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    I wish someone would one day upload the Autechre and Boards Of Canada set they played in Switzerland in 97.
  2. I'm still hoping for Rephlex. Want my favorite record label back. (Rephlex reopening with an Autechre, Cylob, AFX, Steinvord, Jodey and d'Arcangelo record ready to be sent to you and your dear ears via material matter sound discs or digital bleep bloop ones and zeros.)
  3. RDJ gear wouldnt be as exciting as a Rephlex survival seeing as you can buy the exact same equipment with money.
  4. Thanks Jan. That is pretty cool. Lots of gears. Lots of Rephlex. My avatar approves.
  5. I think Aphex' HAB was the response, after that they responded with Drane2.
  6. being totally honest here - steinvord is what I wish syro would've sounded like. I hope there'll be another release in the vein of steinvord, it's just so good. the cunningham theory does make sense. maybe the three of them got together. I'm not sure if anyone noticed yet, I'm sure someone did, but it's pretty obvious that it's at least Richard and Tom. Stein = Steinbolt from Ultravisitor Vord = Vordhosbn from Drukqs Who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm not.
  7. I like sigils too but does this really have to be in the Aphex Twin subforum?
  8. Now that people have it - Has anyone recorded the bonus track yet?
  9. Joyrex is turning into the MDG of Richard.
  10. Most of those albums don't exist? MOST OF THEM?! Saw 3 motherfucker
  11. Maybe it's not new music but old, unreleased music. Like, Drukqs and SAWII outtakes.
  12. This is sick! 2001 man, that was thirteen years ago. Still sounds like it could be released now.
  13. This track is just too much for me. It's so good. It's kinda sad that it's my favorite track off Syro - being the Japanese bonus track and all.
  14. We already have MFM! SAW3, man. Imagine. Selected Ambient Works - 1994-2014
  15. Apparently the syro2xb.. etc website will be updated on the 22nd. From what I've heard. That's why everyone got those green cards with their pre-order. They wouldn't put the website title on the cards if the site was just there to reveal the album.
  16. So what's in the digital exclusives? Anyone else hoping for SAW3? I bet it would be killer. (Complain all you want but there's a lot of hype regarding a 2nd album, matches the /mu/ post with the Clark album as well.)
  17. I think this album is a grower not a shower - The first time I listened to it I was kind of disappointed, 2nd not so much - 3rd; in awe. With that said; S950tx16wasr10 (Earth Portal Mix) is fucking mental! I wonder what the japanese bonus track sounds like.
  18. Produk 29 is the Bwoon Dub of Syro.
  19. Yeah that might be the case. I hope there'll be a proper Bleep .zip though, I hate their previewing scroller.
  20. They're not playing though, right? Or is it just my browser fucking up?
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