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  1. New artist and forthcoming release on Alva Noto's label next year, single released today. Quite stripped down and minimal, brings to mind Ø and Raime a little bit. "I like it. It's got that it's-a-cruel-world-let's-throw-ourselves-in-the-abyss type ambience." https://www.saelevalese.com/discography/
  2. Vinyl arrived today, only listened to sides a & b, despite being distracted by work, this sounds like it will be a great album. Full listen after work.
  3. I haven't bought anything from Mr Basinski since Divertissement. Liking Tear Vial, reminiscent of Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive. Interview in the Wire recently too.
  4. I've been picking up stuff on Pure Life recently. Their comps are a good place to start, some wicked releases in general. https://purelifetapes.bandcamp.com/ Haven't picked up anything from these guys for a while, this is a really good reminder.
  5. Free event he's performing at for Somerset House on the 12th of November. https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/agm-2020
  6. Yeah, even online can be good, if it's the only option open. I've only dipped into this forum over the years, but it's always interesting to see strong felt experiences, positive and negative, especially for SIGN.
  7. Totally in love with this album. I'm finding that I'll listen to it all each time, rather than dipping into specific tracks; probably some conditioning from NTS, and Elseq. It's been nice sharing the listening experience with friends, haven't been able to do that with an Autechre album since 1995. Mentioning Autechre is usually met with eye rolls. I really don't get/or see the point of reviews anymore, at least in "trad" publications like that anyway. Pointless. Sure it's just an extension of marketing, and Warp gotta send those demos out...
  8. I'm really looking forward to this release, enjoyed what I've so far, especially Angels Pharmacy. Tangentially connected to the new album, but the remix released this month for Soccer Mom is pretty good, not sure where else to post it.
  9. I can see this being a good walking album. Looking forward to a nighttime stroll tomorrow by the Thames.
  10. Listening with a mate, he hasn't bought an album since Tri Repetae. He's been converted again.
  11. Finally had a chance to listen to this today, really enjoyed it, even if it isn't a finished release. I'd have liked to have heard what this would have sounded like, if he had the chance to complete it. Regardless, fitting for the autumn.
  12. New EP coming in November. Seems like it could be a nice change in direction, a bit more playful judging by the preview track Sinscur. https://richarddevine.bandcamp.com/album/systik
  13. I've been enjoying this a lot, need to spend more time with it though. Solid follow up to Precious Systems.
  14. I would love to own this on vinyl, it's most vexing Warp haven't repressed this part of the catalogue. While my fave period of Autechre is from the start to whenever they finish, EP7 always blows my mind, still sounds fresh to my damaged ears.
  15. Cheers. I had a quick listen of Several Shades today, just picked it up. What I perceived as a jump from the Opal Tapes releases to Maxyboy makes a lot more sense now. Will check out the EPs too, not sure why I slept on all this stuff for so long.
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