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  1. why did you post the link but then also post a fucking cut n pasted scroll of text. 'Trying to be less rude' try to be a little more fucking self aware, f*****.
  2. Let's face it, you ain't going to the museum, and I think you knew that before you even started typing.
  3. This beyond embarrassment. Speechless. A new low.
  4. He's Gary Glitter without the boufon quiff
  5. It was unfunny, embarrassing and naff. Should have been deleted in 2007.
  6. Equally, posting a gif of you at your mum's house taking a break from posting here is a ultimately a pointless gesture
  7. You can't support any team outwith your own country. It's absurd.
  8. ^ I've been watching this clown for weeks. He's too immersed in his pathetic gimmick to realise he's driving members away from the board. I wasn't going to say anything but he's gone too far with his shitty gimmick and it's damaging. If he carries on like this I will be forced to step in, and I'm sure most of you know what that means. I will tear his soul apart.
  9. the thanking of jules on this thread is buttock clenching embarrassment. him sitting there embracing it tells you exactly the type of man he is.
  10. So my £75 nude poster sized print of a naked Rumer Willis (which was signed by Rumer along with sisters Scout and Tallullah) turned out to be fake. The signatures were real its just their faces, tits and pussies are clearly photoshopped. Why can't celebrities just learn to live in the bodies god gave them? I mean is that really too much to ask?
  11. Just saw a turd slide out of an African man's asshole. It was like a grenade. He hadn't locked the door to the disabled cubicle, I walked in and he was crouched in the corner facing the wall unloading the contents of his guts onto a paper towel. It was a black shit and it was muscle backed, like the contours of a grenade. He let out a gasp as if the release had taken him to new heights of euphoria, then his anus contracted and snipped it off cleanly. I think he is a temp\agency worker. He didn't see me so I just shut the door and left and logged in here to post this.
  12. Continue to bless us with your teachings as we gather round at your feet. I noticed you have eyes that are very far apart. Almost like a sheep or a goat. Some cultures believe that spacing like this there is a third eye in between, the all seeing eye. And that is why they are so full of wisdom and self righteousness.
  13. I don't know what the hell they are but I like them. I was looking at the blue one on the previous page last week and reitterinating those sentiments.
  14. "Dear Diary....." God damn generic self loathing hipster. It's always about you.
  15. Aldi`s beer and wine selection is a bloody revelation. Its my one stop shop. And you should see the new range of easter eggs. They're works of art in their own right.
  16. In other words you crave pussy and anus but are frigid. A deep thinker and wannabe philosopher, sure, but at your core an emotional eunuch.
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