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  1. I've been loving House of the Dragon - as a fan of the book it's everything I hoped it would be so far. A very faithful adaptation that hits all the beats of the source material, but expands it to give the characters depth and explore their personalities and motivations in a way that the book just doesn't have time for (being a history text where a few years can pass in a single paragraph). The cast is great and matches really well with my conception of the characters. And although we've only seen a couple of dragons so far it seems like they're handling them right - giving each one a distinct color, size, and personality. I think it will fare a lot better than GoT in its later seasons too - it's a much tighter story, so it shouldn't become anywhere near as bloated with extraneous character arcs and abandoned threads. And the book gives a pretty clear roadmap for events so I'm optimistic they can avoid late-stage pacing issues. I'll probably watch Rings of Power too, though I'm not as invested in the whole LOTR canon. The idea of these shows being pitted against each other as rivals is so pointless. They're completely different stories, and I'm glad both of them exist. Having a bunch of big-budget fantasy content in production is great.
  2. Truly incredible track. Can't call it my favorite when there's so much other gold abound but it is one of the great ones. LP5 is usually the album I recommend to new listeners, I've always felt like it's their pop album in a way.
  3. I think I joined originally in 2002 or 2003 when I was first going down the rabbit hole with Autechre et all (original name was Nirqbomb). I was more active in those early years and haven't posted as often since but it's been a regular part of my web browsing diet for about 20 years!
  4. incredible show. kind of indescribable. I was definitely not expecting the level of emotional resonance I got from it.
  5. brilliant finale, refreshing to see a series end without the forced theatricality of most prestige dramas, in a way that was understated (as the show has always been) but still deeply satisfying for how honestly it explored the characters and their growth.
  6. love this album, fav hip hop album of the year so far
  7. just caught up on the latter half of the season, really excellent episodes. The last one before the time jump especially, such delightful slow paced scenes that carried so much emotional weight. The most recent episode was a major highlight too, I love what they did with Kim's arc. Rhea Seehorn has been amazing this season.
  8. this is basically all the music I've made for the past five years or so
  9. hell yes elyc6 is a beast and a half. a titan. a big squiggly god.
  10. Neon White was the game of the summer for me, the most pure fun I've had in a game in ages.
  11. I've been trying to get as much value as possible from a month of Apple tv+ - I loved Severance and Slow Horses, currently really enjoying For All Mankind. Pachinko is the last one on my list to try to get through before I cancel. I'm also really excited for House of the Dragon. I hated the last couple seasons of GoT but I'm a big fan of the book series and loved Fire and Blood, so I'm cautiously optimistic about this - it's a much tighter, less sprawling narrative, fewer characters and arcs to juggle, so hopefully they'll get the pacing right this time.
  12. Just a minor thing but it was cool to hear he's a fan of Bojack Horseman, I love that show so much.
  13. I love this album. So lush and carefree. I like that it embraces its nostalgia so confidently, it feels like a love letter to the past in a really genuine way.
  14. SIGN is such a water album. 100% ocean vibes. Sun shimmering on the surface, waves breaking against the rocks, bioluminescent deep sea creatures.
  15. I'm really loving their music, Visiting Narcissa is so good.
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