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  1. was sick. got lukie to sign my copy of drun n bass for papa, too!
  2. Great condition Elektron Machinedrum MK1 with User Wave upgrade. $750USD obo + shipping from USA. Pics upon request. Please DM or contact [email protected] with subject 'ELEKTRON' <3
  3. Thanks Stickfigger! Those are some really nice compliments :). I was listening to a lot of Microlith when I wrote this so it looks like it rubbed off
  4. My track for the snareup tape compilation.
  5. I'm not either. The gig is up, del dot. It's a nice track (especially the vocal stuff) but this isn't Richard. It might be a fake but its not my fake! Rumor is it might be someone from colorsquad but idk. It's a banger that's for sure. IE def not mine
  6. Yeah it's good whoever it's by. Fairly convincing if fake. Some of the work around the 2m mark especially. Reminds me of cheetah ep vs the korg track forget what it's called. yeah I'm pretty firmly in camp "impersonator" due to the cheetah ep + korg funk + 4x Atlantis + bits swiped from Syro. Really well done remix. It can't be a remix, there aren't any samples in this song.all the bass is synthesis
  7. Thats me genius! But I am flattered at the suspicion that I could have created that track... It's afx guys
  8. just saw this posted in the snareup lobby..sure sounds like some of rich's synths/style any thoughts??
  9. Laxenanchaos' second album and debut in the US. Mental Akses (DSO005) Cassette + Digi Releases on September 15 Deep Space Objects Side A Nirvana Dog With Snow Mole Acid Twinkle Tinkle She Resembles A Celebrity Floating Through The Abyss Happy Unbirthday Side B Floating Through The Abyss (Limited Toss Remix) Twinkle Tinkle (Hiroki Yamamura Remix) Mole Acid (Captain Raveman Remix) https://deepspaceobjects.bandcamp.com/album/mental-akses http://www.deepspaceobjects.com/
  10. now: aphex twin - the richard d james album prev: wisp - in a blue face next: ???????????????????
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