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  1. Jam like a ‘tecker (jam like Autechre) is the obvious choice
  2. While I might not be correct, there are also parts in IO that sound like: ”let’s go back to being a person.”.. “Let’s go back to the imagination”… “This solution doesn’t have an equation”
  3. I have decided the pummeling 1st Barbican set was Sean, and the hip-hop 2nd set was Rob. I base this on pure conjecture, wild assumptions, and a little dash of nonsense. These are the facts people
  4. Just acquired the set today. This is definitely my kind of AE. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. Will definitely be purchasing the other sets whenever they release Thanks Sandra and Ronette
  5. fizzkinz

    elseq 1-5

    There are numerous tracks on elseq that I absolutely love, and enjoy more than the majority of NTS or SIGN/PLUS however, to this day I still cannot shake the opinion that it is overall “less than” / weaker within the more recent material. it’s just not a cohesive document the highs are extremely high, but there is too much that makes me wish for tighter quality control. Meanwhile NTS is long as all hell and yet with rare exception nothing seems to overstay its welcome. perhaps I am in the minority on this though
  6. The Conet Project?
  7. This is basically how i think it is counted too cavity job is a single, basscad is an EP, and to make EP7 the 7th requires Peel Sessions to not be counted. while I agree it makes no sense to not count Peel Session, it seems consistent because to make Move of Ten be the 10th would also mean Peel Session 2 wasn’t counted either I’m not saying it makes sense and I agree it’s all likely part of a troll on the notion of what is an EP vs an LP In my mind cannon EP7 is much more than an EP, and I’d put it as one of my favorite albums.
  8. This gets thrown around a lot, but I would disagree that it’s “practically confirmed” someone asked Sean about it in the AAA, and while he didn’t say no, he seemed put off by the idea people thought that
  9. Could someone perhaps explain how this follows a Fibonacci pattern? im sure I’m just being dumb numerically I understand what the Fibonacci sequence is, but I fail to hear anything in that song which sounds like 1,1,3,5,8,13,etc
  10. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue
  11. fizzkinz


    I just have a hard time believing the drum pattern is just some samples on random shuffle I mean, I may be wrong, but I just struggle to believe it
  12. fizzkinz


    I will also say that of the post-Exai material, elseq is my least favorite however some tracks on elseq are absolutely amazing, and are superior to much of NTS. But the “whole” document just doesn’t hold up well enough. It would have made a great ~2hr album with certain tracks cut out
  13. fizzkinz


    Around the 8min mark in this interview he says Pen Expers was made with a minidisc and pausing a DMX drum machine:
  14. Very much agree. supermodified and out from out where for Amon Tobin in that era. Plus Radiohead had Kid A. Golden era.
  15. I skip known(1) every time I listen to oversteps the rest of the album is good but that track is just annoying (mostly because of the skipping-cd sound)
  16. This is basically my opinion I might slightly extend it to include the cichlisuite EP That run of Chichlisuite -> LP5 -> EP7 -> PeelSession2(for Gelk!!!) -> Confield -> Gantz Graf *Chef's Kiss* There are some of their other albums I might put above LP5, and some other releases I'd rank above PeelSession2 as a whole. But I just find that stretch of time to be the absolute crystallization of everything they are best at, being executed with such perfection
  17. I may have been misinterpreting Sean’s meaning in that thread, but my understanding was that he was referring to the soundboards for the ‘16 and ‘18 live sets. Rob was working on his parts. And this worked out with the timing, as it was a few months later that those AE_live sets went up, seemingly after Rob finished his parts
  18. Nonsense. incomplete without wild record scratching (don’t care if the scratching is programmed as some have said). Honestly it’s not the drums underneath that I care about at all. I had seen most of these turntable competition vids already, and they don’t really fit what it is about this set that I like. I have also seen wavetwisters before, but as Im digging into to some of the other Qbert stuff I guess it does give me the feels I’m looking for. still, something about this gescom one just really does it for me.
  19. Can anyone recommend some great albums/tracks that would be similar to this scratch-tastic marathon? I know turntabalism is a pretty immense genre to explore, but this seems way more intense than most of what I’ve stumbled upon before
  20. Yea seems like some have caught that https://www.whosampled.com/sample/16589/Autechre-Sublimit-Sparky-Dee-The-Playgirls-The-Battle/
  21. Definitely one of my all time favs of theirs
  22. It’s near the bottom of page 24 I think
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