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  1. https://fahtunes.bandcamp.com/track/fine-space
  2. lads we have been etnographically analysed. Zephyr_Nova from Canada, our dear North Korean Silent Member. BobDobalina originating from the dankest Peru, Ignatius from his home in Oregon's own little "public shitting". And don't forget our admin, he resides "right behind you", implying he is quite good at etnographic infiltration.
  3. chronical


    There's already a scan here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNGBuasYa_WETf7sF6Q9W3SN-X7oiB3jrh5QDMMNQPQl9xgS3cua--BhRr-BImP1w?key=QmE1WTR0Z0FtZVFIalpsYVZ3LXFXMS1DUmNiUnR3
  4. Thanks for clearing that up, thought it was a reference to WATMMers
  5. Started a new Bloodborne character, hoping to get the Platinum trophy this time around 🙂 OOooooooooohhhhhh Elden Ring..
  6. "As an extreme example of misinterpretation, think of Salmon Rushdie being forced into hiding after fundamentalist reactions to "The Satanic Verses." lol what does this mean? from here: http://www.comatonse.com/writings/2013_social_media_content_removal_fail.html
  7. I love being able to post lovely neo-classical music and psytrance in the same thread, arriba, cheers folks
  8. Check this out if you haven't yet, has one or two unreleased tracks in it too IIRC
  9. Yess! Gabor Lazar is amazing. FM produce on key
  10. chronic posting tronic in a psychotronic thread
  11. today I found a really old empty wav file in my samples called "startrek-naziusa"
  12. Few days ago I was on the phone with a friend. After I told her I'm gonna get vaxxed once my 2G runs out, she told me that she heard that her roommate's friend's kids both died to the vaccination. Which I found a little weird, so I asked for more info. She tells me she trusts her, so she doesn't have to have more information about the situation. Here's where it got kinda fun. I asked her, "So you think people are dying to the vaccination?" "Yes!" "Okay, so you also see that people are dying to Covid, right?" "I'm no scientist chronical, so I can't know that!" What the fuck? I've seen this many times, but never laid out bare like this. Is this still wilfull ignorance at this point?
  13. Watch out, the 2001 internet police is on its way!
  14. Joyrex confirmed for tracking his many whoring asian wives with internet cookies. Please don't ban me it's a Sunny joke
  15. You don't get any ad revenue from people using adblockers, right?
  16. if any of you are into psytrance check this out. love this label
  17. Last night I dreamt that Music Pack 5 was released. It had this lush green blue artwork.. couldn't preview any tracks though because the bandcamp page was overgrown with vines.. @theburglar where is it now?
  18. yeah the recent live stuff is the shit but I can see that being released as an album more than early 2000s tuss tracks, ya know 🙂
  19. Can we get some Tuss outtakes please daddy1?
  20. So can I just remix any BOC tune and slap a copyright on it?
  21. I don't think it even supports my CPU debloated Windows10 is all I need, although the new search indexing would be cool to have.
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