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  1. yeah me too still find bits and pieces of it lying aroudn the room
  2. moog acid -french man and vibert dynarec - lagomorph - all on big ugly vinyl
  3. its all about how you sell it if you would want to sell in the first place girls like justin timberlake or boys with guitars theres no alternatives really
  4. daft punk arent better. how many replies did that daft punk thread get in new and upcoming releases.
  5. whens the next one i hope my 30 wont just disappear havent got roudn to listening this one yet
  6. kind of not that good is not a sensible statement thing shoudl be good or bad and that was good
  7. yes vinyl one is a bit quicker i think
  8. Praga Khan - Injected with a poison
  9. please note the following was NOT conducted by weetabix or the member formerly known as A_S_T:
  10. i just dont think it needs to be bought however well he mixed it how come rob hall can do it for free?
  11. i really dont understand what everyone finds difficult its good music just put it on and listen why think anything else?
  12. whats this sillly new name for?

  13. the tired sounds of ...
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