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  1. No. It's just how these things go, i think. Glad it wasn't bought by Apple...
  2. ODD TIMES | exm (bandcamp.com) 1. odd times 12:55 2. East 02:18 3. equall 11:50 4. Mabel_i 07:45
  3. o u t n o w MMLXXVII | exm (bandcamp.com)
  4. don't expect some special tracks, but here are some of those Bach examples: https://we.tl/t-pJXDR03uOq
  5. FL is quite 'non-linear' in use. Especially compared to a lot of other 'big' DAW's. I like that. Not being bound to 1 workflow is lovely
  6. exm

    ? - twels

    yeah...twels was fun..i normally don't really explain tracks, but this is kind of a special one; twels = towels my gf just gave birth to my son, filmed a bit, took some photo's. My gf had to stay in the hospital. I was allowed to go home, so i did. Started up my pc, opened my DAW, uploaded the vids and extracted some audio. track was done within 90 minutes and my son is in the track. If you listen closely, you can hear his voice. Took a shower, went to bed and went to my son and gf when i woke up..............
  7. Reminds me of their lp5 work
  8. strongholt

    1. Klopjob


      is fantastic

  9. https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/strongholt-e-p
  10. exm

    elseq 1-5

    each track has unique artwork, if you check it in itunes for example. each Record also has a unique artwork (unique and different to any of the track by track artworks). I downloaded the wavs and got 1 image per ep All MP3's have unique artwork. Since WAV won't show this normally in players, it has no use to put them there. Just download the MP3's and use MP3TAG to extract the artwork from the mp3's
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