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  1. quick wayback machine search gives these results (for jan 2005, when analord 10 was released). also lol @ the doepfer page looking exactly the same 14 years later
  2. good instrumental, gets really lush towards the end. that album art is horrible tho
  3. bennys verse on lucha bros is crazy. one of my favs at the moment
  4. cool pics, thanks! let the memes commence
  5. 1st impression: "use this gospel" only memorable song, good melody. other tunes range from meh to bad
  6. i'm just an hour in but pretty cool mix already. maybe we can get a timestamp/track-id google doc going like for their 2013 mixes? i'll def take note of any tracks that i recognize
  7. they were done with an oberheim dmx / dx iirc, as was lots of 80s hip hop
  8. crazy track, love how the whole thing develops. lead melody after 2:40 is ace especially 🙂
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