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  1. About 0% Check the shitty uploads from random morons on the front page lol https://soundcloud.com/explore Are you kidding me.. 35 million views! What! For such bullshit?
  2. https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001/32-venus-squidge w o h oooooo
  3. https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001/3-s-tral yeeehawww
  4. I wish I could sit in front of Richard's archive sparking up. Oh well, I'm getting the archives without weed, which is great too. I wonder how many times this SC thing has got me to go outside with my headphones and smoke a cigarette..
  5. I was just about to go to bed after a sad Lost In Translation session and then this comes up. Great. (and these tracks man, wow)
  6. I hope he doesn't just keep us reloading all night without actually uploading anything. Choo choo, here comes the hype train driving through the carpal tunnel..
  7. Oh nice, so we got an answer to that. Seems like he's back in action - Sweet! :)
  8. My avatar says it all really, hope you'll get around to uploading those tracks Mike :)
  9. I certainly hope so. Might just not be the case. Goddamnit
  10. I do agree with most of you.. I'd dig some Go Plastic vibes but this feels kind of like room temperature. Still going to drive 5 hours to see him live seeing as this was made for live performances unfortunately.
  11. did you happen to get a rip of it? http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b051r8rg right after the Bjork track.
  12. Drukqs feels a bit like Richard's Exai. It's way before that, I know, but just in terms of overwhelming sonic craftsmanship it feels eerily similar. It gives me sort of a room to sit in. Feels a bit like a cabin in the woods. Which is really just the beginning of it, the rest always unfolds differently according to the combination of my mood and the track playing. Not many albums can do this that well and I really appreciate it for being exactly that. Exai is similar, gives me the same feeling with an entirely different outcome.
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