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  1. ooooh that's not a bad shout at all, hadn't considered that. Will look into it. Cheers.
  2. I've just managed to get a load of absorbers from work that we're not using anymore. Nice and light and can tape to the walls easily but I wanna cover them with something so they look a bit nicer. Was thinking just like a 1mm felt or something? Is there something I should be looking out for or is there something better? It is an aesthetic thing but I also don't wanna use something that's just gonna fuck with the effect. I do however have a fucking shocking lack of knowledge when it comes to acoustics. Any suggestions?
  3. am i being a moron or is this not available anymore? anyone got a copy?
  4. is this a negative or positive comment? I have a BSP and I really like it but sometimes the lack of keyboard and sequencing options is annoying. Ultimately I just don't have enough external synths that require sequencing but if I did I'd be all over this for €400.
  5. Plus he's a bloody nice guy and a fucking huge autechre fan so gets a pass in my book.
  6. I have 8ins and I'll record as many as I'm using separately. Either I'm gonna accidentally make a mistake that I can quickly copy/paste out on a track at a later date, but mainly I compose at home (which sounds like shit) and then mix later in the studio at work, so there's no fucking way I'm committing that down to stereo in a room that I know I can't trust. I also have some gear that I like to later run through external gear and I want to be able to really push that without having to deal with elements in the signal that I don't want to touch. I'm all for committing things down from a performance point of view, but fuck not being able to dig into bits from a mix point of view. But I very much like to separate each process; Composition/recording. Mix. Master.
  7. Actually I fucked that up, the tails are only there on bypass kills, but even so, pretty powerful.
  8. After pissing about for ages I finally got round to hooking up my Digitakt to the Big Sky via midi so I can step sequence the Big Sky. It's so fucking good, especially being able to toggle the tails on and off when changing presets throughout a pattern. This just opened up the pedal about ten fold for me.
  9. We're currently trying to recable our main studio at work as we've changed the setup over the past few years and it can only be described as an absolute fucking ballache. Literally pulling out cables that are attached to fucking nothing. At some point we're probably going to rip everything out and just wire up the whole studio again. The result will be pornographic and immensely satisfying but the thought of actually doing it makes me wants to cry.
  10. This is what I have and it's fucking immense. Worth every penny and to be honest I've delved into about 20% of it.
  11. Yeah one of my mate's biggest gripes was how Cassidy was portrayed cause I think he's a massive joker but I get the impression that's not the case in the graphic novel *small sick in mouth at calling them that* Gesendet von meinem SM-A320FL mit Tapatalk
  12. Preacher seems to be one of those shows that is great is you are an idiot and know nothing of the original content (i.e. me), and fucking terrible if you do.
  13. I bought a pair of the JBL LSR 305's for my DJ set up after some recommendations on here and I'm pretty impressed with them, I wouldn't really have any objection to making tunes with them. Think there's a new model now so you might be able to pick these up cheap. Not sure of the exact exchange rate but I bought mine new for under €250.
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