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  1. Thanks for posting this. I don't think these parellels have occurred to anyone before now. I trust you will continue to keep your finger on the pulse and update the thread accordingly. Keep up the good work. Godspeed Agent Farr. America needs you more than ever right now ??
  2. Schlitze


    Get jules off this subforum..so cringy, naff and embarrassing, like a 50 year old college jock that missed the last 33 semesters. ''hey thanks man''' 'awesome dude... thanks'..."Oh man, I agree that was a great track" ?Did Mike Judge base the character Butthead on this lame ass? Sure as hell looks like him. Absolute goofball. So sick of his grovelling and trying to inspire chat with his limited ability. So damn desperate to stay young.
  3. Ssssh, that enough gramps. Lets leave the bandwidth available to people who actually have a voice
  4. Sshhhhh. You don't have the substance to be posting this much. You're a very dull man. Go and make lunch or something and disconnect your internet.
  5. I don't know what Time Tourist was thinking when he started this thread but this should have been deleted immediately. Appalling lapse of judgement.
  6. Goddammit, on the evidence of Us I think we may have a one hit wonder. I think this is just a guy who has watched too much Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. He's a talent..but the Us script didn't look like it made it past first draft. Weinstein would have wiped his ass with it
  7. Just watched Us, very disappointed. It sets up this high concept idea that grabs you by the balls for the first half hour but starts to fall apart early in the second act. And from there on the script continues write itself into a corner it cant explain its away out of. Well shot and acted...but just REALLY fucking dumb
  8. WhitleyStriber is not a good fit here after his goofball antics with phudoshin in the Aphex forum caused cringing to such an extent that forum users assholes clenched up to the point of prolapse
  9. Yeah, user should go to the table and eat some pussy out. It's basically getting served to him AT the table, he can just sit there and chow down. What a feast. If there's any resistance he can just say “well OK, you can go hang out elsewhere. But I'm paying the rent here and this one of the new rules.. Now spread' em"
  10. Schlitze


    Thread needs renamed "AMA (but please, for the love of God, don't ask me about my native Denmark, that is off limits)“
  11. Schlitze


    hehe you've noticed this too ?
  12. it's shit like this reminds why you continue to serve as a link slave and errand runner
  13. six of eight really clicking for me now...I've liked it for a while but now its all I want..when I don't have headphones or my wearable speaker (Sony) I crave it. I just want to hear this fucking track. Ae are manipulators of the ears who can take months or even to break down their listeners. The NTS seshs are daunting and I'm chipping away at them. But you know after this Four Tet will do nothing for me aurally unless I hit the rest button.
  14. There are 10 new genders since you were last here so the gender library needs to be updated so people have more options when choosing their gender in their profile.
  15. 2 Butthurt Lane, Discogstown, Georgia, D15C0G5
  16. Could the OP sue for hurt feelings after the seller lambasted him for wasting his time? If it goes to court this thread could be used as evidence. The defence could go through every word of it, but truthfully theres nothing incriminating to find here, hell, most of it is words of comfort and solace to the OP after the trauma of the harsh words from the bad man.
  17. love it how you goofs are like ''yay amsterdam.. buy drugs and sex worker" dammit if one of those pieces of pussy was to drop their pants and reveal their raggedy ass labia you'd start squirtin so fucking hard you'd make the geeks in American Pie look like the quintessential male adobis from aftershave ads
  18. The dolla bills in the poster represent the $ he hopes to make from this to pay for lip fillers.
  19. Hey last thing this thread needs is another generic doofus chipping in with some meaningless stats so why not log out and go and do a jigsaw or something?
  20. Just read the last page.. What the fuck is going on with you Diatoms.. Jesus Henry Christ
  21. Thread is a pathetic attempt by old gramps to tap into the current “feels“ culture. Jaded old snowflake trying to manipulate the fragile emotions of the next generation. Not fooling me. Go on, git!
  22. user, weren't you hooked on crack and methamphetamine for a few years, maybe your respiratory problems were nothing to do with the building
  23. You're almost 50, diatoms. And you're Irish. So it doesn't effect you anymore
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