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  1. With cruising for burgers and cern at loggerheads lets look at this panoramic image ive been trying slaving over for the last hour, 3 or 4 images merged into widescreen by AI A beautiful image, though incomplete. There are pieces of the jigsaw missing. I can go back to the location and lean over the balcony and fill in the blanks. I can get the missing shrubbery and sky from google images and paste it in. I can do a little copy and paste job in photoshop from the existing image, probably unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Theoretically only the first option will keep the image authentic.
  2. Yeah just a raw dump straight from the camera while sorting out which ones are worth getting printed, most need slightly tiltedto straighten them or a little touching up
  3. Yeah, uhm..it's been out a long time and everyone seen it 6 months ago. Talk about turning up late to the party. Nice rousing speech though.
  4. Don't feel pressure to watch anything based on a man on cruise ship sifting through torrents on a 32” Trinitron. He won't understand cinema until he gets back to dry land and into a theatre.
  5. Trying out different seatpost heights in the fog earlier People telling me the dropper post is a game changer..I think saddle height is all down to personal preference
  6. No. Not nearly old enough. Why would you think that? Are you that guy who tells the hilarious long stories and the nerds go ”Hahahahahahahaha, that was a good one”
  7. Don't lay it out in that format again, you come across as a self important schmuck. None of the millennials even know who the fuck you are. Have some humility in future.
  8. Such a neckbeard review, lazy comparisons to other horror films..dismissive of how well the film embraced the lore and moved the narrative on
  9. Dammit neckbeard, go to a theatre and watch it..jeez. It's 8/10
  10. Dammit neckbeard, stop posting trailers for for things you won't be able to watch until a torrent appears
  11. Yeah it wasn't good and pretty much a waste of Bautista's time. Could see them trying to channel Dave's nuances from the first scene of BR 2049 for an hour n a half, he deserves new material. The close ups during dialogue were pointless and stupid. M. Night is not the man for execution scenes, his PG sensibilities are a detriment to the narrative...like Nebraska said 2/10......3 at a push
  12. I love Ravedeath, North Water and this new soundtrack Infinity Pool. Surprised Spiral's so anti Hecker I thought he had good taste in music
  13. If anyone hasn't seen phudoshin's post from the bottom of page 1 go and look at it now. His initial reaction to news of the gig is to speculate whether the wife and kids will be performing. What. The. Fuck.
  14. Fudoshin bumping this thread was a disgrace and an embarrassment, the latest in a long line of faux pas moments. He just doesn't think sometimes and gets lost in the moment like a giddy 60year old child and that's when he makes serious errors of judgement. He's being doing it for decades.
  15. It was good, he played bits of the NTS set and some of the old 90's stuff. It was roasting in there though.
  16. Hipster misses point of film and then more hipsters (who haven't seen film) agree because they heard some buzz from other hipsters.
  17. He didn't answer my question about Morbius.
  18. You must be one of the most generic twerps I've seen in this hellhole and that's saying something. Go away and watch a film that no one's seen and form your own opinion about it.
  19. Was he a doofus like you? You were truly embarrassing here. I still cringe thinking about what you posted. No self awareness at all in your little goofball bubble, ie. "Hey man, thanks.. I'm stoked, dude, that is so awesome, I'm superpumped! Thanks man!"
  20. You're right about that. He definitely is an alcoholic and the way he keeps trying to convince himself he isn't by regurgitating the story about going to the AA meeting and seeing people who are worse than him is sheer denial. Deep down he knows the truth.
  21. Aren't you that guy with the flat face and bug eyes? Hahaha, oh man, you looked like a teddy bear. Got any recent pics?
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