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  1. A draft in a warm house is a magic carpet for bacteria

  2. Amni's John Carperter's Ghost's Of Mars remastered by Amni. Based on a self promotional campaign by Amni. Written by Amni. Directed by Amni and John Carpenter.

    1. auxien


      would watch/listen/ask for a director's cut/remaster of this

  3. A complete history of the universe and everything in it.... remastertered by Amni

    1. triachus


      He did a good job on the lower parts of the Neoproterozoic era, but the frequencies of the Roman Empire are too high.

    2. Schlitze


      He needs to extract the tape hiss on both world wars and then watermark it.

  4. It's the same four people who always post comment replies to status updates. They are products of their environment.

    1. Friendly Foil
    2. Uniret



      so are we all


    3. triachus


      I tinkered on your avatar. You are a product of ME.

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