar and completely different to what it means for us civilians. Like us, each country has a financial position. And that position will define how easy or difficult it will be to get stuff financed. It becomes complicated when countries go bankrupt.

    More info:


    The system is basically built on trust. Could have long discussions about gold standards, bitcoins and whatever. But in the end, it all boils down to the same, if you ask me. Essentially, if I ask you to borrow me some money with my promise to pay you back over time with a little extra (interest), you'd typically would like to know whether or not I would indeed be able to pay you back. If you don't trust me, you won't give me money, or increase the interest rate. If you trust me, you will borrow me money. Perhaps with lower interest rate as well.

  6. Spiritually, I agree. But if you look around, you see so many examples of norms being destroyed and civility being trampled on, I can only wonder whether society is still capable of being a democracy. I know this is mostly my perceptions being fed by the media. But the thing is, a democracy is based on trust. And if the people have lost trust, well, what do you do? I'd personally jump on the Obama bandwagon. But that bandwagon only works if enough people jump on it as well. I'm having my doubts. (I mean, how many facepalms can I expect by saying I'd jump on the Obama bandwagon...)

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  7. 47 minutes ago, timbre monke said:

    Shit like this makes me ashamed as an American white person.

    What am I looking at? Not sure what you mean. 

    Most important thing I've noticed is: where did that women go!? And: hey, these guys are in "normal" police outfits instead of those semi enforced army nonsense. That's a ...positive....?

  8. 30 minutes ago, auxien said:

    that's literally exactly what we are. 

    i mean, i get what you're saying, but that sort of change would be so massive it's nigh impossible. i'd argue it could be good in some ways, i see the possible benefits of such a thing (i haven't yet read the article tho, have seen other similar proposals and have personally thought through some of it in the past), but the costs to get there would be huge and would not happen any time soon. maybe if America's status as a world leader truly falls off sharply some radical changes like that could happen....until then, nope.

    easy there. don't shoot the messenger. it's the conclusion of that article dcom posted.

    The strong point of that article was the way it summarised American culture and it's impact on the way US is, or isn't, governed.

    I don't think it will happen though. Simply because of ... well, remember that discussion between Cuomo and McConnel a couple of weeks ago? NY is a net payer, keeping the Kentucky's above water. You can't just stop those financial connections. Ironically, the discussions in the EU are similar, but come from the opposite side. As the countries with weaker financial positions want better access to money. (it's more nuanced, of course...)

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  9. Great read! The quote you posted doesn't do it justice though, imo. It ironically reads like any other "30-word Facebook post". Without any hint of self-reflection. But again, it doesn't do it any justice.

    The TLDR version: US is too hellbent on independence, so it might be better to move towards a union of states. Similar to the EU. 

    Or my interpretation: the US sucks at governing the US.

    Not saying I agree. But it's an interesting read nonetheless.

  10. 2 hours ago, rhmilo said:

    The clapping thing has me furious. The same people who clap for health care are the people that for ten years have been voting for the party that has has been making cuts in health care budgets, to the point where at the height of the crisis people had to be sent to IC units in Germany, and that will do it again at the next election because the prime minister looks so good on tv.

    Talking about the Dutch situation? 

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