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  1. https://twitter.com/Skamrecords/status/1368244466151227397?s=20
  2. Can't remember where mine came from either, had it since the early noughties I think
  3. niversal


    Dicing up these sets is a lot of fun, done Dour, Chicago, New York and Denver so far, NY in particular has some amazing standalone tracks. Plan to listen and dissect the tracks at home and blast the sets in my car, thanks sam and bob
  4. AeLive08 Set List MIDI Routing: MachineDrum out to MonoMachine in. MonoMachine thru to MPC1K inA. MPC1K outA to NMG2 in. (BS3X out1 to MPC1K inB). Audio Routing: MonoMachine outC/D to MachineDrum extinA/B. Elektrons: Do not use Song Mode, use Pattern Mode only. MachineDrum: Do not use Classic Mode, use Extended Mode only. Nord Modular G2 Patches: Load performance folder first, then load patchfile, enable Perf Mode. Nord Modular G2 MIDI: MIDI chan 1-4 = Slot 1-4, CC: receive & send, PC: receive & send. MPC1K OS: Do not use AkaiOS, use JJOS1 only. Load programs
  5. http://www.ele-king.net/interviews/006477/ ロブ:それは大きいね。 Rob:Real big parts of it. ショーン:“all end”は、『Exai』の“Bladelores”というトラックに似ている。そして、最後のセッションだ。“all end”は、『Exai』の“Bladelores”のアイディアのいくつかを展開したもので、NTSのためのスペシャル・ヴァージョンと言えるよ。だから“Bladlores”の終章、終りということだね。 Sean:All End is similar to a track called Bladelores from Exai. And it was the end session. All End is an expansion of some ideas from a track on Exai. Bladelores. Kind of a special NTS version of that track. So the name is about, how it’s the end of Bladlores. ロブ:終りのすべて、全部。 Rob:And it’s all of it.
  6. About time they release the obligatory accompanying EP, another 2 hours with gonks and dummy casual pt1 would be sweet. But seriously, NTS gets better each listen and just eats time somehow.
  7. Totally, nice to have something physical until the box sets land.
  8. ae bleep store is playing tricks, over the last couple of weeks I've refreshed the page a lot and the album art is regularly changing size, like its breathing. Thought I was imagining it but opened on various computers, yesterday it was big, today small again. Perhaps a glitch but I’m holding out for it being a subtle sign of upcoming release! Braething! https://autechre.bleepstores.com/
  9. their handwriting makes for a cool tee
  10. Going through my archives and found this short fax interview in a copy of Pure Sheng from 1995. Short and sweet but still thought worth sharing
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