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  1. why do people still pay exorbitant amounts to use mac? this was actually the reason I sold my secondhand macbook for £100, I accidentally allowed it to update after 2 years of clicking later once a day, and within 10 minutes of the update the notification popped up again and my mind snapped, i nearly attacked an electronic device like a rage filled gamer for the first time in my life. put it on gumtree immediately and never looked back.
  2. Buying individual stocks is essentially gambling unless you know how to do financial DD, even then, there is a famous case of a chimpanzee in the 80s who picked stocks by throwing darts at a board and outperformed most managers over time. World index funds like VSTAX are a different matter though inital investment £2,000.00 monthly deposits £200 9.31% annual return. 8 year projection £32,173.17 8 year interest £10,973.17 18 year projection £117,192.11 18 year interest earned £71,992.11 28 year £324,229.29 28 year interest earned £255,029.29 Co
  3. cheers for the reply. All i need to do is line it up to be frame perfect with the moment my finger hits the first note, which is actually easier said than done with any free software ive tried. Im going to see if i can figure out how to export and Avi properly in after effects though, it seems to be pointlessly upscaling the resolution to its maximum.
  4. pcock


    why do TV when you can sit and take the piss out of computer games, having a wail of a time, with 500 people giving you 4 quid a month (or whatever it is) to do it? Living the dream.
  5. can anyone do me a small favour and recommend a piece of free software that can just add audio files to video files? I have aftereffects but i cannot for the fucking life of me figure out why it is exporting videos off my phone that are 1.2 gigabytes as 25 gigabyte AVI's when all ive done is added a direct recording of the piano and change the brightness.
  6. oh yeah, what a tard. shows how long i havent listened to squarepusher for. point still stands though with go plastic, even if i listened to it a few weeks after Ultravistor
  7. still the best IDM album of all time for me. seared my tiny 14 year old mind into oblivion when i first heard steinbolt. i used to play it on a wee portable speaker in high school cos i thought it made me sound cool as fuck.
  8. rubin farr still posting absolute belters after my year away i see.
  9. some cheesy belters in there, this is a demo for my first wedding im playing whenever weddings are allowed to continue Poulenc - Melancholie Burton Lane - On A Clear Day Debussy Arabesque 1 Over The rainbow Love Letters George Shearing - Wendy Chopin - Nocturne No.9 in B Major Debussy - Reverie Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde
  10. I actually dont compose for piano atall man. The mere concept in the face of the giants of composition of whom it takes me months to even learn a single piece by is offputting and frankly i dont think i have the skill to add anything to the reptoire that already exists. i prefer finding the most interesting and lesser known pieces that i can play with conviction and learning them. Im trying to learn jazz improv but its literally like learning a new instrument because i can sight read fluently. completely different way of operating your brain. appreciate your interest though.
  11. pcock


    This is TV worthy.
  12. Bit late to the party, but hollow Knight. Astonishingly good. I've started making bootleg house versions of my favourite area themes im so impressed
  13. im still slowly working on the album. currently focussing on content for a website post lockdown to get students, maybe some background lounge work and stop having to chef for a living. I also need to get better at making my digital piano sound rich and expansive in ableton.
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