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  1. and/or because it's the companion ep to their (e)l-even-th album
  2. there's "18 (keyosc)", don't know about any other watmm references apart from that one
  3. i'd be down with some fresh official Ae music vids as well, been a while since we've had one of those!
  4. ideal scenario: surprise announcement via email with instant download + physical release a short time later pls make it happen lads
  5. really stoked to see what tDr come up with here. I'm aware their last few ae sleeves aren't that popular round here/considered too minimalistic, but I actually quite like them, especially Exai
  6. i'm just a few minutes in but it sounds amazing already, that elektro track @ 8:30 gives me quaristice vibes, really good so far
  7. randomly gave this a spin again the other week after years (1996 2xLP re-release with bonus tracks), really deep, incredible album + extremely underrated, you never see this one in those 90s best-of lists, definitely one for the heads!
  8. lol @ those edits. really looking forward to this new album, iirc it was supposed to come out last year originally
  9. lol, in the Helsinki set, around 35:30 when that crazy breakbeat-y bit really gets going, there's this repeated bongo-type sound that sounds an awful lot like the one used in the Apache break (the one on the 2nd beat of each bar). the level of detail in these sets is absolutely nuts! can't wait to dive in further and find more of those funny bits
  10. i prefer them to the AE_LIVE 14/15 ones tbh, good to see that they're introducing a bit of texture/grain instead of just using solid colors
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