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  1. what fucking lol royal blood.. faster, stronger, better! but no friends!
  2. I just want poly sends on one track. I'll get one if they get that in there
  3. So what do you expect to happen? People have had enough for a long time, but from what I've seen they prefer going back to their comfort zone rather than stand up for themselves. Because it's risky. They're afraid. I'm not saying it's easy. I'm in Switzerland which is an absurd bubble to live in and make sense of the planet around it, so please tell me if I'm wrong, and how.
  4. Like all this isn't going to be forgotten in a couple of weeks. At least that's what it feels like.
  5. Thought you guys might like seeing this. This is Herm, my trusty Monologue named by Mark Frost in his Reddit AMA
  6. but don't you want to be *more* unknown? So the few who really love your music struggle to find it even more?
  7. they should overlay their, what was it, l-event? script over the chat ?
  8. giant pepe ae collab breaks my base reality belief
  9. damn, what the fuck. never expected autechre to use twitch emojis for an audio input
  10. How many points for Hufflepuff do I get for posting in here?
  11. if anyone is recording this I'd love a link to a full mp3/mp4.. this is kinda what I always hoped would happen, ae seperating the music from themselves, after making a little nest for it :]
  12. entitled aphex train is what this subforum should be called :-)
  13. lol is that a death grips - tachyon sample?
  14. sounds like their live setup hooked up to video software
  15. new amen andrews is always good :]
  16. moved into a house in a beautiful place out in the coutry yesterday ? this is just a rough sketch of how I want to set up things, but it's already so so lovely here
  17. been experimenting with both elektron models and its slooowly making sense. this guy makes it look so easy though
  18. really hope he'll continue with the uploads soon :] hope he didnt stop because media outlets picked up on it..
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