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  1. Here's an album I finished a while ago. I just redid the mastering, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3052513447/size=medium/
  2. I am very fluent doing melodies in reason, you can more easily stack notes and make really dense sounds. but I like doing percussion better in renoise, it's much faster and easier to comprehend that way. so I guess for me trackers are easier to understand in time/rhythm, and pianorolls are easier to program sound wise.
  3. Dude, thank you. I remember watching this in 7th grade math class and getting my mind blown cool to see this, we used to have the power of ten book at home
  4. by the way, the Renoise devs are doing a VST plugin called Redux, which will let you have instances of Renoise instruments in your vst hosts. That means you will be able to do tracker style loops inside your piano roll env.. Perfect solution to this problem if you ask me. Piano roll inside Renoise would just make a mess imo.
  5. nice one people.. good listening album!
  6. this album rocks. got it on the speakers now.
  7. people with tablets (or smartphones too) should check out the multitouch theramin function, really nice. you can use any instrument in sunvox, sample your voice etc, and control it via the theramin multitouch screen interface. you could do similar stuff as with a Haken Audio Continuum, sorta :) not bad at all.
  8. nice! dl'ed, will listen on the road
  9. just played through Dishonored, great game.. I think I got about halfway through Dishonored, but suddenly got bored and stopped playing. I'd honestly take any of those three over Dishonored. It's like "kill everybody you become bad guy. tranquilize everybody you become good guy." After I realized that, it was pretty much an ending spoiler for me. yeah I really enjoyed playing, it's a good story, but I didn't feel I deserved the chaos ending.... basically I neutralized all targets without killing.. I only got in a bit of a kill frenzy on the waterway assassin level, too intense to be polite. really dig everything about it though, and will probably play through again. also reminded me I have Shinobido way of the Ninja on the PS2 I should play through, much more difficult for me since I suck at using controllers. but no nice guy bs as far as I know.
  10. oh and for free check out KTGranulator, it's an effect only but it's nice! still use that from time to time... maybe also try out Charsiesis. http://koen.smartelectronix.com/KTGranulator/ http://bicycle-for-slugs.org/
  11. Reaktor does that stuff really well, and you can use it as a vst
  12. I'll probably get it done on Sunday or Monday evening. what's the point of having a deadline if you aren't done on the exact moment of it's passing? It will be ready right on time for it's burial on bandcamp, from which beautiful mycorrhizae fungi will sprout.
  13. great EP, I liked this track in particular:
  14. lol you need this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=7492 haven't played in a while actually.. just finished Hotline Miami, cool game.
  15. little inspiration I'm working off finishing it in a few days..
  16. mixed everything in REAPER at 0dB + limiter on the master track, no big deal.. sounds fiiiine. you have Ardour on Linux, it's pretty good. maybe even REAPER builds for Linux that work? Haven't followed it in a while. curious about 'Beacon' as it is titled 'Beacon 1' in the dropbox folder.. is that on the cover of the disc too?
  17. nice nice, I'm sure some more will pop up, but I think I'll try and multitrack lions manor later tonight, maybe all is there? we should do a remix thing with all the stems, make 4/4 ambient techno tracks or something
  18. hey Sepix, you have the same Lions Manor part as the one on the Heaves Heavy Heart bonus cd posted here.. so that's a thing too, and we might have the complete Lions Manor already.. bonus tracks are nice stuff, heavy!
  19. really liking these bonus tracks so far. like a classical themed complement.. will see what I get when I pick up my copy in a few days.
  20. almost done with mine, my yard is like a jungle of birds in the morning
  21. holy lol, and every disc has a different guitar type track on it too? I only heard the heaves heavy heart one.. still have to retreive mine over the weekend, had it send over to a place where mail actually arrives.
  22. so how long are all the different tracks? maybe we can get some conformation that they are all layers of the same track? if they are all equal length that would probably tell us enough.
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