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  1. We're currently trying to recable our main studio at work as we've changed the setup over the past few years and it can only be described as an absolute fucking ballache. Literally pulling out cables that are attached to fucking nothing. At some point we're probably going to rip everything out and just wire up the whole studio again. The result will be pornographic and immensely satisfying but the thought of actually doing it makes me wants to cry.
  2. This is what I have and it's fucking immense. Worth every penny and to be honest I've delved into about 20% of it.
  3. Yeah one of my mate's biggest gripes was how Cassidy was portrayed cause I think he's a massive joker but I get the impression that's not the case in the graphic novel *small sick in mouth at calling them that* Gesendet von meinem SM-A320FL mit Tapatalk
  4. Preacher seems to be one of those shows that is great is you are an idiot and know nothing of the original content (i.e. me), and fucking terrible if you do.
  5. I bought a pair of the JBL LSR 305's for my DJ set up after some recommendations on here and I'm pretty impressed with them, I wouldn't really have any objection to making tunes with them. Think there's a new model now so you might be able to pick these up cheap. Not sure of the exact exchange rate but I bought mine new for under €250.
  6. I'll make a customary post defending the Adams. I have a pair of the A7x's and my mixes became so much better, particularly in the low mids, I do find them nice and clear and if you've got them in a nice sounding room then I actually don't find them too punishing, though I do try to make sure I take regular breaks.
  7. It arrived today. Holy fuck I'm in love. Even just letting the base patterns run and going through the shorter manual and fucking with everything has already bought so much fun. My first Elektron was the A4 and to be honest it felt a little overwhelming at times; the complexity was a little to daunting. This is way more immediate yet still hints at how complex it can be. Now to go through my collection of old hardware samples and to decide what to load on this thing.
  8. Now that you've said that it occurs to me that I only ever use a low pass filter 😱 So thankfully I think I'll be alright in that regard.
  9. I'm also hoping that the real time sampling and sequencing element is pretty quick and painless as that is likely to be its main use.
  10. Well, I finally caved and ordered one. I just need an external sampler so badly and it seems like the options to then make crazy patterns and layer sequences together is perfect for the way I like to build my beats. Maybe this will finally help me get my head around elektron menus / kits/ sounds 😅
  11. I would have agreed if I could do binaural recordings, have comping, offline processing, slicing to transients (ableton does that in Simpler but not with an audio sample on its own), proper 3rd party sidechaining without crazy workarounds, functional 4k scaling, assign my own key shortcuts, batch rendering, a functional video engine etc. etc. etc. . I still intend to use ableton but only for live performance and certain bits from m4l. I've already reassigned most key commands in reaper to resemble my workflow in ableton, so when I'm finished with my backlog of projects in ableton, migrating in terms of workflow should be smoother. Yeah I can back this up. There are some basic functionalities in Ableton that are so shit and/or non existent at times. Have they even got a decent audio scrub yet? Drives me up the wall, not to mention their key shortcuts are so ill thought out.
  12. Yeah as said it kinda depends what part of the whole music making process you want to change/improve. I still compose it Ableton but as soon as it's roughly into the form I want then I'm straight into Pro Tools because I think Ableton is terrible for quick intricate editing. But I could never go full PT either because it also blows for composition. I've finally got to the point where I have worked out which DAW caters to each part of the process to suit my needs best and jump around accordingly. Exporting can be a pain but for me it no longer made sense to stay within suffering within one. Well, I mean there is a financial consideration but luckily I can ignore that.
  13. Problem is that you don't have a professionally treated room. A mix that sounds good in your room might not be translatable to other sound systems and rooms as good as you imagine. Even if you try to listen through different speakers, different headphones, in the car and at a friend's place, and always compare your mix to other music that has the tonal balance you are aiming for, you can never be quite certain if the sound is really where you want it to be. Mastering studios just have a much better sound system and room treatment than most private people have, Also when you hand your music over to a mastering engineer you are paying for a second pair of ears that have years of experience finding the right tonal balance. So if you really want to commercialize your music you should have it mastered professionally. At least that's what I imagine, have no experience with that at allI meant more that I think when I master I do some processing that technically probably should be on the mix master bus. I mix in the studio at my work so I can usually guarantee that it sounds good (well to me lol), but I think because I master it myself I still use the mastering phase to do a little bit of mixing which is totally wrong. Which is also why I think if I got anyone to master it externally it wouldn't end up sounding like I want it. But alternatively sometimes when I've tried to address it in the mix phase with the master bus, I've applied mastering stuff in the final mix which is also wrong. It's a tough balance so this is a good thread to read to be honest. Gesendet von meinem SM-A320FL mit Tapatalk
  14. Aside from Voxengo SPAN for some metering (usually setup for m/s - I love the fact I can see both the frequency responses from both the M and S overlayed on each other) I have nothing. But I have the feeling this means I'm doing way more in the actual mastering stage than is maybe normal. I reckon if I sent my stuff off for mastering it wouldn't come back to my liking.... well maybe not providing I gave good reference tracks.
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