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  1. that is a lindell audio 500 series that i swapped some modules for. 2 pulteq eqs and 4 117six compressors. although it sounds fantastic im really struggling get the stereo levels on it perfect for some reason though.
  2. https://discreteglasgow.bandcamp.com/ thats my bandcamp label. ive been making lots of sounds recently but no finished product. im waiting on a set of audeze lcd-x and a subpak. ive tried having studios and it just kills my creativity. my neighbours do not like bass. atall. so im moving to a compromise with headphones and a subpak. sorry about my weird grammar at the moment i do not have a comma button.
  3. Did some downsizing modularwise. after 4 years i actually feel like i finally understand what i want out of it. which is a bunch of new modules. also got all my cables duct taped neatly at the back running through a patch cable. game changer for peace of mind.
  4. pcock


    nigel farage is now actually a potential candidate for the leader of this country. britain is such a disgusting place. i almost believe he could have been smart enough to see this as a potential outcome to the formation of UKIP. playing the long game.
  5. holy fucking shit. overbridge mixed with m4l is absolutely insane. they have hit it out the park with this.
  6. parameter randomization sounds absolutely fucking dope. Love this synth
  7. yeah i had a look at my profile, the last time there was a rating system was 2009. i was 19 then, and almost definitely a complete arsehole. no regrets.
  8. its all good man people are into badasses.
  9. first post/visit on the new forum, already -23 in reputation. im apparently infamous.
  10. how is jim carrey still getting comedy gigs after his recent descent into nihilistic, depressive hippy chat.
  11. pcock

    Game of Thrones

    i was actually enjoying it thoroughly right up the point where nothing was explained with the night king and bran, no-one died, and the entire army of the dead got wiped out in one hit.halfway through i thought daenerys dead, night king speaks to bran and turns out he actually had an alterior motive of not just being a pure arsehole, episode ends with an actual cliffhanger instead of just exactly the same as the last episode.
  12. pcock

    Game of Thrones

    genuinely irritated daenarys didnt die. the opportunity was perfect.
  13. ha, recognized the resonance plugin In regards to composing, that's something that i'm concerned with specifically. As much as Live is marketed with slogans like "MAKE COMPLETE SONGS ON THE GO" and "GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR ARRANGEMENTS", I feel like it's not very accomodating to real intricate editing. Then again, I may be blaming the tool instead of blaming the master lol Nothing with the word "fruity" in its name has ever been good fruity curry sauce from the chippy. checkmate.
  14. pcock

    Game of Thrones

    daenaerys is now not only unbearable to watch, she is pretty obviously the series actual bad guy. this episode set it all up very nicely. shes an absolute piece of shit.
  15. I love this synth so much. Haven't even put any new sounds in yet
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