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  1. For people in the UK, it's the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch on the 28-30 of this month: https://www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/activities/birdwatch/
  2. The new Timothy Hecker is finally released on vinyl/cd. https://www.invada.co.uk/collections/north-water?mc_cid=af565fb2fe&mc_eid=3af1dd8ae3
  3. Nice, I do like this album. My original copy hasn't stood the test of time, not sure if it's disc rot, but it's bum. Will pick this up.
  4. Hey @Rubin Farr you might be interested some of the episodes of the Sense of Place podcast. Covers a few topics similar to your threads like this, and zines... focus is on place and space, and interview lead. Ep 14: Hauntology: Nostalgia, disquiet & lost futures ft. Bob Fischer https://www.senseofplacepod.com/podcast/episode/4a2e6cab/ep-14-hauntology-nostalgia-disquiet-and-lost-futures-ft-bob-fischer Ep 19: Zines with a sense of place ft. Kieran Cutting, Christian Kitson, Richard https://www.senseofplacepod.com/podcast/episode/4872dce6/ep-19-zines-with-a-sense-of-place-ft-kieran-cutting-christian-kitson-richard-daniels-and-simon-moreton
  5. Unfamiliar with artist and label. Very tempted to order the vinyl, shipping be damned. Either way, will get both. I can see myself dipping into the rest of the releases on the label. The Ed Carlsen album caught my interest. Artwork is nice, reminds me of Dauw. Thankee.
  6. Have you tried any other apps? Tinder always makes me think of the Circuit in Logan's Run.
  7. Confirmed Boy Harsher - The Runner James Web Space Telescope Coil - Musick to Play in the Dark 2 Toto - Dune And whatever else I've ordered on bandcamp and have forgotten about. Would like/Unlikely/No Idea Autechre Pan Sonic, a few Ø re-issues from Sähkö, would like to see some re-issues, especially on vinyl. Pls. Benjamin Brunn, it's been a couple of years since the Blundar release... Steve Hauschildt Bethan Kellough, would love a full album. Objekt Blawan Stars of the Lid, it's been 15 years... Claro Intelecto NIN SND, it's been 12 years... Stasis
  8. It is. Lots of great stuff to check out. I also keep seeing things that should be in my list. Alva Noto, Loraine James...
  9. For me, it's been another great year of new artist and label discovery, with some excellent releases by staple artists. Special Shout Outs Tom Hall: discovered via WATMM and totally hooked (thank you @auxien) Failed Attempts at Silence is an amazing album Miho Hatori: Been picking up the Cibo Matto re-issues this year, so she'e been back on my radar. Between Isekai and Slice of Life is a kick ass album. Shame there isn't a physical release. Makes me want to go out and dance. Axis Records: Too much to keep up with, still working my way through the releases, but Jeroen Search's Alpha Centauri (thank you @brian trageskin), Jeff Mills + Rafael Leafar The Override Switch, and Shinedoe's The Observer have been standouts. Ishmael Cormack: Really like his music, reminds me at times of some of the 12k releases from Monocoastal/Taylor Deupree. Jeannine Schulz: Consistently releasing music the past few years, great drifting ambient/guitar and processed field recordings. Hope she gets picked up by some more established labels. Electronic Probably my favourite release on Raster Music since the label split. Never heard of him before, been making my way through his earlier albums. Field Recordings Nice Italian label with 6 releases under their belt. This piece by Alyssa Moxley was the standout this year. First physical release from this label, like the project idea of main release (sounds recorded from windows, unprocessed from around the world) Post-Punk/Dark Wave/Alternative I love this band.I'd love to hear them play live, solid post-punk without sounding derivative. (IMO)There's a really cool scene in Australia for punk/alt metal, picked up quite a few albums here and there, but Bitumen are becoming a firm fave. Saw these guys live in a nice little Church near Kings X, first gig in 3 years. Nice shoegaze stylings. R&B/Soul
  10. Fantastic album! Good reminder to finally move out of my Bandcamp wishlist. 🙏
  11. This looks interesting, and nicely presented. Pre-ordered. You seem to like your folklore/horror/the weird (certainly on the Zine front), does that interest run to fiction, films...?
  12. Nice track, I don't have that live album, need to check it. Looks like the V.I.R.U.S. series is to be remastered, and re-released next year on vinyl and CD. Ltd edition boxset... https://www.instagram.com/p/CXlA35uA3d7/
  13. "I'm just dropping it in" 😂 Security at Liverpool Street Station used to be a nightmare. I do miss skating, but I don't miss that.
  14. Hopefully get to see them live next year. First two tracks have been great, especially Tower. ❤️
  15. Did you see any comms on this? The high freq was certainly there last week on Spotify, put me off buying. I wonder if the Bandcamp downloads have also been updated, no previews, which is annoying. Does anyone have a physical copy they have listened to? Not many previews I can see, still present on the YT they released on the 3rd. As well as the soundcloud clips More importantly, getting some serious luxury salon vibes from the Bandcamp photo. I'd get my haircut at Salon Voigt, special hair treatment with herbs of the black forest conditioner.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/dec/07/he-touched-a-nerve-how-the-first-piece-of-ai-music-was-born-in-1956
  17. That's a classic film, and an amazing book. Yeah, definition is need, I should say "sword & sorcery", though that label has rather unfortunate connotations. And I would exclude SF. As for LotR, they don't hold much rewatch value for me. They are well filmed yes, there are lots of great things one could say about them. Boromir's death scene - one of many classic character death scenes from Sean Bean - still gets me. The book holds too much value for me, so that's clearly an obstacle for me. I just couldn't get into GOT, there were some good elements - I wasn't wedded to the books, and I watched clips as I'm a big Charles Dance fan - but I just found it very boring and cheesy overall, and I'm not a fan of the grimdark vibe. The main cast, besides the young lady that played Arya, were (IMO) all poor actors. I love urban/modern fantasy as a concept. I missed Carnival Row, trailers didn't grab me. I still hold Carnivale in high regard. The Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell was okay too, I was pleasantly surprised. Let's see what they do Sandman.. Agreed, I think SF has proved easier when converting to screen from the page, though that opinion probably influenced by the films and shows that shaped me growing up. I need to finally get around to watching the Expanse, comments above are another reminder. I gave Shōgun a rewatch last week. For a show that's over 40 years old, it manages to get a lot of things right, presenting late sengoku period Japan on screen in 1980, and doing justice to the book. There's a remake in the works with Hiroyuki Sanada as Toranaga...
  18. Out of the glut of Marvel stuff, I had a soft spot for the Netflix shows. Daredevil was great, and the other shows... not consistent, though there were moments. Terrible casting for the Iron Fist dude, I was rooting for him to die in the series. Great actor, and the best Thor. Has there ever been a good fantasy TV series, or film... classic book fantasy, translated to the screen? I've always thought that the LotR films were a bit 'meh', and the idea of the new show doesn't do anything for me. The Wheel of Time series is really shaping up to be rubbish, I'm yet to reach "nope" level yet, due to history with the books.
  19. Haha, I forgot about that scene. Best use of NIN in a movie.
  20. Amazing film. Haim rivals The Deer Hunter era De Niro, in this prescient piece of social commentary. A scathing surgical analysis of America's inevitable cultural collapse, set against a backdrop of designer drugs, and rollerblading white supremacists.
  21. Good shout on Endtroducing. What about trying out bands like NIN, Filter, KMDFM, Skinny Puppy, The Young Gods...? And early Ministry, though not too early.
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