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  1. Maybe they'll release a Live-work album after their tour. Or during.
  2. Man I totally missed out on this. :(
  3. Not sure if he has the time, seeing as there's quite a few upcoming planned things. and a tour. maybe. hopefully.
  4. I give you.. Ginelli! http://touched.bandcamp.com/track/ginelli
  5. There we go. :) http://touched.bandcamp.com/track/spl47
  6. Waschbär.. Dude. (on a side note, I really love Vangelis' studio)
  7. Why do you even start the thread if you know it'll be locked. There's no official story. They probably met somewhere by accident, had a beer and shared a few words and got together to talk about music and things. He probably likes what Die Antwoord is under that low-IQ act.
  8. A christmas calendar filled with new and old songs hosted on WATMM would be pretty great.
  9. Exai and hail fits in a very special, harsh way.
  10. Does anyone have this? It's not on Soundcloud anymore..
  11. Hm, interesting. Maybe he bought a big ass cake. Or he rented Santa for his kids and made him dance to unreleased Drukqs fuckery.
  12. Hm, odd, the download for the Reverse Rhubarb Orchestra recording has this comment on it. 00000000 00000210 000009F7 00000000010DC279 00000000 00F49854 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
  13. Joyrex said monday might be the date so here I am hoping for today, seeing as I'm about to lose my job this would greatly cheer me up.. Noyzelab?
  14. At some point WATMM goes more into the direction of the chan shitposters. In this case, literal shitposting..
  15. so many three letter somethings!!!1
  16. Apehex Tween! (Also, that baby school thing looks odd, dont think thats real)
  17. Oh it's fantastic. It's programmed into movement, the enemy's aggression level and your place in the map. maybe more, I don't know. say you sneak past a bunch of robot dudes, it'll go from a silent eery sound to a hard, nervous tone when you're trying to pass them. suddenly bam they spot you, the music gets extremely intense - you run away and hide in a closet. Immediately the sound goes back to a mixture of the eery tone combined with the intense running-away sounds mixed with the protagonist's heavy breathing and pumping heartbeat. It's great, really. don't get me started on the xe
  18. Heavy stuff, really like his style. I wonder what he'll do in the next couple of years..
  19. Alien: Isolation. It's horrible to play in the dark but it's a fantastic game.. Beautiful level design, artwork, gameplay and lightning. Just don't play it after a blunt at 2AM and you'll be fine. Also, my PC is like 4 years old now and it looks gorgeous and plays well (runs on mid to ultra), don't know what sort of underpowered machine you have to own for it not to run.
  20. Eh, looks fake to me. I wouldn't mind if he got caught though, don't really like the direction he's been heading into the past year(s). Reminds me of my facebook feed's pseudo-aware conspiracy theorists babbling about the government, isis and whatnot. goddamnit
  21. So we just have to wait for Noyezlab..
  22. I think it's just a bonus track. Still makes me wonder what it sounds like.. :(
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