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  1. 51 minutes ago, Brisbot said:

    we're talking about weed though. It would be an odd tangent to start talking about added sugar.

    yeah I know 🙂 Just think it's a bit of a chewed out topic isnt it. THC is psychoactive so it should be taken with care, like anything you stuff in your body. Humans have the tendency to live in excess which doesn't help with substance abuse.. 🙂

  2. 10 hours ago, cyanobacteria said:

    yeah it's absurd to say that the brain is resilient enough to resist chemical changes of some sort after 20 years of being exposed to a strong psychedelic every day.  maybe it won't make you retarded but its going to do something unexpected and something probably best done without.  plus youll have such high tolerance it wont even be good anyway, you're better off doing it like once a week max.  I do too much.  fuck. 

    edit: oops this is total wrong thread but no delete post button

    don't you love it that people can say this with weed but they don't realise their food is stuffed with non-biological shit their body doesn't know what to really do with? 😄

  3. I don't understand how someone can complain about afx releasing a possibly modified BS2 with novation.. that's what he's passionate about. have you seen the syro artwork... 😄

  4. I  hope if it's a drum machine it has proper rhythm parameters. LFO on say, tempo/envelope changes in halves, thirds, fourths, 3/4, stuff like that. Even with something like an Elektron sequencer I sometimes feel like there could be more modulation to the general structure of sequencing

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