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  1. Yeah, it's a modified version of an older (also fake) news story originating out of satirical irish "news" site. . . in the original one, the story had NK claiming to land a man on the Sun (so, you know, more obviously ridiculous . . . but just slightly). More info here.
  2. Trailer for BB-8 toy [aka *throws money at screen*] [youtubehd]-1Y2WfcCb4M[/youtubehd]
  3. Oh, man, (personally) really loved New Nightmare. . . it was a very interesting take on the whole mythology of the Nightmare series. . . loved the whole meta aspect . . . . Sadly, heard recently that they were (again) going to try and re-boot the series. . .
  4. Just came across this today. . . . FFFFFFFF [youtubehd]IR5ZZrnXqe8[/youtubehd]
  5. Holy FUCK. . . that's fucking genius. . . (yeah, why the fuck not?) If they did this, they could get Evan Peters to play Anakin (S1 of American Horror Story totally made me think he would've been the perfect Anakin)
  6. all proceeds from the album are going to fund the arts center in compton - harkening the classic line "never use your own money when you can use someone else's" Eh? That's pretty awesome. . . can't imagine how much $ this album is going to make. . . Compton, the new Paris?
  7. @ghosty - I'm about halfway through at the moment. I will say, that I listened to the leak, then bought it (because Dre needs more $ and his headphones are real high quality . . . wait. . .. FUCK!!!). I will say that there is a noticeable (to my ears) difference in quality between the two. Some of the songs feel less crowded/smushed - then again, this is really my first listen through. To me, it's a little too early to make a call. There are several tracks that are immediately accesible but others that seem very strange, and hard to grasp on first listen. I actually think that's a good thing. . . Dre is nothing if not meticulous in how he decides to do things, sonically, and I actually think this will be a grower. . . in some ways it seems really IDM - experimental shifts in tone/genre. . . it also flows together in a way that feels sort of like a soundtrack to a movie. . .almost like the whole thing is a concept album. . . Not sure I ever listen to Dre's music for the lyrics, but seems like the typical gangsta bravado and misogny with a few truly clever lines interspersed. I mean, album is called COMPTON so not sure expecting more would be reasonable (Dre will never be Aesop, that's cool with me). BTW, would be interested to see what u think about a relisten to 2001 btw - still one of my favorites. . .
  8. What the . . . Yes, but her singing voice is huge. @ Sagan - [email protected] Lucy Twin Peaks - I like the cut of ur jib :-) @Haste: "Heard you was down with the AK, Now I see you on the video with Michel'le? Lookin' light str8 Bozos" :-P All jokes aside, yeah, great singing voice. . . just totally expect to hear from autotune artifacts when she's talking but then realize it's for realzies and then brain assplodes @ThatSpanishRadiohead guy - Yeah, they are streaing the entire thing tonight from . . . 6PM CST through 9 in advance of the album. I have 0 fucks of an idea of how to access it (it's through iTunes). . . I imagine u open up itunes and click on somethign or some shit. . . regardless, means that leaks will probably appear at, what 7:07 P.M.? @everyone - Really, really short clip at the end of the video here (entire video i only 1 minute so you don't have to wait that long). Jesus Christ, haven't been more hyped off of a 15 second clip since . . . dunno, I already had Drukqs I think when the Rubber Johnny short clip came out . . . maybe Radiohead Blips? Anyway. SUPER HYPED.
  9. So excited for this. Oh HELLZ yeah . . . So excited for this - kind of glad Detox got scrapped - no way it could ever possibly live up to the hype. . .
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