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  1. listening to Ad Vanz set right now. good stuff. RIP Mira Calix
  2. AnwarAutokino

    afx nft

    so, any news on the planted trees and permaculture projects? asking for a friend.
  3. are they playing in the Daft Punk pyramid?
  4. definitely henry cow, he also mentions fred frith at one point who was part of the group according to wiki yeah those hi hats throughout the track might be 808, not sure though
  5. has anyone found the 808 in elseq yet? I'm not hearing it anywhere.
  6. I really love how they're always trying to dispell this myth of them making "cold, methodical" music using "extremely complex" software and 'ardware setups. This AMA is another great example of that. Listening to Sean, it's obvious that they're just two very curious and creative blokes, who use pretty basic techniques to great effect. Really looking forward to further streams, particularly the live max-patching stream that Sean hinted at. That would be an amazing peek behind the curtains.
  7. is this being archived? can't watch right now anyway thanks for doing this sean
  8. https://www.bandsintown.com/a/4321-autechre
  9. interesting, thanks. I still like to take these chat messages with a grain of salt though, they might just as well be trolling/having a laugh. In the end, it's all AE anyway. It's actually quite remarkable how singular/unique their style is. With a lot of other bands, you can easily differentiate the influences of the various members, once you listen to solo releases or whatever. With AE, it's the opposite. Sean (I think it was him anyway) once mentioned how they actually both want the same end result, they just might go about doing it in a different way. It's quite fascinating, really.
  10. source? or are you just speculating? i know spaces how v (mentioned by sean in the 2020 mixlr chat iirc) and m39 diffain (mentioned by rob in 2013 quietus interview) are rob trax, but i've never seen those other ones confirmed by either one of them.
  11. just took a walk (pic related) while listening to OSLO_171116 on headphones. absolutely amazing set from front to back.
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