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  1. oh by the way while I'm here folks and all the stuff: sairo is my best album no question asked none answered there is nothing I will do better ever this is very sad but true this is very dark but true this is the peak this is all I have to say this is the end beautiful friends enjoy the music enjoy the sounds you are better than this I love you so much bye
  2. Hi thanks Todd Let people listen I'm not the only one Let them decide for themselves okay? There is nothing better than old school chicago/detroit acid, anyway whatever you try whatever you get there is only this eventually
  3. whats is this thread anyway why not techno why not techno you suckers why not detroit
  4. Stinson is dead Is he? Is he really? after this track Im not so sure He is always with me Detroit is always with me Please let me be Please
  5. jeez i dont even remember writing it i remember the date thou not that im the only one dude writing from this account anyway but wooooah i was so fucked up jesus christ so fucked up on that date, so many drugs, so many im kinda sorry folks haha im not really sorry but whatever seeya specially you, steve you are my number one, steve you know it, steve we love you, steve thanks for the mushrooms we will never forget
  6. This is my absolute favorite thing of last 3 months Cant get enough
  7. This is only translation. Im just the messenger. Im here not often. "K, screw it. You're so hesitating, I should speak. You need 2 pills, 2 strong beers and a half of strong pint with your buddy. What comes after? Why me? What it has to do with those abandoned factories? Why today? Each one of you takes a stamp of acid. Half an hour later you notice 500 vinyl records trying to break free. They're all being shot to the death by their masters. They are swimming in their blood. You realise that the idm music is still playing. Suddenly you realise that Richard is all that you have. You cry the joy of tears. You are free now. You think it's not Richard. But it's Richard. You think it's not Richard. But it's Richard. You think it's not Richard. But it's Richard. You think it's not Richard. But it's Richard. Buy."
  8. Mag


    Some random stuff (probably discussed before): Chartreuse color is considered to have "mandela effect", which means that a lot of people remember it wrong (being pink/red), like number of US states or Berenstein Bears (or me thinking that Syro release date was 21 and not 19 of september). Mandela effect can be called one of the conspiracy theories about parallel universes and stuff like that. That it's not your memory's fault, but in reality at that time things were not what they are today, cause way too much people remember it being different. I like how even such small detail fits perfectly into the whole "Syro Lore" that accompanied the record, when in almost every interview Rich talked about said conspiracy theories, time travel, being mad professor and such (and chemtrails ofc), creating a specific background for the music. Maybe he also remembered chartreuse being a different color and things like this entertain him. He said something (or meant) that with a bit of magic and believing in such things life gets more fun. That way you keep your inner child and interest to things around you, protecting you from becoming "tired skeptic that sees only grey colors". Like, what is more important - knowing the mundane boring truth, or living in a beautiful and interesting lie? Or take ancient people that believed in gods and totems - gods had strong characteristics, like being brave, merciful and generous, for instance - so people would naturally try to have these too (i know some gods are cruel etc, but just for example). Like, if a "lie" makes you a better person or chances your life, is it really so bad? Take Christianity for example (hot topic I know) - we realise that this stories are fiction, and probably there is no God, but believing in Jesus and trying to act like he preached makes a world a better and safer place (I'm not talking about the church and politics behind it, but just the teaching itself). I think sometimes this things can be good, just don't get too fanatic about it and don't force people to accept your beliefs. Or maybe he was serious about chemtrails and all that stuff, who knows.
  9. i know, right. heres example from internets: A band that is still rock and roll but sounds haunting, dark, cryptic, melancholy. you know of any cool 'gloom rock' bands? ya! try 'Sqaurepushers' 'She Wants My Red Hot Car' or 'Tundra'
  10. Mag


    thats all bs you sit and meditate keep your back straight concentrate on breath try to see yourself from the outside if thoughts wont go away sit and meditate concentrate eventually you will understand everything yourself read books and watch videos, but remember that practice is everything better than books and videos by a lot of hundreds sit and meditate further sit on your ass do not stray do not desire enlightenment or nirvana just sit there and meditate it all will come do not care breathe with me
  11. k so theres this 2nd scene in the music store guess what now ultravisitoers are gloom rock still figuring if thats only cds they had so they stick it in all genres or its a lol on sparecusher you heard that tom? a gloom rock you son of a hound
  12. Mag

    Cheetah EP

    and here's The robocop 3, probably my favorite 8bit classic good stuff
  13. lets all smash phaces to hail electronic music and his son, richard i was 14, time bees
  14. this is probably old but from scott piligrim in pop|rock section thats right, tom you are in pop section please trun back tom
  15. it really grew on me great track for fat joints near window rain or some slums one of the best on lp
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