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  1. never thought about it but entirely possible too.
  2. break starts around the 3:13ish mark... he used this on Bummy
  3. its just speculation on my part but I think its a little bit of everything, some of the noises sound like samples of Ratchet and other stuff you might find in a garage etc.
  4. At last, took forever for youtube to process this but they ended up muting Aphex's Abundance track... several other artists claimed the video (but i'm not posting it for $$) enjoy https://youtu.be/VemrJl6uN7M
  5. sorry this took so long, hope everyone's well with everything going on
  6. Full audio rip of the show... I hope I can get the video up on youtube eventually. Full show on soundcloud
  7. I know, I’m so happy her uploaded those unreleased tracks too... did you meet up with the group at the bar before the show?
  8. My phone, I opted out of buying an expensive zoom recorder thought they might make me leave it outside the venue Can I just share a private link of it?
  9. Hey, due to the quarantine I’ve had a lot of time to be at home. I uploaded the entire show to YouTube which took a whole day thanks to an update bumping me up an OS which has crippled my machine. I kept the video private and it’s already got 6 copyright claims. I was going to make it public today but I guess that’s not in the cards unless there’s a way around this? I’m a YouTube noob so any advice would be great. In the meantime I’m going to attempt to separate the audio and upload somewhere else
  10. wow, sorry everyone, I recovered the media then my laptop shit the bed on me... threw my hands up at that point in frustration. I have a temporary machine I have to migrate everything to and will upload that when I can, def not sitting on it just been busy w/ summer stuff and work... whats the preferred platform for the audio? soundcloud mixcloud? I really wish I caught the entire Soundmurderer set, the bit I did was fantastic. I was shocked by the number of people who left when he was up destroying the place.
  11. I'm going to upload the show ASAP, i had some issues recovering the media.
  12. i'll be headed to the city tomorrow if anyone going wants to meet up pm me.
  13. Haven't posted in awhile, got my ticket for the show yesterday :) anyone meeting up there?
  14. if you click the skull it redirects to his bandcamp page
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