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  1. Piezo is the fucking best track, I love the whole album (except maybe Silverside) but goddamn PIEZO. It breaks me.
  2. This is probably my most listened-to album ever. I don't think it's my favorite Aphex album but it's the one I go back to the most. I'm never not in the mood to hear it. It just feels like home.
  3. a few albums i've been into - Ibibio Sound Machine - Doko Mien machina - archipelago Matmos - Plastic Anniversary clipping - There Existed an Addiction to Blood Maurice Louca - Elephantine NKISI - 7 Directions
  4. Baba is You is VERY good. A must-play for puzzle game fans. Some of the most creative problem solving I've ever done in a game.
  5. ❤️ the best genre. Check out Matthew Brown's games if you haven't yet - especially Hexcells Infinite, one of the best numerical logic puzzlers ever (basically a really, really good version of minesweeper). Also worth playing the other two hexcells games (though I'd start with infinite) and CrossCells. But maybe skip Cypher - it's interesting but a little too obtuse to be enjoyable past the first couple puzzle sets imo.
  6. Boxus

    Game of Thrones

    i can see all of the plot points that were jarring and awkward this season making sense in the books with the right context. dany's arc could be really interesting if we continue to get POV chapters of hers outlining her actual thought process as she veers toward madness. same with bran, if we get more of his motivations and more development of his powers from POV chapters maybe his fate will make more sense. i do think we'll be getting the remaining books, at least winds of winter. i imagine it'll be easier for Martin to write them once the show has been over for a bit and the pressure subsides a little.
  7. huge fan of this from day one, i've played it a ton over the years. i agree that nth dafuseder is the weakest track (still enjoy it tho). iris is a pupil is one of my favorite of the oversteps-style tunes, with that nice squiggly glide on the melody. pce and rew are incredible. cep is a fantastic closer.
  8. lol yeah, i watched some of the first episode and just found myself looking for the "Skip Cutscene" button. probably worth another look at some point tho
  9. four tet is streaming right now at least
  10. Isn't that basically what AE Live plus a fair bit of elseq and NTS is? i suppose at this point we're hearing a lot of different tracks that are variations from the same patches/setups. still, not enough clustro casuals.
  11. i would definitely welcome another album + alt versions release. having 2 or 3 different takes of some of your favorite tracks is so sweet. yall got twelve slightly different versions of clustro casual? take my money pls.
  12. mission to zyxx excellent improvised sci-fi comedy series. great play on familiar genre tropes. excellent sound design. highly highly recommended.
  13. i must admit that Incunabs and Amber do get a little old after the first hundred thousand listens. Tri Repetae holds up SO WELL. ages like fine wine. nostalgic but still sounds fresh. it perfectly nailed the "rusty robots" aesthetic, which they expanded upon in the even rustier Chiastic, then abandoned for the "very-clean-but-still-malfunctioning robots" aesthetic of lp5.
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