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  1. This always stuck with me.. crew seems fun, the genre doesnt take itself too serious, i can imagine this set working at bangface too, just the fun silly rave vibe, donk donk, doof doof, lets get fucked vibes
  2. I'm so tired of hallway simulators that I didn't even give it a try and I fucking love cats
  3. small little sidenote but if you click this word it'll take you to one and a half of my mixtapes.. loads more that I'll put up eventually but what's there is very akin to the soft 70s space opera, boc psychedelia that we all know and love thought it fits into this discussion. the blossom tape especially. He's on soundcloud under halideinstitute. There used to be a lot more tracks up on Youtube IIRC, he went dark for a while and has been posting things again so yeah that's about what I know. Seems he's winding up again!
  4. also please dont throw cake at modular thank you
  5. cannot wait to be there!!! yeassss daddy1 please just two hours of 909 jams
  6. So this isn't going to produce any gel bananas? I'm disappointed.
  7. stop bumping this thread, seriously, you're jinxing david lynch
  8. They all do it but none of them comes close to fighting Lavos in Chrono Trigger Yeah it's optional. You can find a path up north somewhere around the castle without having to kill Margit or that grafted weirdo at all. It's a good dungeon to get used to the game though! I'd say stick with it but try some different approaches, if you're having trouble with fireballs you might want to practise rolling for a bit, check that you're not wearing armor that's too heavy, try out some other weapons if you don't vibe with the one you have
  9. Stormveil castle is completely optional Try exploring and leveling up a bit and come back later? And if you're stuck at the ogre and you want to go up there, just ride past everyone, ogre included. Might need some zig zagging but I remember that being pretty easy
  10. wish there were more bands like crumb. so good ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Great, make my favorite cherished tunes available only on way overpriced haute culture aftermarket bullshit. def not a motivator to support it IMO
  12. Bought one of these badboys. trying to build a polyend tracker clock-synced envelope generator/trigger system in VCV rack and I wanted some control for the digital side of things.. it's been working pretty well, wonder where the limit is/will be with the software architecture or my CPU...
  13. I read something once that basically said, If you, over time, don't like a poet's new poetry, maybe you didn't develop alongside the poet. In my opinion this post says more about you than Ceephax.. I listened to his new album the last week and it's seriously great. It has those knight rider 90s feels that very few people manage to capture. Warm summer nights and the seemingly never ending rave with the homies. I don't think this genre of music being expressive has much to do with not using a 303 or 909.. Yeah his music is very dancey and fun, but maybe that's.. him? Ceephax your radioactive uncle from the past. Tom the avant garde robot vampire. Why focus on the negative with something like 303s and it having to be this new coming of age electronic music. Have you tried doing that? It's not as accessible as old hardware sequencing that is just *fun*
  14. you can almost hear sean going "me radio"
  15. Divinity Original Sin 2 is so much fun. Wish I wasn't such a lone wolf gamer so I could experience the co op it offers, the fact that you can have a conversation while your friends are doing other things is crazy to me.. The strategic aspect though, damn, you can win a fight you thought was impossible after an hour of trying again and again.. Feels a little like Dark Souls on pause
  16. ah I did not know that, it's my favorite out of all of them.. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. Thank you Mr. Badalamenti. This music is what I want my life to feel more like https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/12/arts/music/angelo-badalamenti-dead.html
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