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  1. Can't be bothered to find the full thing but their website says "The Inner Sleeve: Octo Octa on Boards Of Canada’s A Beautiful Place Out In The Country"
  2. Wire exclusive: Ten Isolation Tips from Boards of Canada
  3. imagine if all his live gear got fried. shiiet
  4. Wouldn't Bernie have been the best candidate by far? I keep hearing that he's not the guy everyone thinks he is, but I really doubt it. Probably just misinformation, right
  5. I was kidding but yeah, hoodies would be cool gutted i'm in the midle of moving and cant listen to this on a proper setup. thanks ae tho ?
  6. autechre make such good t shirts
  7. not even a thread can contain autechre
  8. i'm fine with whatever i mean how cool is this tha2 ? and more to come
  9. still wonder what happened with those zheani allegations. i'm a bit tired of their afrikaans gangster things tbh
  10. my td-3 finally shipped.. yeehaw!
  11. got a model:samples coming to my place tomorrow hopefully. behringer TD-3 should arrive in a week. kinda want to add a model:cycles to it in a few months for a live setup maybe? have a minilogue xd, behringer 101 and a monologue as well, curious what kind of braindancing i can get out of all this ?
  12. Nick Drake maybe? Would miss synths like hell after a while though.. BOC? ae isn't very comfy when it comes to being stranded on an island on example. even if the image of someone sipping on a coconut by a beach blasting ae_live is pretty fun
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