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  1. @thawkins: thanks alot for your reply man, much appreciated ! i put some disotrtion on the synth boom and made it a little bit louder - definitely got your point it was not sitting in the mix so well. i think it's better right now ? and yes you are right, it's an AMSR video from youtube i've chopped up :) some words in the 2nd half are intentional not understandable as you already guessed, it's provoking that kind of feeling imo. best regards
  2. Hey guys i'd like to get some opinions on my new track (especially on the mix). most synth are made with the new prophet 08 rev2, i'm really getting into this machine more and more. anyway, i appreciate any kind of suggestions critics etc. enjoy ! best philipp
  3. great production i think the mix is very crisp and clean and i enjoy this dubby synth line alot ! one negative point would be that i think the melody of the bassline is a little lame/too typical to my ears and an outro would be fine too. this appears to be more of a snippet or idea imo. this could be worked out alot and would be a very nice track. great potential in here anyway, keep up the great work ! cheers
  4. uhhh nice. really dig the electric piano intro. and that vocoder(?) sound poppin in sometimes is fucking great. the bass and kick are working very nice together i also like how you develop the track, it's not getting lame and the length is also appealing to me keep up the great work man ! cheers
  5. very interesting sound collage everything fits quite well together although there are quite different sounds in here the mix is also nice and clean to my ears that one synth-filterish sound ("WAUW") reminds me in this context of some didgeridoo-type of organic sound i haven't got any contructive feedback tbh cool stuff, keep it up !
  6. i really dig the atmosphere and vibe you're going for. nice little tune, uplifting, positive with a hint of melancholy for my taste, the synth (?) that stops playing at 0:48 is a little muddy or too loud in the mix. all in all the drums could be more in the foreground but thats just a matter of my taste and could be intentional as well. maybe a longer break with some new elements would give a nice touch aswell. another point to improve would be to develop the entire track more. it's all the time the same "feel" looping over and over. i'd totally enjoy a development in another direc
  7. hey guys i'd like to hear what you think about these 2 little tunes i've made i appreciate any kind of feedback, critics and suggestions ! best philipp
  8. Hey Guys, i've done a new track and i'd really like to hear what you think about it ! all sounds are made with modular synthesizer + microbrute. the vocal samples are ripped from youtube i appreciate any kind of suggestions, critics etc. hope you like it ! https://soundcloud.com/qatarsis/the-masks-they-live-in enjoy !
  9. hey dyn5, thanks for taking time ! i absolutely get you point and changed a little bit of the development / arrangement i like it this way much better, thanks for the advice cheers man
  10. Hey guys i've done a little new track and would really like to know what you think about it. while making i felt a little medieval about the vibe and i added a bagpipe and a flute. i hope this is not going to be too cacophonic ? i'd love to get some opnions on the mix aswell anyway, hope u enjoy this ! https://soundcloud.com/qatarsis/medieval-memories thanks for taking time philipp
  11. Hey guys, i've bought some modular equipment (maths and STO) to expand the possibilites with my (semimodular) microbrute all sound is coming from these machines (except of the drums) hope you enjoy this best regards philipp
  12. Hey guys i'd like to share some new stuff again, all sound is coming from the arturia microbrute (<3) it's quite heavy and chaotic at points, but hopefully not too ?! anyway, i hope you like it enjoy ! https://soundcloud.com/qatarsis/angels-are-mathematical best regards philipp
  13. @mat: thanks alot man, much appreciated :) @squee: thanks man :) yea the brute is fantastic <3 go and get it ! it's such an inexpensive synth and i'm having loads of fun with it i must say (1st analog gear, but: daymn) yeaaa i dont know if that hihat rhythm is complementing in general with the beat ? or do you mean the sound of the hihats itself ? anyway, i think the hihats are the shittiest element in this track :D i'll see if i'm going to fix them later it's a pleasure to hear that really ! thanks again cheers
  14. let me know when you upload the new version ! this has a lot of potential imo, and yea the vocals are for my taste in general a little too dominant i must say, i'd prefer them to play not that often tbh (but this is just a matter of taste) your basswork is incredible for sure, i like how clean the mix is and stuff, really nice textures, everything is balanced, hmmm yammi yea, like i said, i buyed the microbrute, it's also my first hardware synth, and i love to have another workflow with it, twiddling knobs and stuff is just something different, i recommend it to you :D it's the best investm
  15. much appreciated man, thanks alot :) i love autechre ^_^
  16. fuck, this is really great stuff! reminds me alot of trentemöller, some dansk vibes hm :D ? those snaps are really great, love the punch of em <3 cant say anything constructive, just got a questions maybe: do you use any hardware stuff ? ^^ and i'd like this to be more evolved, that would be magnificient x) it's easy to say so, i know, but some kind of turning point or stuff like that, pew best regards philipp
  17. hey guys i'd like to share my new track all synth is coming from the microbrute, kickdrum made with the jomox mbase11 hope you like what you hear enjoy ! https://soundcloud.com/qatarsis/a-wonderful-new-world best regards qatarsis
  18. Hey guys, i've just made a track recently and there are some harmonic uncertaincies regarding the bass. i've uploaded 2 version, can u tell me which one of them feels right or wrong to you ? https://soundcloud.com/qatarsis/freakidz/s-5IpdX. https://soundcloud.com/qatarsis/freakidz-ii/s-60DGt. it's starting at 1:40 roundabout, but i'd prefer to hear the entire thing to get a better picture of this "turning point" when the bass starts i've used an resonator effect which gives the entire beat some harmonic tones and i think those arent really compatibel with the bass. very excited to hear
  19. hey guys :) i want to share my new track with u and would like to know what u think about it i'm not sure about the mixing, especially the lowend would love to hear some thought on this ! i appreciate any kind of suggetsions, critics etc. hope you like what u hear enjoy ! https://soundcloud.com/qatarsis/lovedeath best regards qatarsis
  20. nice eerie, dark vibe ! find this very interesting but the structure could be better regarding the end like crypto already said, the ending comes really unexpected anyway, great work dude :) cheers
  21. very nice atmosphere u got here ! i love stuff like this, feels very deep and relaxing, i'd love some more development, it's nice regarding the harmonic stuff but maybe like squee said, layer a subtle melody over it cant say anything constructive ^^ great job ! nice :) cheers
  22. nice organic sounddesign, nice use of space, interesting development and arrangement ! i cant say anything bad about this, i'd love more harmonic stuff in here, it feels very experimental yet, i'd love a nice melodie over it, introduced in a break or something anyway, great work ! qatarsis
  23. hey i really like those single elements but there's a great lack of development, the percussion loop that's playing from begin to the end for example... you can create variations, put some effects on it, play with it much more, give it different rhythmical variations, layer it with the same sample pitched differently! it feels like this percussion loop is the loudest and most present element (i really like that loop, but it's too static) you can arrange all that stuff much more, you got nice elements going on in here... hope that helped a little bit anyway, keep it up cheers qatarsis
  24. thanks alot for your feedback guys :) yeah, the snare really feels a little bit thin, heard that quite a few times now and i feel the same about it will see if i'm going to change that soon, writing exams right now <.< cheers
  25. hey guys would like to know what you think about my new track i appreciate any kind of suggetsions, critics and feedback hope you enjoy ! https://soundcloud.com/qatarsis/evocative-voices cheers qatarsis
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