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  1. I love DS9, highly recommended. TNG was the only Star Trek show I watched as a kid in the 90s, but DS9 became my favorite when I watched through it on netflix recently. worth watching the whole thing imo. there are some weak filler episodes here and there but that's to be expected with any series of that era, networks forcing everyone to make 24 episodes a season was always a mistake.
  2. Obscure just started its second season - Michael Ian Black reading a book, generally one chapter per episode. like a slow burn audiobook with occasional jokes/commentary. really enjoyable show. first season he read Jude the Obscure, this season is Frankenstein
  3. wow I hadn't realized xbox game pass on PC was this good - lots of games available that I'd been meaning to check out, and very cheap. really glad I gave this a try
  4. TM1 is so blunted. the smooth acid bassline, chill melody, spacious atmosphere. it's lovely to hear them making such a fun and lighthearted track that rewards but doesn't necessarily demand deep listening
  5. yeah I've been listening to this and agree it's too focused on reviews/ratings and the album discussions can be rather nitpicky. it seems like a lot of the material is new to them too, I'd rather hear discussion from hardcore fans like myself who have spent years delving into their discography and aren't just forming first impressions. still, some interesting comments here and there and I'll consume just about any autechre related content that's out there.
  6. i've never really listened to his music before but this album is incredible, one of the best of the year for sure
  7. F7 might be my favorite ultramelodic track they've ever made. when it settles into the muted beat and grindy chords toward the end.. fuck it's so satisfying
  8. you know the one track that came to mind that would flow into this really well is Blyz Castl, another great hidden gem. if they ever did release a misc tracks compilation I think those two would work really well back-to-back
  9. sounds sweet! I've been listening to Concrete Desert a lot, this sounds similarly dystopian but in a more trip hop way
  10. new Chester Watson album is really good
  11. Idiology is so good, that's what got me into them. it's so lush and packed with detail. And yeah basically every album they released in the 90s is a timeless classic (including Glam and Instrumentals which seem underrated). Radical Connector and Varcharz are very good too. I feel like their albums from Parastrophics onward have been a little less interesting, but there's still some excellent tracks on them.
  12. 7FM is awesome. great Fol3-style "i'm falling down this huge-ass tunnel" vibes, and then the beat is so rich and keeps it anchored in a really satisfying way.
  13. god the title track is so beautiful. I love this album
  14. I love the percussion, harmonies and atmosphere throughout the track, but the big highlights that push it into top-tier for me are: the ear candy glitchfest that starts around 3:15, and when the chords come in at 7:42 and play that beautiful melancholy progression that leads into the outro. Like most of S+P it really shines on headphones
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