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  1. Sup y'all. I'm sorry to have disappeared. This place is awesome, but after someone sees how I talk/act when I'm off my meds, spewing these literally- insane schizophrenic rants... It's kinda mind-boggling how cliche schizophrenic's delusions are: i'm jesus christ reincarnated, I work for the CIA as well as the aliens-from-the-future who are sending messages via the porch light about how to prevent your thoughts from being stolen or hijacked by one-or-more secret societies and also you should go around town barefoot absolutely stanking of stale urine screaming about the hidden symbology of the Old Testament and the little metal thingies that people lock their bikes to, well their shaped like such-and-such-a-Greek-letter and we all know what that means wink wink meanwhile the uric acid eminating from your fucking clothing is literally stinging people's eyes and you manic-panic your eyebrows and the aliens-in-the-future are reaching back in time manipulating adverts around nyc thanking you for preventing WW3 and hey why am I being involuntarily hospitalized? I've got so much more important work to do and of course they're slipping poison into my food and the TV in the rec room is talking to me telling me how to escape and p.s. why the fuck is (I swear on my life this is true) my roomie at this psychiatric hospital an extremely old man named john ehrlichman... Anyway things are much more normal now, but its kinda impossible to live down that kinda image/reputation, so I end up withdrawing, whether online or IRL.
  2. Been an (un-ironic) Madonna fan since high school after grabbing her 10-inch.
  3. "Almost died" is probably overselling it, but basically stuff like nearly walking into traffic, nearly falling off bridges, being un-cautious with fentanyl, walking around Manhattan barefoot with cuts and scrapes on my feet, sleeping in parks in random (possibly dangerous I have no idea) neighborhoods, a few rather precarious social encounters... "Tempting fate" is probably more accurate.
  4. I'm on an even keel with my psych meds, for the first time since...well...since I went to New York and became a barefoot schizophrenic homeless fucking weirdo and streaked in front of Trump Tower and almost died like twice. *unintentionally-effeminate slightly-autistic Arsenio Hall-inspired fist pump*
  5. So, I really do not want to leave on a Sick Times/Unfriendly note, So I will spell out the Nonsense I've been trying to Offer: a) Does anyone here like Boards of Canada? 'Cause I think I finally figured out what they were up to: Does anyone know what "Geo-Gaddy" means? It means "polymathism + healing"; This place has become more "Geo-Geddy" (If you will...totally cool if you won't) b) Does anyone here like Boards of Canada? Why does Tomorrow's Harvest start with "Gemini" (so to speak) and end with "Dead Seeds" (so to speak)? (It's a 'gnostic alchemy' riddle, btw ) Because (please don't try to drive me to suicide for this): "Babel" "Fell" (If you will...though it's totally cool if you won't.) How do we solve that? (That's like house-sitting-Greenberg asking his brother if the pool can overflow when it rains, btw) The answer will not astound you: -Linguistic Philosophy -Psychotherapy -Gnostic Alchemy Polymathism (aka "that thing BOC does") (If you will..,) c) Does anyone here like Boards of Canada? Why should you be a Kid for Today? so we don't all get that whole 'dead harvest' Tomorrow.. d) Does anyone here like Boards of Canada? Why do we not Understand this Language? Same reason that pool overflowed... Same reason people who 'speak in Math' get dragged away... (If you will...) e) Does anyone here like Boards of Canada? Why does BoC have 'Children' in their Music Offering (e.g.) a "beautiful place" against the sound of Sick Times? The answer will not astound you... f) Does anyone here like BOC? What's that whole 'Beautiful Place' BOC seems so obsessed with? is it..."the city of Babel"?...where everyone is Humble and Understands each other? (If you will...) g) Does anyone here like BOC? What should all us Gemini Children do? My second thread was the whole "White Cycloda" thing, btw. (If you will...) A Beautiful Place, -brandon
  6. You guys seem to love sadism So let's try that whole two-way-street thing again: I see you're still that sunny person we've all come to know and love How's the hunt for a girlfriend going? I bet tomorrow's the day! Totally a person would want to be with you Spend their life with you Yay sadism Yeah, I'm done with this shithole "Peace," you beautiful souls.
  7. Oh jeez no dude google harder 'Veil of maya' = (e.g.) the wizard of oz curtain It means not seeing what is actually there But I see you are trying your best not to understand me Maybe you should try some depakote or seroquel for your mental illness Because you are a deeply Ill person Listen, don't take this the wrong way But you need to be heavily medicated Because I don't like how you act or what metaphors you use Dude, you are kind of a sadist Get away from me, please I am not a fan of yours anymore
  8. How about I follow you around, Zeff And question your mental health Sounds like a fair deal to me Anytime you post, I will tell you to go on meds Weird metaphor? Put Zeff on meds, obviously What a beautiful way to talk to someone Jeez (Should I give that I try? or just the one-way street with that? Please lemme know) p.s. I don't watch anime You are talking nonsense Seek a psychiatrist so you can go on medication Because you need it
  9. Yes, I was talking to the people who already like to hear me out If you don't know what a "babel monster' is Or the "veil of maya" (wiki dat, yo!) Well firstly, notice the quotation marks Because they are not arbitrary Turns out they kinda mean 'figurative language/metaphor' But yes I guess telling Limpy to go back on meds Will do just fine, thank you Cheers "mate"
  10. Please post example of "nonsense" I like to talk about actual specific things Not vague suggestions that certain members are 'off meds' because of their 'nonsense' What are you referring to, exactly?
  11. p.s, Zeff, can you show me an example of this alleged "nonsense" I keep hearing about I'm very curious exactly what you're referring to
  12. ...or, this place is a haven for sadists You tell me, Zeff Watmm doesn't seem like some BOC gnostic paradise from here But yeah it's LimpyLoo's supposed mental issues Because metaphors are "nonsense" if you don't like the sound of them Or the person saying them What a beautiful community this place aspires to be Count me in
  13. Lopez Next time you make a post I'll be sure to track it down and mock it mercilessly (Because hey it's not *my* fault you deserve mockery!) Yeah sounds fun mate Turns out I hate insincerity and mockery But of course you would know that if you lent me a single drop of goodwill, even once But nope, just the mockery I guess Cheers "mate"
  14. I'm sorry you feel that way, I guess. Are you really trying to understand what I think? Because I think you don't actually care what I think. I think you scan my posts for the first mock-worthy thing you can find And let 'er rip, cause LimpyLoo is fair game, haven't you heard (I hope I never treat you that way, because that does not sound like a good time to me)
  15. Not really I'm not a Christian and I am not a fan of the Bible...one single bit I do like some of the stories it borrowed from, though (Imo it's just some mixtape of the previous 10,000 years worth of ancestral (metaphorical) wisdom) But nobody wants to hear what I actually think Why? Because Wittgenstein and (gnostic) Babel, that's why If you wanna understand me, it's all in this thread I promise I can't explain Wittgenstein right here any better than I already have He's a linguistic philosopher, and Babel is a story about language (Like what you and I are trading right now) So if that's a helpful clue, then cool If not, then maybe check out the 2-3 pages leading up to it And I can't TL;DR the other stuff any better either If you think I'm some Jesus freak like Mesh Gear etc. Then nothing to see here But I genuinely tried to connect every single possible dot in this thread But nobody heard me... (Why? Because Wittgenstein and the Tower of Babel...)
  16. So sorry, way off: page 18 Post #346 (I can't figure out how to grab link in tapatalk) But post starts "this...this is the best I am capable of" And then I tried to TL;DR every important thing I've ever learned about this world In the post called "(/thread) TL;DR" (But then later I made a new thread And it got locked and Squee told me to just keep my big ideas to this thread So here we are in here, again...)
  17. Yes! I'm fascinated Have you considered the interesting stuff happened long ago in this thread? Like pages 13-15, for instance? Because the thread you are currently posting in had some interesting conversations about psychology, if you're actually here for that. (I'm assuming that's why you're here, in this psychology thread) Cheers If you can either post here or message me literature, videos, etc. that helped you basically take control of your life. 'The power of habit' is an idea, that you can control what you do by being conscious of your habits, making new ones, changing them, etc. And it's working so far. So anything like that, new ideas/things to think about that can potentially help me. I guess just stuff that helped you. Just give me a few prominent ones and I'll check them out. My friend, I spent 6-7 pages in this thread spewing nearly everything I've ever learned in my life. I don't know what else I can offer but a link to (I think) page 13-ish.
  18. There's no need to mock me, really. There are better strategies for correcting my behavior. (But you seem to really enjoy mocking me, so I have a feeling I was a worse jerk than I even realized...)
  19. Brisbot, that's awesome, my friend! If I can every help in any way, lemme know. I'm somewhat familiar with the CBT/adaptive intervention/psychotherapy/predictive coding literature, And those ideas helped me massively... (e.g. kicking heroin, anxiety, diabetic gout, and a bunch of other un-fun stuff) Cheers, -brandon
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