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  1. pcock

    Brexit :(

    To be fair, Brexit is going so spectacularly badly that i havent had to read coronavirus statistics in the news for over 3 weeks now which is at least one positive.
  2. For anyone in this thread to whom investing is a new concept, bogleheads is the most surefire way of increasing your money, but it takes decades. Your first decade you will see barely any gains, but by your third decade you will be wealthy, the only way it won't work is if capitalism literally collapses. The bogle way is to just put basically all your money in the entire world market, VTSAX. 7 percent average gains are weak for the first 10 or 15 years, but if you continue adding a significant amount of your available income after 30 years it will be a lot of money Assuming China doesn't actually want a war.
  3. Its a complete gamble, one that so far has paid off very well. My bet is on Ethereum though, it just makes more sense as an actual internet currency.
  4. Ive got to say, nerfing the occasional outrageously powerful builds you would get in isaac really rips away what made me play it for over 700 hours back in the day. I used to restart weak builds on floor 3 quite often, its just not that fun slogging your way through enemies that take a minute a room to chip away at. Thats why the Lost was my favourite character, you either go big or you get hit twice and die.
  5. Terraforming Mars is a card/board game on android for a fiver, its amazing. Definitely scratching a Slay the Spire itch, even though I dont think it will have anywhere near as much depth over time.
  6. https://discreteglasgow.bandcamp.com/album/white-beast-statue Just another EP of my techno tunes, as always titled after a random name in a game im reading or book im playing. Maybe some enjoyers of the old doof doof stuff.
  7. Not sure if these have been discussed on Watmm, but highly recommended for anyone who like me, loves using presets and altering them slightly instead of crafting everything from ground up. Movement im not fond of, but Portal and Thermal are absolutely wild. You just create an idea, then mix presets, fiddle, drum buss compress, fantastic. Theyre available on splice for a monthly 10 bucks. Portal is a granular delay/pitch modulator, Thermal is a three stage distortion/filter module. Highly recommended by me. here is a little snippet of lofi slow house i made in 30 minutes to demonstrate how quickly you you can get some nice movement going with almost no effort atall using those two plugins.
  8. It was up 58 percent after open yesterday, and once again, they shut the whole stock down and lo and behold a slow bleed all day after that.
  9. It doesn't to me either, but there's not alot I can do about it apart from move broker, which I've done. They auto applied super high stoplosses and charged me to remove them. If I hadn't have removed them I would have lost my shares at a loss. It would be better for me to just hold them now to see how it plays out.
  10. You won't make any money on the stock market thinking a week is a long time. I ended up getting money stolen from my account by my brokerage over that shit they were so desperate to get me to sell, and they are still paying for adverts making sure everyone knows they've covered their shorts. I'm reassessing the situation mid April.
  11. Hades is fantastic. Buttery, satisfying combat, challenging but balanced, great story progression, and scales with you difficulty wise. Best Roguelite since binding of Isaac.
  12. This is a good shout, I've actually had it on my steam for years, I forgot it was by supergiant.
  13. This is really sad news. I remember feeling concerned for him about 4 or 5 years ago when he was talking about how many trips and benzos he was mixing.
  14. It seems to me that dawdling on initial lockdown was huge. 3 weeks in an exponential growth situation is huge. I patched work when I saw Italy fall because I got paranoid about how fatal it was, but my work was still serving drunk teams for a full 2 weeks before the government lockdown. The first lockdown was brutal, and it worked. The Christmas tiered lockdowns have been a shitshow.
  15. I've always found it mental that the medicine for ADHD is literally speed. I got hooked on it in uni for a few weeks, I was a fucking machine. 12 hours practice a day, 2 hours excersize, almost no sleep for 3 weeks. Then I had had heart palpitations so bad I thought it was all over for me and never took it again. I was taking 2 dexamphetamine a day too, the guy who gave it to me who actually needed it was prescribed 8. 8 fucking speed tablets day.
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