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  1. I guess we got greedy after 250+ unreleased songs on soundcloud
  2. no that's definitely his, IIRC there are multiple versions of this track from two live sets, with the track being listed as one of his in the tracklist given. If you were implying that it might be some other ID. Just wanted you to know, no hard feelings 🙂
  3. both are AFX, one is a live rip and the other a seemingly paulstretched track off the fuji tape.. 🙂
  4. yeah I'm super excited for absolutely nothing to happen today 🙂
  5. The most important difference when it comes to renoise for me is actually planning ahead.. In renoise you can resample as much as you want, put multiple sound sources in one track. here you're thinking ahead a bit more, at least I am, if I want to actually be productive. been organising my own samples properly now, ordered the hardcase too so I can go sit in the woods with a portable charger and make some musics 🙂 only thing I'd wish for right now would be chord memory for external synths and lower bitrates for samples, although I did read that's sorta supported just haven't seen it yet
  6. reminds me of qebrus, wonder what that effect is, like a morph/freeze FX? his artwork is always on point 🙂
  7. Whaeyaaseeee oo waaatmm useeeheeeeer? cocto hoohooowh~ariiiiiyyaaaaaa!
  8. I really miss microlith my dudes

    1. very honest

      very honest

      microlith is great

  9. Bought my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd gen second hand for like 200$, seeing as there's a 3rd gen now you might get lucky with an older unit 🙂
  10. been a while since we were able to get on some hypetrain eh 🙂 I'm not hoping for much honestly. New MBV would of course always be appreciated, but they're MBV. If it's just their music on streaming platforms, yikes, who streams shoegaze?
  11. I really just wrote it because it sounds like a moment in a movie, I don't care
  12. You lack imagination, Richie Sombrero
  13. What are you planning Joyrex, I forgot about April
  14. Outer Worlds is such a beautiful game, did you see what it used to look like? I downloaded Cyberpunk's patch this morning and tried it out. From what I've seen there's less jank in general––enemies are more of a challenge, cars behave better and lightning/fog has been tweaked to look more realistic. I think they tweaked the camera in cars too so you don't feel like a toddler at the wheel anymore. I hope they continue with the improvements before going into DLC territory because some things are still very odd
  15. Y'all don't even wake up spooning your AK-47 feeling like the man your great-grandfather's trauma raised you to be
  16. how do you even study masculine behavior in young boys? If 10 little dudes aren't being alpha it's phthalates, clearly
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