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  1. I really miss microlith my dudes

    1. very honest

      very honest

      microlith is great

  2. sun's out, time to kick some ass

  3. america, how does it work?

    1. dingformung
    2. chronical


      seems about right

  4. Ccec off Ep7.1 goes on gangstatronics tape

  5. hooked up my valhall2 tube amp to my NADc316bee for the first time today and I'm blown away, why tf didn't I think of this sooner? holy shit analord

  6. green calx is so sick

    1. auxien


      oh no! we need to get it some medicine so it feels better soon! 



      great track yes :)

  7. heart reacts only

    1. Brisbot


      *itches neck* yo dawg I only got farnsworths but they're just as good as the hearts

    2. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus



  8. word of the week is serene. embrace it

  9. straight slammin

  10. absolute frolick state :)

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    2. chronical


      four stages trick-polenta frolick for d4M0. would rate aging

    3. arachnopus


      excited to frolick with you in november my friend

    4. Hail Sagan
  11. finally fixed my valhalla2 tube input yeehaw icari revisit!!!

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