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  1. "why did u create SIGN with a regular DAW & what vsts did u use"
  2. fuuuu.... ecol4 is the shiiiiiiiit
  3. just took a walk with this one headphones - first impression: this is one of the best collections of tracks they've put out. I still enjoy SIGN very very much - it's got its own unique, intricate sound-world with tons of subtle progression - yet I've found myself instantly invested in the complex, layered, more upfront compositions on this new album. Perhaps my fav aspect about PLUS is how fresh it sounds - a welcome surprise after the Exai-elseq-NTS continuum, which all seemed to be cut from the same cloth (at least to me) can't wait to deep-dive into these two new records.
  4. back of the sleeve says WARP LP 338, also all warp eps/12"s have WAP catalogue numbers
  5. lp ordered, downloading now! thanks rob & sean!
  6. vinyl LP just arrived, listening to psin AM right now (speakers). so much space/depth in that track... loving those saw/triangle pads + those 1kbps sounding laser stabs
  7. M4 Lema feels like a continuation/more epic version of Cep puiqMX (fractured hip hop beats + lush reverberant chords)
  8. this album, along with Oversteps and Exai, forms a perfect trilogy of AE winter albums for me. Can't wait to listen to this one once the snow starts falling :---)
  9. sums up pretty well how i'm feeling about the album right now. M4 Lema feels like a bit off an "odd one out" compared with the rest of the tracks (in that it has a more dynamic composition, with a very off the cuff beginning, then pads coming in, then rhythm coming in etc.). i'm also curious to see how the LP develops/reveals itself in the future.
  10. current favs: M4 Lema, Metaz form8, r cazt playing the LP on repeat @ work atm edit: 300th post yaas
  11. pretty cheeky of that dude to use a picture of a load of trash as the header image for an article about a new AE album lol. nice write-up tho.
  12. Metaz form8 is my current fav (strong LP5 vibes), tied with M4 Lema
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