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  1. Reason 3.0 was nice. I kind of miss its simplicity. You could just get that and some good headphones and get to experimenting right away.
  2. I think Analord might be my favorite work of his. The songs have so much character. I think they really are part of what defines his sound for me. I agree that he should put them up on Bandcamp so I can get it in FLAC.
  3. I'm really enjoying this so far. I'm on track 3.
  4. 10/10 I'm sure they will discontinue them just as they have always done with spicy flavors.
  5. I like nature sounds and enhanced brain waves. I'll see if I can use it. Thanks, car company. Update: It's pretty cool. Basically just a sampler with fixed samples which just loop in the background and a mono, legato oscillator that has a few waveforms. I'm definitely going to go buy a КИ now. Thanks, КИ.
  6. This is really good. Very minimal yet immersive.
  7. One of my favorite Radiohead songs. I want to see his take. He had a nuanced appraisal of Aphex Twin's music so this guy seems cool.
  8. It makes for two nice playlists to pull the CCAI pt1 out of Drukqs and combine it with CCAI pt 2. The resultant pure energy of Drukqs and longer playtime of CCAI is cool.
  9. Yeah, to think Twitter of all things could start being used as a propaganda platform!
  10. I'd like to find a compilation of some of the best classic tracker music. Edit: Checking out https://modarchive.org/ now Edit: OMG I remember this song in that documentary!
  11. seven sixteenths.mp3 New WIP. I tried to do something interesting with what I think are classic acid sounds. Most of the focus is on overlaying sequences of different lengths on top of each other. Not sure if I should give it a more detailed treatment or leave it sounding kind of raw and old school.
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