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  1. "Dear Diary....." God damn generic self loathing hipster. It's always about you.
  2. Aldi`s beer and wine selection is a bloody revelation. Its my one stop shop. And you should see the new range of easter eggs. They're works of art in their own right.
  3. In other words you crave pussy and anus but are frigid. A deep thinker and wannabe philosopher, sure, but at your core an emotional eunuch.
  4. It doesn't feel like spring..feels more like autumn
  5. Sure but step away from the herd and go on your own journey with someone like this You could be good together
  6. Always found the Bill Murray love in to be very studenty, naff, generic and contrived. A phenomenon perpetuated by frat house dorks who follow the herd and haven't seen pussy since they were ejected from their mothers birth canal.
  7. Can't Get You Out Of My Head is good so far (3 episodes in) a lot to digest there. The Cecil Hotel thing is a piece of fucking trash I wouldn't wipe my arse with. It makes The Masked Singer look like high art. Fuck that bullshit.
  8. That was uncomfortable and cringy when the fanboys do stuff like that. Truly arse clenching stuff.
  9. Don't stumble into a thread 12 hours after the event and 2 pages of discussion and say “Is this real"
  10. It's user name specific. Looks like some of his privileges have been revoked. He must have done something pretty bad.
  11. It's a double edged sword in that sense. It can be a source of new information for the seasoned noob. My frustration lies with the necrobumpers themselves, offering nothing as means of a reply to justify the gravedigging. BUMKUM or whatever he's called did a humdinger recently on this very subforum. I did well to bite my tongue. The worst offender of yesteryear was a guy called delet. A spammer and necrobumper who would say "heh" at the end of his posts, as if he wasn't annoying enough already.
  12. Hahahahaha noob 😅 Punch-Drunk Love and Uncut Gems are folklore, man. Jesus. How old are you? If you're just out of nappies I'll let you off the hook! 😭 Hahaha, oh man.
  13. I only like the first 20 seconds, the bass draws you in, then it gets too repetative
  14. Don't necrobump for no reason, man. It's not cool. It's been happening a lot lately and its probably about time a punishment was introduced for the "men" that keep doing it
  15. I'll be in Bristol next month. I'll come round for food and drink. Is there any decent pizza places near you? Pizza hut? Order it in advance so its piping hot upon my arrival.
  16. I see standards on this forum have slumped to new depths. The stench of 'aw shucks' doucheyness hangs thick in the air. Its cotton candy in forum form. Who is to blame for this pityful decline? I will speak to them.
  17. You should have deleted him from Facebook after his crimes.
  18. In the thread title, in brackets, the thread starter, whoever he is, has told people who to vote for. Delete that. There is no way that should be happening. So douchey. Why the hell does he think he holds any influence over anyone?
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