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  1. I've tried and I'll try again. I think he'd just discredit the "nasa" "government" website because they're "compromised" sources. Which doesn't help with looking at the actual data.
  2. an old man came by our house a few weeks ago asking if I'd want some fresh vegetables and cheese him and his friend made. He came back two weeks later and it's the best cheese I've had in ages. shouldve bought more :I
  3. imagine if someone in a political position was being outed not for having old racist tweets, but old watmm posts
  4. my roommate doesn't believe in global warming.. says humans can't cause that kind of damage, that's just a natural thing the earth does. what the fuck? what am I supposed to show him?
  5. >glowing hair and teeth and skin ahhh.. ohhh, there's a photoshop to be had here
  6. hell yeah love seeing quite here here's my favorite of his
  7. chronical


    I really wish movies like Dune would try to cast more unknown actors for a change
  8. imagine a faulty cable in that system
  9. So you know about nightly builds, MPV, ffmpeg and a newly released Vulkan builds, home-brew and upticks, and you're asking WATMM for what exactly? 😄
  10. My cousin is coming over in a couple days to start it together, can't wait. We used to glitch out of the map on the PS2 Tony Hawk games for days on end when we were younger, good times 🙂
  11. besides the server issues this was/is really cool. i'm listening to a doggo snore rn. there's a cute video of it on the site too.. is this the end? lol
  12. the feeling of being let down comes from u tho.. joy as an act of resistance:))
  13. I wonder if AE is ever gonna hook up their seq to things like modded drum machines (for a release)
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