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  1. got an iphone se 2016 a while ago and I'm running it on there, you can do whole tracks in it even with a small screen like the se2016. it's really good at a lot of things. might get an ipad at some point, but I kind of like the super portable nature of it now.
  2. Hi all, some of you may remember me..? I was here earliest in 2000 2001 posting tracks as forlon and later as missingsense. I've done an album on antilounge records, remixes featuring Ochre, Elektrovolt, G∆rtm∆len and Marric. Real happy how this turned out. We have tapes!
  3. saw this one recently, starts out real nice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuGYJtJ5spM
  4. the live part was great! good quality too. ClipGrab --> mp3Directcut
  5. very nice! pretty cool that it's all from a monomachine. can you like press play on it and this comes out, or did you do multiple takes?
  6. should probably stick to my micromodular, but would love to try out any of the H series.. tempted to get that H3000 plugin
  7. thanks! these are all Reason 1.0... old tunage on my old pentium 2
  8. thanks for the comment. I think you are right, it could use a bit more love.. I already started a new track and wanted to stitch it together. was just happy with it and wanted to show it around. could touch it up a bit more later.
  9. https://soundcloud.com/missingsense/sassafras
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