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  1. I love this album. Lush arpeggios. I especially like Skrting on the surface, there's something addictive about that 11/8 groove
  2. I'll have to try this, my right knee has been fucked lately too. Also had rib flare on the left side for the past year or so, which is uncomfortable and weird. Funny how I have a "real job" and "good insurance" now and the only difference it's made for me medically is that now I have to pay copays for all the shit that used to be free when I was on medicaid.
  3. I've been listening to more Richard Devine and I'm enjoying Sort/Lave a lot. His music never really clicked for me until SYSTIK, but I loved that release so much I figured I should give his other stuff another chance. Also still listening to damirat frequently, I'm really loving their music. Thanks again to those who recommended them. It does scratch a similar itch to Autechre, but without seeming like mimicry - it just feels like they're naturally exploring a similar sonic space.
  4. Boxus

    pendulu hv moda

    this is sweet, the way they use reverb has been such a fascinating aspect of their sound, especially over the last decade. So many tracks that give you the feeling of being in a space that's constantly morphing or blinking in and out of existence or something.
  5. That opening scene in the premiere was incredible. Such great dialogue and atmosphere, disorienting and mesmerizing. Loved both episodes. So glad this show is back. There's nothing else quite like it.
  6. Immediately after the mask mandate was lifted at my school we had several more cases pop up among students and faculty. Now the staff are back to almost all masked and students are about 50/50. I'm still wearing N95s every day in the classroom. I love them. Nice snug fit, feels very secure. Much better than the counterfeit KN95s I used to order on Amazon.
  7. Over 990 games for $10 in itch.io Bundle for Ukraine https://itch.io/b/1316/bundle-for-ukraine Includes a few well known titles like Baba is You, Superhot and Celeste, and a huge amount of lesser known stuff. I've been sifting through the bundle this weekend and it's a nice chance to check out a bunch of these games I never would have heard of or played otherwise. Currently really enjoying Circa Infinity and Future Grind.
  8. Best part of Pen Expers: when it snaps back at 5:30. I mean the whole emotional climax thing is great, sure, amazing, love it, obviously. But when the chords drop out and it snaps back from the reverie, that part really does it for me.
  9. Boxus


    hell yeah. Konlied MX has especially lush woodwinds
  10. I love these tracks so much. All hail the tan kraken
  11. M39 Diffain has some of the crispiest snares ever made. I like how they tease out that absolutely slamming beat, then pull it away and leave you wading through the murk hoping it'll return. And when it does come back in toward the end it's glorious. Kind of like M4 Lema, they really know how to obfuscate the funk just enough to leave you wanting more
  12. I made a cheap chonky flyer called Lil Fat Boi And yeah I've done a few runs with Kaycee's mod and it's good fun, I'll definitely be dipping back into it from time to time
  13. Just finished Inscryption, loved it, tempted to replay parts and try some different things since the mechanics are so burned into my brain at this point I've also been playing through the campaigns in Wildermyth and I really love that game too. Great storytelling and fun tactical combat. There's something magical about growing so attached to your characters only to see them die tragically in battle XCOM-style.
  14. combing this thread and I'm so glad I checked this out, fantastic album
  15. It took me a couple tries to get into Disco Elysium, but once gave it a proper go and put in enough time to see the plot start to develop, it became one of my favorites. It really is excellent. There's a lot more depth to the characters and story than I picked up on initially. So many plot threads pay off in interesting ways. It is a slow burn, and you have to be in the mood for a game that's mostly dialogue, but if you're down for that kind of experience it's one of the best out there.
  16. huge update for Baba is You with lots of extra levels and outtakes, plus full release of the level editor
  17. I love Fluxion. Really enjoying this
  18. I love this, I think it's my favorite of all of his albums. The balance of rhythm and atmosphere is perfect
  19. files on phone -> headphones is my favorite these days (though I really love listening in the car too). A lot of days I'll put headphones on immediately when I get out of bed, it makes that first hour of morning so much better
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