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  1. that's one of their top 5 tracks for me, for sure.
  2. what a banging rmx, thanks rob & sean! gotta listen to the original mix now :---)
  3. hype! i also grabbed the confield-style channel offline image from their twitch page, its 1920x1080, so makes a nice wallpaper!
  4. the ones with vocals are really trippy. also lol @ attempt 8 with that random 4tothefloor kick drum for about 2 seconds
  5. Dune was a tough one to sit through. Felt like it was 5 hours long. Never did I give a shit about what happened to any of the characters, if you can even call them that, they might as well be cardboard cutouts. It's weird, cause Villeneuve has made good films before (Sicario being my fave). But this new one + Blade Runner 2 were just boring, a few flashy images with no connecting tissue.
  6. cool combo i kind of wished the dude would end up deciding to keep his wings though 😞 terrible message... just fit in, don't be ambitious, everything will be ok!
  7. WATMM - PLS Sessions 5-8
  8. this might be jazz, but I just stumbled upon this track today (LAM- Toxic TV, drexciya alias) and it sounded really familiar - could it be that RDJ sampled the beginning of this track in Taking Control? Or do both tracks contain a sample from yet another track that I'm not aware of?
  9. soachtäscha brunsböscha wüaschta siach
  10. as far as 12"s go, I'd go with Envane (or did that come as two seperate 12"s like their other EPs?) Exai is their most beautiful physical release as far as I'm concerned, just played it again few weeks ago, the box and the printed sleeves and the typefaces are just lush as fuck. I also really like Oversteps, Untilted and Chiastic Slide.
  11. thanks for the translation, joseph!
  12. AnwarAutokino

    afx nft

    Almost, you don't actually own the gif + sound clip itself, you just own some ones and zeroes pointing to a website that contains said gif + sound clip (which can still be viewed by anyone). lmao
  13. AnwarAutokino

    afx nft

    I just don't see the advantage of "donating" via NFT compared to a regular donation (say, via PayPal or something). If anything, it seems more restrictive because in the end, only the highest bidder gets to donate.
  14. AnwarAutokino

    afx nft

    Then why not just simply call it a donation where everyone can contribute, rather than an auction where something """rare""" is sold to the highest bidder? I've seen NFT-apologists call them everything from a "digital autograph" to a "receipt" or a "donation", but the actual NFT websites/auction houses never use those terms, they always create the impression of something "valuable" or "unique" being sold. And even if it were some kind of donation method, why would I "donate" to afx? I'd rather buy some stuff on bandcamp to support artists who are really struggling to get by, and actually get something (audio files) in return.
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