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  1. does anyone have a clue what the code scrolling past might b? maybe some cirklon data dump like in the collapse vid?
  2. there you go lads: https://pastebin.com/tc3bQFzJ (i only found a shitty unformatted .txt version of it on my machine, maybe i'll make a pdf with nice layout etc. once I have some spare time!)
  3. listened this morning during commute 2 work, cool mix
  4. one of their best. just beautiful
  5. what a time to be into AE! danke sean & robert
  6. "tour de france" hi hat action incoming!
  7. damn is this the original version of accelera that seanrob mentioned in the aaa?
  8. just came back home and started to listen in, nice AE stuff
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