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  1. ya I don't get the loyalty thing but Steam is the main place I buy games, it's convenient, biggest library, etc. Still I'd highly recommend having Epic too since they give away so much free shit, I've scratched a ton of games off my steam wishlist because they showed up as Epic freebies.
  2. they tease this melody in really well. at first you just notice at the very end but on further listens you realize it actually comes in a couple minutes earlier and hangs out making a nice weird harmony with the bells
  3. I was pretty into Discovery in high school. Still like some tracks but it hasn't aged well for me. Homework holds up pretty well though (minus Around the World, sorry - it's a nice beat but I hate that fucking vocal loop so much).
  4. I was listening to Mouse on Mars and thinking about how great that time period around 98-02 was for music in general (and 'IDM' in particular). In addition to Ae you had some of the best ever material from Aphex and Squarepusher, BoC's Geogaddi, MoM's Niun Niggung and Idiology, Brothomstates' Claro, Amon Tobin's Supermodified, and so many more.. I'm sure my millennial nostalgia is a factor, but I do think it was really one of the most interesting eras in the history of electronic music.
  5. Boxus


    I had the melodies from Tangle Ill stuck in my head yesterday. hadn't listened to it in like, a year maybe? so it took me a minute to remember what track I was thinking of. then listened to the whole EP and had a nice good time.
  6. Lupin was really good. Clever, satisfying heist stuff, perfect pacing. Looking forward to the next batch of episodes
  7. Finished Manifold Garden, it was excellent, I just wish it had been longer. I loved the sense of wonder as you explore and figure out the rules of the world, it reminded me of NaissanceE in that way, how it embraces abstraction and presents environments you have no context for understanding at first glance. Really nice music too. Also beat The Pedestrian, another great puzzle game. 2d platforming on street signs embedded in a 3d environment. Very clever design and some nice lateral thinking moments.
  8. does anyone else pronounce sch.mefd "shmeffed", like it's a participle? like, "oh man I got absolutely schmeffed last night"
  9. Manifold Garden is very cool so far and extremely IDM
  10. ok yeah Parallel is really good. so lush and supremely chill
  11. I love this track so much, I think it's become my favorite on the album. There's enough complexity in the melodies and textures that I feel like I always have a reason to keep listening deeper, but at the same time it's just so emotive and satisfying and even catchy, it gets stuck in my head all the time.
  12. I really like Artificial Authentic. It reminds me of the best parts of Parastrophics.
  13. I definitely believe that there's some intentional symmetry between them. Especially with the similarities in cover art - they all feature circular designs and Oversteps and MoT have green/orange colors on their inner sleeves.
  14. honestly I like Oversteps a lot more than Untilted. I get why others feel differently though. These albums sort of represent the two extremes of their style - Untilted is the dry and Oversteps is the wet. I tend to prefer the wet. (though my favorite is when they take the wet and freeze it, resulting in the elusive "icy" sound, as heard on Confield)
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