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  1. Don't be so lame as to reply to this schmuck. The utter failure of his attempt at wackiness in the Afx subforum was EXCRUTIATING. I've never seen so much tumbleweed blow through a thread. TOTAL embarrassment and complete and UTTER failure. Delete all record of the creeps existence on this site for the sake of the feelings of BUTT-CLENCHING shame at even just the sight of his name at the start of a topic. He's shit. He's subhuman.
  2. I listened to this pacing around the kitchen. It was what I expected, letting off some steam after their long form endeavors. Did I like it ? Yes. There were a couple of stand out tracks. Some of the ambient stuff was sublime. Do I need to hear it again very soon? Indeed.
  3. MaartenVC's advice was perhaps the most generic, unhelpful twaddle I've ever read on this website. Jesus Holy Christ.
  4. What the hell is this pussy ass emo shit, Jesus Christ, God damn eunuch
  5. Ratched's good. Fans of Hitchcock and DePalma will immediately identify this as a “homage“ to that era. Saturated primaries and ott production design. Four paragraph review to follow tommorrow.
  6. Newyorknowhere I don't know who the guy is who started the thread is either but they did a horrible job. They couldn't even get the basics right and a mod had to intervene and baby them through the process. I hope he's reading this so he knows that he has to do better. From what I gather he's an Italian slacker with connections to the Vatican in Rome. Update: I just seen him lurking, watching. Thread starting privileges revoked please.
  7. We're in the midst of a pandemic. Even when the avatars were circular the world continued to turn. Since then we've moved on. A man who does an unspecified job on cruise ship is having trouble with a burger emoji when he pinches the screen to zoom in. There is also a man who has an avatar that glitches in a cool style like an old MTV video who didn't take kindly to the suggestion that it hadn't uploaded properly in circular form, nor the criticism that such a gif was fairly contrived and done to death in this day an age. But all that pales into insignificance if we dig a little deeper. I have just seen a complaint from a German man who says theres something wrong with the size of the bell in his alert notifications. He thinks it would be better suited to a 27“ monitor rather than his Huawai P30. Theres a lesson there for all of us.
  8. 'Acid' is an absolutely stunning track. It has all the vital ingredients. Luke at the top of his game with this one...5/5 which means it goes into my top 10 tracks of all time
  9. Close the thread down. At least that way the forum users can take steps towards pretending it never existed. Denial is the only way forward at this point. I couldn't believe what I was seeing on some of these pages. A true abomination and another sad chapter in the history of this website.
  10. The thread is an abomination. Especially considering some of these turgid contributions are from men in their 50`s and 60ʼs.
  11. You need to start thinking about posting less. Much less. You're like the last piece of butter the tub. There isn't enough to go round so you end up spreading yourself too thinly. You don't have the substance to butter more than two buns, Timothy.
  12. That bean shape was something i'd encountered before before
  13. I see you're running out of ideas again
  14. You're babbling. This is such a poorly conceived thread it speaks volumes about the credentials of your cohorts its made it onto a second page. Truly appalling. Plaid must be cringing their arses off if they've seen this, and I hope they haven't, which is likely
  15. Current state of my mtb which I've been building back up from scratch after sending the frame back to the factory for a repaint I've loosely assembled it together to take to a bike shop to do the finishing touches that I don't have the tools for, bottom bracket and headset fitted, gears sorted out. I phoned round all bike shops in my area and they all said no, all booked out. I said sheeeyit..butI'm not going to mess with it, temping as it is.. i'd rather let the expert fix it, while its tempting, experience has taught me some shit will cost you more in the end if you think you're a wizard from youtube tutorials and get too complex
  16. It was one of the comments of the century, now unfortunately lost in time thanks to the pathetic over moderation of that pitiful mumsnet community
  17. Did anyone find out what happened to this guy and what had driven him to breaking point? He seemed to have lost all hope. He looked old and poor but his clothes were whiter than white so he must have access to a washing machine and decent detergent, not one of these fuckers you see washing their balls in the Ganges. After this video was filmed he may have done something equally stupid and not got so lucky. Interested to find out what his story was and to see if he's aware he was being filmed and ended up on here in gif form.
  18. At the very least a link to the stream for people who give a damn about this corporate bullshit. But in truth you could have easily added it as a reply to any number of the dull threads on here and it would have slotted in nicely.
  19. Not worth a new thread. Especially with such limited text. Posted in a dramatic fashion.
  20. Listen man don't showcase your weak trivia knowledge like you're reinventing the wheel, i used to lambast Rubin for that shit till I got him to behave. It was like training a dawg that spills its guts all over the new carpet until you shout at it and its anus tenses up and quivers. I watched the film a couple of nights ago and I gotta say it does a good job of building tension and paranoia..good writing and acting, there was some depth and intrigue. But as always with this stuff it falls apart in the final act..very badly. I can't say too much until I learn how to use spoiler tags but we get a new character who is just one of the worst pieces of shit I've ever seen, both as a character and plot device.
  21. Never post again
  22. thumbass c'mon man take this shit to the national enquirer..dawg a dang..some real bullshit from you there son
  23. It's a curveballer, i'll say that much for it. I have to credit it that it didn't play ball and is a worthy watch. 7500 - I love films which are in a confined space. Phone Booth, Das Boot, Locke, Buried. It ramps up the tension when you don't know what's going on outside, 7500 played on those strengths and I was impressed The Guest - Finally saw this last night and it ticks all the boxes for me personally, I think they did a good job with it, strong lead..sets itself up for a sequel
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