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  1. please let me know when you put them on ebay
  2. lol I mixed this thread up with the "post what you're working on" one, weekly thawkins sounds like weekly wips.. sorry mate
  3. This just makes me want to watch more Fringe
  4. My favorite board game is the Board Of Canada where you take 5-8 years per turn
  5. had loads of fun doodling this up yesterday.. now to make it into a song hirajoshi 1 002.wav
  6. slift is sick, saw them live years ago 🙂 their liveset surrounded by tesla coils is great too
  7. rdj has used plenty of synth presets, he's not that anal about it
  8. If Joyrex was in a jazz band would they be called BADBADQUITEGOOD?
  9. So everyone else is supporting capitalism from a hippie standpoint?
  10. good luck doing that alone! would love to have 4 arms for improv sometimes
  11. oh you're good then. for vote, wunderbar!
  12. you remind me of that one friend of a friend who basically lives couchsurfing, taking acid all day spouting nonsense about how he's a reborn king of the natives.. he told me everyone should just put their 2-3 y/o kid on the street for a few years so they get strong and develop individuality. all this while he hasnt showered in weeks and has a 9 year old son
  13. Every time I read about the Minilogue XD it looks like a 12 year old posting it xD
  14. Did the japanese t-shirt bundle track ever surface?
  15. No I'm gonna sell tapes and not mail them out actually!
  16. a comedy sitcom but instead of laughing tracks it's just people sobbing
  17. petition for watmm bullies to buy me speaker legs **CLICK HERE**
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