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  1. Wait what, a release on Timesig with a bear?
  2. Just 4 more days, sweet. Feels like christmas all over again.
  3. Yet you did not release Syro. *yawn*
  4. I must constantly remind myself that everything you say is a lie!!!! Yeah but a part of you hangs onto every word Joyrex tells you. It's like being some sort of leathery creature out on the grassy plain. Something like an Anteater/Ardvark/Amardillo/Beast, a massive fucking slimy snout ready to plunge into the nest! Ohhhh how the fine elixir tastes so good! But instead of hunting ants or tiny critter of God's Larder. It's beans. Just little beans. So you howl at the fucking moon. It's not fair! But you are the Long Eared Bean Eater. So am I. We are all Long Eared Bean Eate
  5. If that's the case, with what was it linked with? Random picture? Because it would be odd to use a picture from the interview for the linking of a new EP. Thanks for the heads up though :)
  6. So here I go; If you load the link into Facebook and click through the images, the third one appears to be this thing right here: which is on the Warp media server and it's called "Syrobonkers Part 2" which is kind of odd because I don't think this has to do with Syro at all. Maybe with the interview. Or the weird numbers :-)
  7. holy shit man holy fuck I can't stop being excited fucking hell woah
  8. Damnit, Joyrex. How soon?!?
  9. Joyrex has been too quiet over the holidays..
  10. Seems like quite a few people had a hard time this year, me included. But yeah, Syro was the shit, cheered me up a good bit during its release time. Thanks, Richard - and thanks to all of the people involved for the new shit coming next year
  11. Man that Wisp track is fantastic!! oh my
  12. Ohh Herr Jan.. Christmas presents from the rareafx blog?
  13. I'm hoping for some christmas news. Would be sweet.. like christmas cookies. but better. much better..
  14. Man, the intro on Bubs is the shit. Reminds me of Drukqs for obvious reasons
  15. Man, Joel always posts everything on Twitter. Why would you post a conversation with your lawyer on your Feed - He's like that annoying girlfriend who talks to every single person she knows about the problems you have while not mentioning herself at all.
  16. man vasio, that is really shit behavior.
  17. Haha yeah it sums up a lot of my reactions regarding our little braindancing music scene. It's pretty much what listening to Autechre feels like.
  18. whoa what's the first track? I don't think I've ever heard that one.. Edit: After watching a good half of that - Man, I wish I could've been there at the time. And I somewhat wish they would tour with this sort of music now - I mean, I really fucking love their new music but this is great too.
  19. Seems like it probably won't be the band performance he talked about earlier this year (I think). Which is good. Very good. Might just go to the Barbican just for that, the flight from Switzerland seems affordable..
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