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  1. rubin farr still posting absolute belters after my year away i see.
  2. some cheesy belters in there, this is a demo for my first wedding im playing whenever weddings are allowed to continue Poulenc - Melancholie Burton Lane - On A Clear Day Debussy Arabesque 1 Over The rainbow Love Letters George Shearing - Wendy Chopin - Nocturne No.9 in B Major Debussy - Reverie Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde
  3. I actually dont compose for piano atall man. The mere concept in the face of the giants of composition of whom it takes me months to even learn a single piece by is offputting and frankly i dont think i have the skill to add anything to the reptoire that already exists. i prefer finding the most interesting and lesser known pieces that i can play with conviction and learning them. Im trying to learn jazz improv but its literally like learning a new instrument because i can sight read fluently. completely different way of operating your brain. appreciate your interest though.
  4. pcock


    This is TV worthy.
  5. Bit late to the party, but hollow Knight. Astonishingly good. I've started making bootleg house versions of my favourite area themes im so impressed
  6. im still slowly working on the album. currently focussing on content for a website post lockdown to get students, maybe some background lounge work and stop having to chef for a living. I also need to get better at making my digital piano sound rich and expansive in ableton.
  7. I find roguelites have grown to be my favourite genre of game. ruthlessly challenging, yet the upgrades you chip away at while failing, mixed with rising skill levels, leave you deeply satisfied when you finally break through a checkpoint, or finish them. also you can play for 45 minutes and get a full session in.
  8. Hades is my new Roguelite and it is fantastic. Much more forgiving than Enter the Gungeon, but still pretty challenging, and with an incredibly deep set of upgrades and conditions for replayability.
  9. Recent addictions, Granados - Goyescas. Intensely textural Spanish suite, astonishing displays of pianism at times. Vitoslav Novek - Pan (has both orchestral and piano solo version). Fairly under the radar Czech music, highly tonal with interesting unplanned modulations and rich orchestration. the solo piano version is great too. Nikolai Kasputin - 8 Concert Etudes, Sonata Fantasy No.1. Jazz classical on crack. The Sonata literally sounds unplayable at times. Prokofiev - Sonata No.8 . A work of intense anguish interespersed with strange uplifting soviet motifs, this one is a tough one to wrap your head around, highly rewarding when you do though. The first movement is 16 minutes long, but i mostly recommend the third for some crazy soviet bipolaristic harmony interplay. Leopold Godowsky - Piano Sonata. Gorgeous post romantisicm from the almost undisputed master of contrapuntality. Its a slog at 45 minutes, but the first movement alone is worth giving 5-6 listens to see if you can roll with it. Leo Ornstein - Cello Sonatas. Awesome, virtuoso pieces from a composer who managed to live through two century turns. his works alternate between full atonality, note cluster showmanship pieces, and stylistic late romantic, flowing stuff, of which the cello sonatas fall into the latter. Messiaen - Preludes. Written when he was a teenager, and beautiful as fuck. check em out.
  10. i splashed out £599 on audeze LCD-2 classic. absolutely mindblowing. they are infintely better for production than my 1300 quid genelecs in a normal room. you can hear everything. the bass translates. the stereo field is insane. worth every single penny.
  11. Finished a painting this week and recorded a mix to reflect it. low bpm textural dub with splashes of colour amid the grayscale. Tracklist. Mark Pritchard - ? Anthony Naples - Zipacon Samuel Rohrer - Lenina [Ricardo Villalobos Remix] Orson - Toxic Waste Ametsub - Lichen with Piano Herbert - Ticket Speedy J + George Issaki - Sculpture [Tool 2] Elyas - Dead Planets 8 Dream Cycle - Long Time Sonae - System Immanent Value Defect Tassilo Vanhofen - Collapse Donata Dozzy - Sotto Ma Sotto[Lucy Remix] Florist - Horn Steevio - Hiraeth[Batu Remix] Ametsub - Solitude Felix Lenferink - Fourth Bouree Awo Ojiji - Lifeforms Andy Hart - Tokyo Lights Vril - Portal 7 Barker - Hedonic Treadmill Gunnar Haslam - Cacique de Poyais Andrew Pekler - Taprobana Nikita zabelin - Brooklyn Train [Exos Remix] Lone - Pulsar Ancestral Voices - Brihaspatti Acronym - Photic Cleric - Sigmund L.G.Dub Corp - Indulgent Dub East Man + Walton - Gunshot Yen Tech - Acceleratus
  12. I didnt initially realise that the rpg aspect is almost entirely conversation based. because you have an inventory space for bullets i thought it was an introduction. once i realised that the conversations are the game it started making alot more sense. the skill trees are fairly overwhelming at the start.
  13. disco elysium finally clicked. im about 3 hours in and loving it. happy to see more of this style like an interactive book rpg.
  14. its not to a clone. its to an alien tech powered backup database somewhere. and that first scene wasnt in a prison. it was in a resleeving facility. so the girl might have been a victim of anything. so you got those two bits confused. im with you on getting blasted 200 years into the future though. that would be class.
  15. Does anyone near the uk still play counterstrke? I'm rediscovering my love after a 12 year break to grow up.
  16. eh? surgeon has a wife. DJ replacement bus service.
  17. i wonder how many city pigeons are going to starve? their entire way of life has been upended. they probably dont even know what wild food they can eat.
  18. Cabin fever setting in now. Haven't seen anyone for 18 days. Felt completely listless and bored beyond belief all day today.
  19. Has anyone used one of those harnesses you wear like a backpack to fix your posture? I've noticed now I'm spending 8 hours a day sitting at the pc or playing piano I'm finding it harder to keep on top of my posture excersizes. Anyone got a recommendation for a decent one?
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