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  1. So I have a recording of the show. The quality is not what I had hoped it would be, but I want to share so that I didn't stand around holding my Zoom H1 against my chest like a weirdo the whole show for nothing :)

    I'll just upload a smaller Ogg Vorbis version so that we don't hit my dropbox limit too fast, but I have it uncompressed as well if anyone has a suggestion of what is the easiest way to share it.


    Also I applied some compression and EQ in Audacity but if anyone that knows how to properly master a poor recording want to have a go at it then I can send them the raw files. Got to go now but will check back.




    Thanks !! Nice recording .


    Track @ 3.30 ?

  2. Just a lil titbit....Fuji track 17  "Nqz 3 Singing Montage Chaos +6" which is also on Syrobonkers, appears as the closing track to Future Music, Melbourne 2012:


    It'd be interesting to see if any of the new Fuji tracks have appeared on sets.. eventually




    amazing set , do you know whats the track @ 1.03.00 and after ? 1.05.00 some amazing drill n bass


    Reddit poster ktonoyoia says:


    do you want SOME 24bit wav excellent quality finnish aphex acid??? ^ __ ^

    ok here it is (full show as one .wav file):


    thanks richard for lifechanging experience ! we are the dreamers of dreams~

    present for u all play it loud :)

    by: ktonoyoia


    Haven't check it yet. Dunno if legit.



    omg thx :)


    realy love the track starts @ one hours , the next @ 1.03.00 is amazing , track id ?


    thanks for recording :aphexsign:



    1:09:00 "???

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