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  1. Seems to me twoism and co. got so neurotic about overanalysing tweets that he had to step up and tell them to cool the fuck down
  2. zoomer barbie youtube horror.. what demographic is this made for? ke$ha pls
  3. think i got more allergic to red ants. a bunch of them peed on me throughout the last few weeks of gardening and I look like the fkn elephant man, what the fuck.
  4. What were your problems with the Series S? Game Pass seems to have a "few" games no? The performance of the console confuses me though, it's barely stronger than a PS4 Pro. Also for anyone planning to buy a scalped PS5, get the disc version with an old firmware if you want to jailbreak it There's been a lot of progress on exploits with the Bluray disc drive. Linux and Renoise on PS5 when?
  5. bottom right is genius
  6. man i've been waiting/hoping for him to release accident3 and stupid2 luv it
  7. I still listen to Tom's NTS set whenever I need a smol rave at home, how sick would recordings of these sets be.. pusher pls also could you post a direct download of the file here? hosted on wetransfer/mega/whatever? Downloading from Mixloud is another layer of compression innit
  8. Two weeks ago I started the game of "Find my microSD card adapter that I put in a box while moving without realising all my Polyend Tracker projects are on it and I can't fucking find it anywhere what the hell did it drop out of the box while moving?" and it sucks. 1/10 would not recommend
  9. Been playing Fallout 4. This is kinda what I wanted Cyberpunk to be honestly. Installed a bunch of PS4 mods so the nights get really dark, love it. Putting on the radio and assblasting some super mutants with lasers lighting up the dark is amazing
  10. Oh hell yeah, automne fold was one of the first noise/texture work albums i got into.. ben frost too. that was a while ago. thanks 🙂
  11. dig the squarepusher artwork collab
  12. looks like that's not coming out either. curious if that paradox collab is in the pipeline still
  13. statistically this has only been posted once in this thread
  14. Focusrite is solid, who took a shit in your cereals this morning? Granted who needs just two inputs. A whole unit for one digitised stereo signal
  15. If you're using an older computer with windows make sure you're properly debloated.. Monitor your CPU reads, I've seen/repaired a bunch of laptops that ran Windows 10 with a 100% load on the CPU while idling.. Fiddling with registry edits fixed it. Saying it just in case. SSD upgrade might help too and isn't expensive at all. For audio interfaces go 2nd hand, I bought a Focusrite 18i20 for like 150$ years ago. I wouldn't go with cheap alternatives there.
  16. wouldn't that be a good thing though.. remember syro, uploading the old live set recordings and getting the merlin/warp copyright.. 🙂
  17. I really don't get how you can listen to this and think it's RDJ so many cheesy melodies going nowhere
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