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  1. Alright, I hope things works itself out in America. Peace
  2. So that makes it ok to execute people on the street for a different political ideology?
  3. Dude was just protecting himself against people with knives and bats, looters, people who kill 5 year old's if they think it's a Trump supporter
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7377133/Bill-Gates-REFUSES-reveal-flew-Lolita-Express-Jeffrey-Epstein-prison-release.html
  5. What a bloody fucking hoax this Corona virus is
  6. Last one who wasn't a puppeteer got his head blown off
  7. Free release https://www.thighpaulsandra.co.uk/store/p199/COIL_LIVE_-_Copenhagen_2002.html?fbclid=IwAR0CVJlVW41Inml0B3SkUjVijHKbotFHOMTVJZdEkfiZfmcnk4ygIZ-6VOM
  8. Well I'm afraid Solskjær will be sacked fairly soon after todays result
  9. Listening to new Machinefabriek, also on Spotify. Great stuff. https://machinefabriek.bandcamp.com/album/melodrama
  10. Put this on my speakers in my (old) apartment for my neighbours to hear, anxiety has gotten the best of me. Heh.
  11. Waiting for a V for Vendetta type revolution cus they're all corrupt and vapid
  12. Just released... The Road: Part 2 Listening now on Spotify like the scrub I am.
  13. chartnok

    elseq 1-5

    I think they could engineer their tracks a little better imo. Maybe it's just my ears
  14. Man you saved 400 dollars this month. Bet you feel like Bill Gates now. 400 dollars. Four hundred dollars, you can do a lot with 400 dollerinos
  15. Yeah, countries like Denmark and Sweden (Norway too I think) often register at the top of these lists which I think are based on things like access to health care and general standard of living. Should be called ”Most Priviliged Countries In The World.” Being northern European countries, Sweden and Denmark are culturally inclined to be somewhat restrained, reserved and, I dunno, aloof?. If you've lived here you'll know what I'm talking about! The Spanish or Italians as a people, seem way happier! Dude, I can't find it but a Dane WATMMer pointrd out that "happy" poll is misleading. The way it was asked/translated actually is closer to "content" and not happy. Still highly ranked but less utopia vibes. Which makes sense because it gels with the cultural and social trends of Scandinavian countries. A good example is how people in those countries usually stand really far apart in queues and bus stations. This is true
  16. What is your food budget for about two weeks?
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