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  1. great vid. I do love these visuals he is doing just now. I haven't seen him live since 2006 and he was doing the (much more minimal) black and white pixelated stuff on the screens, playing bass AND using the laptop whilst simultaneously raving old skool style with the arms. that crowd is what I would classify as 'passive aggressive'.
  2. Jeff Who Lives At Home - 7.4/10 Damn good. Jeff's day out from his mum's basement, goes out and reconnects and meets his destiny. This Means War - 4/10 Worse than the reviews would have you believe, the film had too many lame elements across the spectrum. Pusher (2012) - 6/10 Delivered just what I expected. Pretty entertaining. Worth a watch. The original was a grimey tale of despair, this is a bit more upbeat (the colours are brighter).
  3. 6.5/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gKZ9H23wtc[/url]
  4. Totally. Ae just get on with it, totally unconcerned with how its percieved. Back on topic: Ellie Goulding is shit.
  5. I love this idea of AFX as the Benjamin Button of the music world ...putting out his more mature music (Ambient Works) as a youngster and then disco DJing other peoples tracks in his 40's
  6. venn diagram for rap intuition. Really? Awww man! It's enough to make 1000 rappers wanna facepalm
  7. Yeah, i just kinda lumped them in with cockrockers because they wear those costumes on stage. Although, so do Super Furry Animals and I don't mind them at all.
  8. They didn't date, Harry from McFly went to her hotel room after their days filming and they french kissed. No respect for that achievement whatsoever. Rubbish bands are: Mumford & Sons The Killers Mark Ronson and his band Example and his band Professor Green and his band Basically anything that i see on these iTunes Festival highlights shows And i hate cockrock, ie. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Flaming Lips, anything like that is unbearable.
  9. It actually sounds a bit like Howard Shore's score from Spider. Not sure if thats good or bad. I'll reserve judgement until i see prometheus again on the telly.
  10. yeah, lame interviewer... but why are these old school ravers so evasive when replying to ''what new music are you listening to at the moment?'' Would be good to know if they are still inspired by the new. All we know is Jenkinson listens to Empire Of The Sun after he created the name Shoebaleader One from a lyric in one of their songs.
  11. Dpek, yeah, you're right, i think the violence was pretty restrained in comparison to what actually happened. Scorcho is right when he compares it to Henry, it has the same grim feeling of dread throughout and doesn't spell too much out with the characters motivation. I did find the film kinda confusing in parts, mainly to do with the answer phone messages Bunting made his victims leave, got a few characters mixed up. Also, given how much of a monster Bunting was, he showed the gay paedophile amazing leniency at the beginning... I guess he didn't want to make too much of a crazy first impression. On a lighter note, anyone seen 'The Tall Man' yet? I can't make my mind up about it. Very well made, with the same kinda three act structure as Martyrs, loaded with twists and turns, but ends with a very confusing message. Infact its not a message, it's a dilemma. Dunno.
  12. Director's cut should ditch the scene where Idris Elba and Charlize theron arrange to make love in order for her to prove she's not a synthetic organism. that was crass. It was like a scene from Sex & the City.
  13. News anchor Shepard Smith is such a douche ''Get off it, get off it, get off it...'' He was far too late. He was sitting there loving every minute of the chase, he was glued to the screen...then once the guy pulls the trigger he tries to take the moral stance. He was as guilty as anyone. Plus he looks like Leyland Palmer from Twin Peaks.
  14. Better off watching House On The Edge Of The Park. David Hess shows a bit of range and versatility. He was pretty under-rated. Two films film I do love which I watched this week are 'The Angel's Share' and 'Cabin In The Woods'. Kinda dissapointed with 'La Havre' and 'Once Upon A Time in Anatolia', the latter of which moved at a snails pace with no real pay-off. Needed a few explosions, or just something to keep it engaging. It was 2.5 hours. To invest that amount of time in a film you gotta have at least one bomb going off or a fight sequence. Also kinda looking forward to seeing Paranormal Activity 4 this month. Apparently the demon takes human form this time and speaks to reveal his intentions.
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