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  1. I have similar memories of that time, remember being blown away by Alive 2007 as well (that was back in middle school, wasn't into electronic music that much back then apart from a few one-offs), and yeah the whole Daft Punk -> Ed Banger -> Warp -> Rephlex/Hyperdub/Planet Mu/etc. evolution applies to me as well Looking back, I think the whole robot persona thing and their visual aestheatic was a big part of their appeal for me as well, they seemed to distance themselves from the usual pop stars where it was all about looks/attractiveness (nothing new of course, but that was way b
  2. I'd suggest to get into podcasts/radio shows/youtube vids in French pretty early on, you might not understand a whole lot but it will give you a feeling for the way the language works IRL, i.e. how people ask/respond to questions, which expressions people actually use as opposed to what the books tell you they use etc. At least that has worked for me quite a bit. as for myself: German (native), English (fluent), French (can read & understand BUT speaking involves lot's of UUUHMM UHHMMM UHHHM)
  3. it's a great closer, definitely one of their best. For me it's second only to Drane2. And probably Yuop. And Sublimit. And YJY UX. And......
  4. some really good tracks + good track-to-track flow for the most part, the only thing that's missing IMO is a "closer", it just kind of ends abruptly. also spotted some reggae mc/toasting samples which i'm pretty sure are also used in Go Plastic, would have to look up though which tracks in particular.
  5. original track sounds terrible. nice ae version tho, really tasty bass & drum sounds.
  6. listened to SIGN again while drifting in and out of sleep yesterday, somehow I was picking up on lots of hidden layers in the tracks which made me appreciate the whole album from a totally new angle. F7 especially opened up for me this time around (which had been my least-fav track up until now). Lots of people have mentioned how sonically consistent the album feels (myself included), but yesterday's listening session made me realize how totally different and unique all of the tracks really are. It reminds me of Confield in that way, where each track feels like its own self-contained worl
  7. "why did u create SIGN with a regular DAW & what vsts did u use"
  8. fuuuu.... ecol4 is the shiiiiiiiit
  9. just took a walk with this one headphones - first impression: this is one of the best collections of tracks they've put out. I still enjoy SIGN very very much - it's got its own unique, intricate sound-world with tons of subtle progression - yet I've found myself instantly invested in the complex, layered, more upfront compositions on this new album. Perhaps my fav aspect about PLUS is how fresh it sounds - a welcome surprise after the Exai-elseq-NTS continuum, which all seemed to be cut from the same cloth (at least to me) can't wait to deep-dive into these two new records.
  10. back of the sleeve says WARP LP 338, also all warp eps/12"s have WAP catalogue numbers
  11. lp ordered, downloading now! thanks rob & sean!
  12. vinyl LP just arrived, listening to psin AM right now (speakers). so much space/depth in that track... loving those saw/triangle pads + those 1kbps sounding laser stabs
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