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  1. yes friendly foil, because we all know that it's simply not possible to dislike, in any way. we know this is the truth, because anytime anyone mentions that they might not enjoy it, or criticizes it, it isn't simply to express their opinion, they either must be trolling or trying to get attention
  2. i thought the question was, "how has watmm influenced your musical choices", not "how would you defend your precious idm from someone if they happened not to worship it and live their lives through it like yourself"
  3. iDM is the apple of music
  4. same here. for some reason i always get the impression that people here listen to their music and think it's super special and totally awesome, it makes me hate it even more.
  5. the problem with electronic music production is that there is such a disconnect between the keyboard/mouse/GUI and human emotion. the only way i seem to be able to get past this is by smoking pot. it numbs my senses enough to the point where hopefully i can see past the awkardness and inconvenience of the computer, and be able to put down into music what i seem to be "feeling" at the time. however when working on music sober, i also find that to be helpful as well, but in more of a critical way, in that i see things as they really are, and am able to throw away a lot of trash that i thought sounded awesome when i was high, but then realize it was complete shit.
  6. soundcloud embed never works for me on watmm, i always have to click on "listen on soundcloud.com" using IE5.
  7. CharlesWatkins


    i got it early, playing now
  8. 2, bunch of random noise that sounds kind of futuristic and cool i guess [youtubehd]epfvp0KDuyw[/youtubehd]
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