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  1. Has anyone used one of those harnesses you wear like a backpack to fix your posture? I've noticed now I'm spending 8 hours a day sitting at the pc or playing piano I'm finding it harder to keep on top of my posture excersizes. Anyone got a recommendation for a decent one?
  2. Any kitchen I've ever worked in this behaviour would get you sacked. Generally speaking the 3 kitchens I've worked in are far cleaner than me cooking at home. Food sanitizer on stainless steel surfaces every few minutes, gloves for any wet food contact, separate fridges and work spaces to avoid cross contamination.
  3. hah. that piece is a nightmare for mistakes. everything is so celestially diatonic that they stick out like sore dicks. im actually going to stop just doing dribs and drabs. im gonna record a full album and get it mastered etc and leave it in here for you guys.
  4. A languid classic from debussy.
  5. damn. no go then. im on the brink of selling some stocks from my house savings just to get a pimped out new gaming pc for 7 weeks stuck in the house 😄
  6. Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 2 GB is the minimum. big risk at 50 quid but i would desperately love a new doom game to get good at in isolation
  7. doom works on older computers? gtx770 maybe?
  8. i would recommend sticking to a schedule. ive not spoken to anyone in person for 9 days now and yeah its been tough i do an hour yoga, 20 minutes high intensity kettlebell workout and a 3 mile jog in the morning which is exhausting. then i do 2 hours production. computer games. trying to get 5 hours piano in a day. ive been drinking heavily in the evenings but im stopping drinking in the week. but yeah its gonna be tough. i said in the other thread extroverts are going to be going mental.
  9. been getting tipsy every night out of boredom stuck in the flat but im going to start doing monday - friday sober now in anticipation of being stuck here for 3-10 weeks. also i am about to start posting inane shit here alot more. i havent avoided human contact this long in my entire life.
  10. i have been cutting my teeth on abject loneliness for half a decade now, and im a highly introverted musician, but extroverts are going to be going insane. i havent spoken to a human being in person now for 7 days, apart from my local shop guys and im starting to feel stir crazy.
  11. harvey weinstein commits suic-corona virus in prison.
  12. Im just gonna hurl all my stuff in here. ive got a feeling im going to be making alot of music the next few months. been trying to meditate each morning so ive started putting together simple ambient stuff to sit in the background instead of an alarm.
  13. i had a funny bitter metallic taste in my mouth for about 2 days. gone now though.
  14. Did anyone else know that swine flu infected an estimated 20 percent of the world population? I barely even remember thinking about it
  15. From York Bowen. A relatively unknown English composer from around the same era as rachmaninoff. lush as balls.
  16. I tried to get the second poeme of the set nailed today but its alot harder than i remember. picking them up again after 5 years so just trying to reiginite my subconsious muscle memory. i should get it tommorow.
  17. my symptoms are exactly the same as last saturday at a discomfort level of 1 out 10. i just did my first workout in 11 days though 10x50 bodyweight reps and holy fuck my lungs were not enjoying it atall. also i now havent spoken to a human being in six days and i can understand why tom hanks was chatting to wilson. ive started pretending im a streamer and talking myself through my logic out loud on slay the spire.
  18. Its unfortunate that in a time where I'm literally going to have months to play computer games I'm unable to spend any money on a new PC or said computer games incase I dont have a proper income for months
  19. UK now officially shut down. im getting garbled media reports on upto 80 of peoples wages being paid anyone got any real information?
  20. General information ive heard is that its mostly picked up from surface contact rather than directly breathing the same air as someone especially outside.
  21. im not walking around in public im walking on a pretty much deserted canal cycle path beside my house. yesterday i saw 2 dog walkers in 5 miles. cycling is a bit different but again the streets are largely emptry at this point.
  22. Yeah I've been walking 5 miles a day and going on bike rides on the deserted city streets. I can't see how I'm going to spread anything staying 3 metres away from anyone
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