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  1. what a time to be into AE! danke sean & robert
  2. "tour de france" hi hat action incoming!
  3. damn is this the original version of accelera that seanrob mentioned in the aaa?
  4. just came back home and started to listen in, nice AE stuff
  5. really loving this nightmares session. really cool that he slipped the sal batardes ae version into mix
  6. AnwarAutokino


    pls upload to Ae_store afterwards thx :------)
  7. well in my case I'm certain the problem is related to bad manufacturing/engineering/usage of cheap encoders.. not sure about your Maschine though, never used one
  8. just be sure to stay away from the arturia beatstep - I recently got myself one of those mainly because of its 16 endless rotary encoders and it seemed relatively affordable. i had to return it straight away because the values were jumping all over the place when I turned the knobs. even the two replacement models that they offered me at the store had the same problem right out of the box. jsyk
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