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  1. yeah I was 4 at the time myself so this is all retrospective for me. though coincidentally Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld was one of the first electronic albums I ever heard and kickstarted my interest in the genre (even though I didn't hear it til around '99) great picks everyone, I had never heard x-101 but I'm glad I checked it out, good shit
  2. I've been in a Biosphere mood lately and I think Microgravity might be my favorite of that year, it's such a beautiful album. It's either that or Lego Feet for me. But there's so many other classics too - FSOL, The Orb, Plaid, LFO, Nightmares on Wax... What do you think?
  3. I love the setting and lore of it, though I'm finding some parts kind of frustrating Outer Wilds is fantastic though, such incredibly creative locations and ideas. Some of the most interesting experiences I've ever had in a game.
  4. My mom would play Bob Marley and Elton John all the time, the first song I remember loving at a really young age was probably this
  5. that part of sch.mefd 2 from 3:30 to 4:00 where it goes "deet doot" every few bars is so sick
  6. ecol4 is definitely my favorite track on the album at this point. beautiful sound design with all sorts of lovely stuff going on in the high frequencies offset by that smooth deep bass. it morphs in so many fascinating ways throughout its duration. and it's got that cool, airy, emotionally ambiguous vibe I just love.
  7. damn this sounds great! The vibert mix seems real juicy too, can't wait to hear the full tracks. they've been on a nice run with mixes lately, the sophie and anodyne ones were both great and sonically so different. Love to see the gold mine of the ae remix collection continue to grow
  8. I like this comparison, love both of these tracks! I always enjoy when they do something really stripped down and embrace the subtlety. I was listening to MoT the other morning and was reminded how much I love nearly every second of it.
  9. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time for new games, but I still fire up Slay the Spire and do a couple runs regularly. Maybe my most played game ever at this point? I have like 700 hours in it. Somehow still hasn't gotten old. Also played through the first bit of The Witness with my Geometry students to introduce a lesson on inductive reasoning, good fun.
  10. A sugar-free lemon mint Ricola cough drop. Fucking perfect. Love these things.
  11. I've used Plex a lot for playing the music stored on my PC through other devices (TV connected to living room sound system, phone + headphones, etc), and yeah I like it, works well for the most part. Good for movies and shows too, although I don't store those digitally as much these days. I still use folders of mp3s/flacs organized by Artist and Album, played in Winamp. Same setup I've been using since the early 00's lol. Only difference is that I've replaced a lot of those old low-bitrate mp3s I ripped 20 years ago with lossless versions.
  12. damn, cheers yall, this is all really excellent stuff.
  13. damnit RIP!! Norm always made me happy. He had such a unique comic voice, no one else quite like him
  14. I love this show, the writing has been so strong throughout and the action sequences are just beautiful. I thought season 3 was a little weaker than the rest, still good overall but the pacing was sort of inconsistent. Season 4 is excellent, IMO it improves on 3 in a lot of ways.
  15. Boxus


    I'm also not a huge fan, I think it has a few absolute gems, but the rest is sort of hit or miss for me. I've always had trouble with the way it's mixed, everything is so dense and pushed to the front, it can feel kind of claustrophobic. I like the more subtle deep-mixing style of SIGN/PLUS. I love NTS though, that's probably my fav of the decade. The live material is all great too, but I strongly prefer the onesix sets to the 2014/15 ones, probably for similar reasons - more subtle and nuanced.
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