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  1. If you haven't realized yet 'Mr. Boggle - Siberian Hooty / Fallen Boy' is a Luxman Furs remix. At the very least the Fallen Boy part most certainly is. (Siberian Hooty part seems to use some of the drums from Luxman though.) I think a lot these ones are just Clark remixing or rearranging his own stuff.
  2. Where did you read this? He's talked about it several times. He'll talk about how old certain tracks are like how the pinning pt 1 was from 2005. He played Secret without the vocals during a 2006 radio mix.
  3. The whole bibio iradelphic thing is stupid. He'd been working on most of the tracks since before he met him. Before Body Riddle.
  4. I'm waiting for a proper rip or the actual release later this week.
  5. I don't know how or why this has such an effect on me. After discovering this guy Lane Visitor years ago one day, after a delve into the Watmm Subforums, this guy and his posts popped up, and there's just something about the guy's written expressions, odd posts and how the words and username syncs to the avatar, for some inexplicable reason, absolutely terrifies me, like physical shuddering. I remember feeling this exact way years ago when i discovered, and i didnt excpect the same exact feeling now looking at it again, but i do. I'm being honest when I say I have goosebumps just typing about this. Does anyone else find anything about this disturbing or creepy in any way? But I wonder what it is, I mean sure, like some users and posts are creepy. But why do I have such a visceral deep fear of him? It's like a nightmarish experience that I can't really fully describe, as if somewhere in the deep caverns of my forgotten childhood night terrors, I've seen this before... It's completely absurd, yet the feeling is so real to me, like spiritual danger.. almost a sign that I need to avoid this forum or the posts in the forum or the user at all costs. wtffff i know i sound completely schizo lol
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