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  1. it's not real IDM unless you make the robot pick the notes
  2. Boxus

    June 9th

    happy June 9th yall hi scores all day
  3. Still listening to this all the time, I really really love this album and it fits the mood I've been in lately better than just about anything else. It's beautiful in an emotionally ambiguous way that's really inviting. Sounds so lush on headphones too. Lots of ear candy with sounds popping around exploring the stereo space, but in a way that's subtle and doesn't detract from the softness of the mix.
  4. honestly I used to listen to Oversteps a lot when I was working on code or max patches, sort of felt like it had enough variation to stimulate creative thought without being too jarring and pulling focus. lately I've been listening to Gas when I want to focus on something and need a nice thick wall of sound to block out the noise of my neighbor's TV.
  5. Boxus

    draft 7.30

    Reniform Puls is so good. One of the best closers. Deeply emotional but in that cool, detached way. The skittering percussion sounds perfect and even when it gets more dense and complex it never overwhelms the mix; the track keeps that sort of open, airy atmosphere throughout. Also nice how it ends a bit like Nuane with a little minimal glitch loop.
  6. i love being fully vaccinated. everything is chill. the veil of constant worry is lifted. I also had no side effects from the shots (pfizer). A+ highly recommend
  7. hell yeah, the early blackalicious stuff is amazing
  8. lol who promotes a release by saying everything similar to it is terrible, that can't be good advertising
  9. th red a continues to be more and more of a standout for me, and I realized part of what makes it feel special is that they so rarely do tracks in 3 or 6 time sigs (the only other one I could think of offhand is the second half of Cipater). It works so well here and it gives the track a weird sort of sea shanty vibe which fits really well with the other aquatic sounding stuff on SIGN (si00, r cazt, etc.. I get lots of oceanic images in my head with this album)
  10. I just started Persona 4 Golden. it's the first game I've played in the series so I'm still getting used to it, but after the first few hours I'm really starting to enjoy it. It's interesting how your characters' friendships and psychological struggles are tied in with the RPG mechanics. And some of the Persona designs are amazing, I'm looking forward to seeing more of them
  11. Soon Over Babaluma is a great album, underrated. It's missing the eccentric brilliance of Damo Suzuki, but the music is still so good. Lost Tapes I feel is kind of hit or miss but worth it for some exceptional tracks like this beautiful long-form version of Vitamin C which provides a nice window into their process (assuming that this was an earlier take with more raw jamming which they edited/refined to produce the single-length Vitamin C)
  12. I've been listening to Lifeforms a lot lately, such a great album to have on in the headphones while doing morning things
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