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  1. Just finished ep7 of The Boys S3. Really impressed with this season, my favourite so far. While the violence can be a bit much for my tastes, there's some real moments of pathos amongst all the carnage. Diabolical.
  2. v.nice, purchased. Not familiar with Vid Vai, or the label. Vermillion was enough to raise interest, nice mix of styles as you say. Silver Linings was the decider.
  3. New Lawrence English album arriving this September on Room40. Love the label - there's lots of great stuff dropping the next few months - and his solo/collab work are always impressive (IMO)
  4. https://djmag.com/news/tresor-records-announces-drexciya-catalogue-special-edition-reissue No Abstract Thought. Anyone know why this is unlikely to happen?
  5. Yeah, that is a shame. I remember reading about the conflict around the comics - think that was detailed in the Drexciya thread - but not on FB, so missed that this has been continuing. Regardless of the drama, Matthew Angelo Harrison sounds like a good artist to get in for the reissue series https://www.frieze.com/article/matthew-angelo-harrisons-prototypes-new-life
  6. Reissue up on Bandcamp and the usual sites, scheduled for the 2nd of September this year.
  7. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/134128717525?hash=item1f3ab1ced5:g:RN4AAOSwfmxijc9O
  8. Totally missed this thread, lots of new stuff to check out, and nice to see some classic underrated albums (Sogar) Taylor Deupree New Taylor Deupree album released this month on Puremagnetik. Edit: Album download also contains instructions to download the plugin - Small Winters - that was used to make the album, and was created by Puremagnetik. Jeannine Schulz JS remains one of my best Bandcamp finds, in the insta buy category for me. Would like to see more exposure on some established labels, would totally fit on 12k (IMO). Kailash is the latest release, but worth checking out everything. Mirko Been listening to this a lot the past few weeks, fantastic cinematic and textural ambiences.
  9. I love the first album, standout on Raster - glitchy, IDM, whatever you want to call it - very different to the subsequent RN albums. OR great album, and the title track...
  10. I've never bought a µ-Ziq album, and not really listened to much of his music. Will get the digital for this.
  11. No, not played that, though it does look familiar. I'm tempted to get back into gaming, so will be checking if there's anything new worth playing, I'm totally out of the loop. Rewatched Frankie & Johnny the other night. Two lost and lonely people working in a NYC diner fall in love... Johnny's (Pacino) approach would probably see him sacked, and cancelled, in today's climate. He's a bit much. Pfeiffer is great in this. Always had a soft spot for this film. Came out a year before Scent of a Woman, another good film (IMO), though it was the starting point of Pacino's long and difficult struggle with Hoo-Ha-itus. May God have mercy on his soul.
  12. The Carmen Villain album is really good, some Actress vibes, so the remix makes sense. Will be picking both up.
  13. I was made about jets as a kid, especially after seeing Top Gun. I'd play the game religiously on the spectrum, try and do the air break maneuver a la Maverick. Now that's what I call pod racing.
  14. v.nice. I'd have missed this. Thankee. I've enjoyed his progression since Stabil dropped, always something new to offer with each release. edit: this is bloody good.
  15. I do like your taste, and coverage of these "classics" This was another vhs I can just about recall seeing as a kid. Always have time for a Louis Gossett Jr. appearance. He still deserves props for Enemy Mine.
  16. I don't want to wish the summer away, but with the impromptu AMA, and the anticipation bubbling up in this thread, I'm feeling impatient about the Barbican gig(s). Interested to hear if they approach the two shows differently.
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