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  1. th red a continues to be more and more of a standout for me, and I realized part of what makes it feel special is that they so rarely do tracks in 3 or 6 time sigs (the only other one I could think of offhand is the second half of Cipater). It works so well here and it gives the track a weird sort of sea shanty vibe which fits really well with the other aquatic sounding stuff on SIGN (si00, r cazt, etc.. I get lots of oceanic images in my head with this album)
  2. I just started Persona 4 Golden. it's the first game I've played in the series so I'm still getting used to it, but after the first few hours I'm really starting to enjoy it. It's interesting how your characters' friendships and psychological struggles are tied in with the RPG mechanics. And some of the Persona designs are amazing, I'm looking forward to seeing more of them
  3. Soon Over Babaluma is a great album, underrated. It's missing the eccentric brilliance of Damo Suzuki, but the music is still so good. Lost Tapes I feel is kind of hit or miss but worth it for some exceptional tracks like this beautiful long-form version of Vitamin C which provides a nice window into their process (assuming that this was an earlier take with more raw jamming which they edited/refined to produce the single-length Vitamin C)
  4. I've been listening to Lifeforms a lot lately, such a great album to have on in the headphones while doing morning things
  5. Nice! I havent heard that live album, might have to pick it up. I love Can so much, some of the best music ever made. They've always reminded me of Autechre, the way they built tracks by editing down long-form jams. And the way their music feels casual and improvised but still really tight and precise
  6. I've always loved the feel of 94 for some reason. and I like 172 for hyperactive dnb type stuff
  7. I live in a place where it's perpetually hot and sunny, and I swear every time I wake up to an actual cloudy day one of the first things I think is "hey it's cloudy I should listen to Oversteps"
  8. this track, especially from around 5:00-9:00, reminds me so much of Autechre and it just blows my mind that this came out in 1967
  9. I really appreciate how Four Tet released so much defiantly happy music in the hellscape of 2020
  10. iconic. that was what got me into them (and Aphex and Orbital)
  11. I distinctly remember the first time I heard Rpeg, I listened to a 30 second preview of it and thought that melody was one of the coolest things I'd ever heard and immediately bought the CD, then I kept listening to the preview clip of Rpeg over and over while I waited for it to ship. I don't think I've ever fallen for a track that quickly from just a short clip
  12. yeah true it does have a very desolate apocalypse vibe. for me that climactic melody trying to break through is still such a huge emotional release, even though it ends up sort of defeated, dissolving back into the void
  13. best closing track is lowkey Nuane but Yuop is a beautiful emotional catharsis and I love it.
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