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  1. hoenestlty speaking it went like this from that 1) first i say like UH ??? what else to do in therapy when learning how to handle feelungs, but really don't know ho to handle yet, becus hasn't bene in therapy for a long time and don't know the "technics". like when waiting 4 da therapy to kick in what to do in the "mean time", during the Waitin gtime. like now...if panikk attakkx cum what to do other than take xannaz, becuz i wud want to learn to handle da feelungs in more lush wayes 2) she say ye good gueston, lez talk in da future. and she says like "i'm kinda worry about u, yuys
  2. yeas. Honing it in ass we talk chears 19 hours ago
  3. ok therapies is a HOAX comfirmed!!!!! I explaind the therapist the "sex addic gurl going to therapy and therapist first telling da gurl like "u don't have to pretend to be anyone who you are not... here you can freely be who you are" etcetc the mumbojumbo and like the therapist concluding the sex gurl's shesson by calling the gurl whooooaaareee (ti's the same thing like what happene to me gnome sane) and the therapist goes all "uhhh...oookkkkayyyyy... uuuuuh duhh i'm not qiute shuuuure what you mean... (she a woman so those are the girly uhhh's you kno when u hear them) so i proceed to
  4. she feel al ride about computing. thats why i was confued. she said "benxzos numb u don't and u don't make brogres in therapy if u run away form ur head" i said i cud do the same thing with computing, macland, masterbating, shopping. so why is benzos/opyjoyods a proplem? she said i am substance abuse. she said i have to quit. i tried to explain that yus that's why i came to therapes, but she don't see mto understand. first when we met she said benzzos r aightt and if u got pain pls eat opiads, the pain is bigger distracson than eating pain killahs. she said between in a fancy la
  5. Ok I don think she any good anymore. romanz is over. she said like "u shud not take benzos. u shud not numb down your feelungs" (and she didn't mean that inthe way of feelings = having da hots for her and surrendering 4 da feleings and telling her i luv her with roses and chocolates and my hand and a ring no. she meant "benzos restricc u from da therapy, u dont make brogress if u eat benzos". it's' cbt therapy (not that one, the other one), so it's not even true she just wants to find a reason to kickban me and my dupes. she don gare if i had to choose between (no pun) her and b
  6. bro seems like were mis sing brotels... i've cumsulted lokal sex wurkers and 4a moment i thought i cud like u kno "heal" myself thru hookers.... from trauma etcccc u kno hoe it goes...dated a hooker for a vile......not lush really. started becus she cud see the sadeness in my eye and she said it wud not be morale for her aestethics to receive my moneys... so i met a Hooker With A Heart Off Gold (https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HookerWithAHeartOfGold) seems like we think the same way.. is UK workers any good wat u tink? btw we have many things in common.... pain issues.. o
  7. no she's a woman not a he-man lol are u really a thearpizt? or are u psychiatris or which one? since u in the field all ready and if therapist yes then what kinda (psychodynamics?) and like not to drag a horse but ""he will love, will not hurt me with his work on my hidden unconscious feelings''" ofc a therapizt wud not HURT u with his (her, not gay) work?
  8. gotta give a tip if there is a "we are the therapy goers" kinda thinkers better to take benzos + opioids b4 the therap session. my therapist noticed (probably has read my watmm threads i pritned out 4 her) and she said "cheese is pain distraccing you from therap...????" i say whaddya mean? put it straight and say: cheese please eat oxycontinue before coming to therap, u in pain and it no good for thiknen. i say and bezos? she say yes cheese take bezos too. she got pain too so she kno what im thinken (oxy+albrazolama) so i take them befoe the session. and it works. i am not in physi
  9. reading the first paragraphi think he was barefoot as in baredicked ok i thikn i unerstand the story. seehe a sweed moker. then he was naked. walked into water. "fisher man held out his hand" wtf does that mean? if u are naked and someone holds out their hand kinda sad story. just wanting to be straig nakked and they always drag u bag. "some 30 times" "without thinking of the risks to his life" must be aweful to live without thinking about risks !!!!! jk i mean think a bout it: the guy was anudist.. jus wanted to be naked in da nature. and his name was COCKBURN. so don't sm
  10. o Ma gooooood ! thankyaw are you really a therapizt? "patient unconsciously re-enacts the past relatonship instead of rmemebering it and in so doing introduces to the treatment a wealth of information about past relatonships" i don't know what relatonship i'm re-living or sumtin, i can't remember?????? "patient experiences the doctor as a significant figure from the patient's past" i still don't know what figure... who was she/them....??? how to remember and the second one 2) " a selfobject dimension in which the patients LONGS for a healing or corrective experien
  11. not just mental health, just health carers.. i mean physiotherapists and nurses and dental carers don't care about mental things... and i don't think they find me attractive at all, it all jus in my head u kno. even if they did find attractive (if giv phone numbr) they don't find "me" attractive, they jus find the "idea" attractive..cos that's what they'r brogramed to do. in all those health schoolz they plant the seed in yo head if u talk to any hot health carer gurl (mental espezialy) they all have basketball case boi frens. becuz they lov to take care of them. a gurl put it
  12. not in"luv" more like jus fall all over someone. and not like everyone, jus the care giver womyn. fukkit's like dental dr lady, physiotherapist, therapist, and nurse lady. Ye I mean I just remembered this nurse I had last year, o mi god. posted about it on watmm and only now i'm realizing whatthe fukk it is all about. I met the same sex nurse again when i had the next injekson and she gave me her mobile phone number. in my mind i was at the same time like wow score and like wow that is real unethical etc i mean if you're a nurse u don't fukn mess your privat life with the nurse l
  13. never too old 4 a circumherson o mi god "Deconstructing Harry is about a writer, Harry Block who feels alienated and isolated in the real world. The only place that he can function is in the world of fiction, where he would prefer to spend most of his time. His real world is a mess. He has been to six psychiatrists; he's been married three times, he has an addiction to prostitutes; he's a pill popper and an alcoholic." "Personally, he's a wretch -- a pill-popping, alcoholic lout who has few friends and can't stay faithful to one woman." wat pills does he eat? don't u fuken
  14. ye it's always that sopranos trhing... i think that character thing in Sopranos the TV movie was a HOAX to get people to attend therapy OR to get embareassed but i tell u what my mayne.i used to hav this previos therapizt i used to have. she was uglier than the nowadays therapist. i didn't really trust her becos she was so fukkn annoying (really, not just fukken "projeccing" or transfertilizing or sum shi) but ye so first time really gots the guts to trust her and i told her some whaever secret i had been holding inside me 4 a long time. i developed a big ass boner after finishing the
  15. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15240657.2010.513222 https://www.goodtherapy.org/sexual-transference-countertransference-web-conference.html https://kspope.com/sexiss/sex2.php Table 1 - Characteristics of 958 patients who had engaged in sexual intimacies with a therapist 14% Patient attempted suicide 1% Patient committed suicide 17% Patient achieved complete recovery from any harmful effects of intimacies 20% Patient seen pro bono or for reduced fee 12% Patient filed formal (e.g., licensing, malpractice) complaint Harm occurred in at
  16. btw told her that i dink she's fukn sexy. done the deed jus de way goDel prescribed. took a shower, then shot some test prop and straight smeared a couple ml's on my chest and neck as if it was an aftershave jus befoe i started to cummute (gurlz get wild they smell the toblerone). so i arrived. she was wearing her old lady legs naked..........hot without ANY socks on. no shoes? maybe no shoes. or maybe she had som cute shoes. but no socks i mean. shad this unbelievably sexy bracelet on her ankle, an ankle (brace) let (made of guld). took the cat along the milk thing and proceeded to start ab
  17. Hi bro man. Psychodynamic therapy/psychoanalysis , is that what you're haveing? U kno u shud conversate the therapzst, say her alll those things like i don't wana hurt u but u ain't really helping her. Haven a therapist. goen to therapy and like tellin her your sekkretz and u kno not haviing much to gain from it and not-wanting-to hurt her feelengs, it's like going to a hooker and paying her to fukk u and she jus lays there not doing jack shit, in a starfish position, horribl, and tha'ts kinda the same thing u kno u're paying u da man calling the Shots... "having a very diffic
  18. stoya? i don't want to bropose, u kno iz better this way ok lemme eggsplane. If U Wud bropose and proceed to be the Lover Man aetc etc and get into an relationship (i mean like anyehwere in life) that's when it gets all fukked up. like u are "equale" or sum shi and it's not nice. it's better this way when it's one-sided (like therapst-client, it's like being a dog. u don't have to pet the owner. but the owner feeds u and pets u. like i bets if u were in my shoes and like walked in them shoes and proposed well and if (hypothethicaly speaken) u wud to marry her an all that and do
  19. dang now i remember more, i think i didn't repress/bury these memories wery well. last time i seen her she said somthing like "i WANT to be your therapist, i wana be by your side and help u" and all that., it doens't sound as nice when i write it etc etc but she said it so beaitufl i wish i had recorded it, was like the nicest thing/lie ever said to me. and she jus kept repeating it a ffew times (or maybe it is only repeating in my head, i dunno) i mean ye i gets they do it for money (ofc) but was jus nice to hear it like them wanting to be , and not wanting/having to be becus of money. i
  20. i wud lov to know why this happens. i mean i have fancied dentists, nurses (ofc), physiotherapzst, all kindsa "care"ing type of ladies. u kno what is fukked? many a time a gurl that is in the "care" busines only is in the "care" business becus they have som kinda mental heallth problems. i mena i met this lady, and she was in da health busnes. SO. when she was on the clock (workin) she SEEMED to be EMPATH-ful and like careing and all that. but when the clock rang and the clock card was punched, INSSTANTLY all the motherly love disappeared and a bitZZZch came in. like i wa slike wows what t
  21. Ye eggsactly it's a cummon thing to happen, no worriezzzz. just thinken about the 2 schools: do tell, or no tell? like one goes to the rap to be open, not to hide and keep secrets (secret being i think u're lush and fancy your sexy voice) are u a gurl or not? becus when i read google i read the same thing like "she probabl knows already"!!!! So is it BAD to not tell or good to tell? like if she knows, and u keep secret, then u done fukked? I understand what u mean wows. "She knew beofre you did, btw" very well true cud be. becus she was like INTRUSIVE asking like "THERE's SOMETHING
  22. O mi god GoD El. I jus remembered sumthink. U talked about flwoers, I continuted thinking about walking in da woods and I rmemebered something she asked me this week. She asked like "wud u fancy going to walk along the watery creek som time we meet??? and i was jus dumbstruk like why the fuk, why man why, why wud we go walking outside during da therap* session when I always cry when i therapisize. like every time i jus start thinken about stuff and cry and hide beneath my hands etc. so why wud i wana go walk near the water in public???????????????????
  23. thank u my man. i don't have a bath no more but a shower ye....last time i seen her butiful face she had a new joe machine (a coffee maker) with her so she made me a cup of Coffee ??? Does it C0UNT? was nice tho becus on the way there i was dreaming of a cup of coffee but i knew i wuda never have time to fetch one befoe my schedeuld time i'm not a happy talker tho u kno. some therap*ists are like that tho so u kno ho it goes, they jus want u to talk about some inane happy feelgood (not that kinda feelgood) bs ukno (well u do kno). but ye she's paid (like a hookah wudbe) so where do
  24. so was up entried the business of therap and as always chose the most attractivest woman therap*st avvailabul. Reasons (not the musicsoftware) being 1) ugly womoen are hard to converse with 2) never trust a guy if u pay him fo listening to you, never, gurl u can trust maybe but not a guy and 3) guyes feel "weard" to talk to like "behind da closed doors". So as it always happens with da women comin from the "helping business" I fell fo her . she said som beautiful thing last time i seen her but i have successfully forgot it and i only remember it was somtin real lush that she said and i cudn
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