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  1. So I have a recording of the show. The quality is not what I had hoped it would be, but I want to share so that I didn't stand around holding my Zoom H1 against my chest like a weirdo the whole show for nothing :)

    I'll just upload a smaller Ogg Vorbis version so that we don't hit my dropbox limit too fast, but I have it uncompressed as well if anyone has a suggestion of what is the easiest way to share it.


    Also I applied some compression and EQ in Audacity but if anyone that knows how to properly master a poor recording want to have a go at it then I can send them the raw files. Got to go now but will check back.




    Thanks !! Nice recording .


    Track @ 3.30 ?

  2. Just a lil titbit....Fuji track 17  "Nqz 3 Singing Montage Chaos +6" which is also on Syrobonkers, appears as the closing track to Future Music, Melbourne 2012:


    It'd be interesting to see if any of the new Fuji tracks have appeared on sets.. eventually




    amazing set , do you know whats the track @ 1.03.00 and after ? 1.05.00 some amazing drill n bass


    Reddit poster ktonoyoia says:


    do you want SOME 24bit wav excellent quality finnish aphex acid??? ^ __ ^

    ok here it is (full show as one .wav file):


    thanks richard for lifechanging experience ! we are the dreamers of dreams~

    present for u all play it loud :)

    by: ktonoyoia


    Haven't check it yet. Dunno if legit.



    omg thx :)


    realy love the track starts @ one hours , the next @ 1.03.00 is amazing , track id ?


    thanks for recording :aphexsign:



    1:09:00 "???

  4. Sounds very much like old Squarepusher but I have no idea what AFX has to do with this and why this is in the Aphex subforum?


    Osborne played out old unreleased Squarepusher before in that radioshow of his, so seems likely yes.

    excuse me mister but the sound @ 31 minutes look like an aphex twin unrealeased no ?

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