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    i've seen the first part on soundcloud somewhere
  2. Stark, empty, depressing, lonely music for our stark, empty, depressing, lonely times. Pretty great actually. absolutely. overwhelming actually
  3. looking forward to this. kms is always pretty good
  4. That was just a compilation of some unreleased tracks if I recall correctly. either way, everything he has released since Ask the Dust has been less than 30 minutes That A/D album grew on me too aboutclouded, farther than the periphery, smeared electronics flood the stairwell. banished formants glow through chain links. a distant storm, an empty breeze is stuck on pause. shapes contest their own shadows in the noise. my mind is hunted, tangled and wrung out by endless phantom waves. offer them the REPLIKA. 1. I AM A DAGGER 01:42 buy track 2. KOLD MIRAGE 3. L'APPEL DU VIDE 4. SILHOUETTE 5. OUT OF THE FRAME 6. REPLIKA 7. MEMORY MANAGEMENT 8. DRAWN OUT LIKE AN ACHE 9. PAWO
  5. my two cents: i love this shit it would have been even nicer if it had some beats
  6. i love the leaked track busted and blue. it's 100% gorillaz.
  7. i love albums about hong kong. my fav city.
  8. It just means they are the main act of the night. They always play around an hour, so don't count on it. ...Still not decided on a venue to go to myself, Manchester, Nijmegen, Gent or London... all of them?
  9. going to nijmegen and manchester if i can get my hands on tickets!
  10. thank you so much. pls take my wallet
  11. Franciscus

    elseq 1-5

    thank you ae. i love you guys.
  12. only listened once. i liked the last remix better.
  13. my guess is they announce the album in february and release it in march. can't wait!
  14. was hoping that too, but this mini-album is pretty good.
  15. bought it all. now i need a new ae shirt or two. sean pls.
  16. Franciscus


    same here. someone should e-mail bleep.
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