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  1. 57 minutes ago, Joyrex said:

    Changed the topic title - we don't need to be so crass nor mildly racist

    BTW you can use "@" and the forum member's name if you want to mention them (they'll get notified they were mentioned by you in a thread)

    like this post if you think joyrex should stop using words like "mongoloid" and "retard" and "shine" pejoratively

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  2. 25 minutes ago, cwmbrancity said:

    sounds like you need a Spiralizer



    Pretty pretty.

    @andihow & other fundamentalist The Clique Ladettes patented one too, but the developers couldn't extract all the congealed posts, board members & subjects they identified as desirably spirable from it. Terrible news for the spiralizing community, unless yer actually Spiral Tribe, in which case game on.



    clear and concise post genius 10/10

  3. 7 minutes ago, KovalainenFanBoy said:

    we dont even do the trial by fire, edgy 00s internet thing anymore, come on in. By sheer numbers, it's mostly just normal people. Hell if you dont like the 'usual' chatmm you can just stay in the music / programming / whatever sub-chats ('channels')

    A mod will be following this post with a discord invite (ahem)


  4. 8 minutes ago, cwmbrancity said:

    you even go so far as taking the time to make a podcast, regaling those who know better, about the same site, its contents & members, circle jerking over bitter platitudes

    our podcast is mostly about the universal human condition. this place gets mentioned, yeah, usually to showcase the talent of some posters here. i've never considered myself to be a loremaster to this place, which you seem to be doing, while simultaneously criticizing me and the show for it. rude imo.


    10 minutes ago, juiceciuj said:

    watmm is good chatmm is good. it's you, the people, who are bad

    i think you are good.

  5. 23 minutes ago, dr lopez said:

    *cypher talking on the phone to trinity*

    "All I post is what hello spiral wants me to post. If I have to choose between that and Joyrex, I choose Joyrex."


    all kidding aside, this basically sums up what we're talking about. a retarded braggadocious post about inside jokes for other chatmm people to giggle about on discord. im sure there's already loads of pearl clutching regarding my previous post ITT. as I said earlier, this kind of childish behavior, btw enforced by the rest of the internet via reddit, discord, etc has done way more damage to the uniqueness of watmm than banning any single member. well maybe theo and lion lol.

    while a bit lighthearted, this post contains zero inside jokes. everything i wrote i believe 100% without irony. if it sounded arrogant its because i'm enthusiastic about what that room has turned into vs what it was when it was attached to this site. Its entire existence is owed to the fact that the current leadership here made mistake after mistake, first letting the SSL update ruin OG chat, and then dropping the ball like a 600lb weight when starting the official watmm discord. The implication that its responsible for the shittifying of this forum is completely misinformed and incorrect. Its like implying that hong kong is the reason the rest of mainland china is oppressive.

    also your obsession with spiral is weird

  6. 1 hour ago, dr lopez said:

    chatmm is a fucking disaster, impossible to read, filled with fake personas and characters (which aren't funny) and run by posters even more craven than papa. It's not about music it's about who's in or out. what cwmbrancity said. and at the root of that is hello spiral. his behavior and others and the creation of the chatmm discord has done more damage to the vibe of watmm than any one member banning. 

    this is incredibly misinformed. the discord is perfect. we are real people with real identities. we are transparent and we support each-other. we do in fact discuss music. we actually even listen to each-others music. we break down societal boundaries and push envelopes. we donate to people in need as opposed to ourselves. there is a paywall but only for joyrex. its possibly the most productive place on the internet. honestly they should replace the UN with us and the world would likely improve. i'm sorry you aren't a part of it lopez.

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  7. Just now, Joyrex said:

    The addon costs 50.00 and then 25.00 every six months thereafter, but that would be absorbed into the monthly hosting/software costs we already pay via donations and subscriptions. Just being transparent about the cost so it is not seen as a "well, it's free so why not" option like Discord.

    would this bring about an increase in subscription prices? 

  8. 1 hour ago, Joyrex said:

    I'm not charging people to download the files (or any files) - I'm offsetting the costs of hosting the files so people can download them! You can't download the files without having an account on WATMM, all accounts since August 2013 are paid accounts, so why is this an issue?

    if this is the philosophy then why did you just delete the we transfer link to this file that someone just posted? surely you arent paying out of pocket to keep wetransfers servers alive

  9. ep7-afterwhoop-touchup-final.png

    We play the tunes of various watmmers. Spiral thinks he hears the beatles. Triachus taps dances for us.

    1. DJ Dream Dad - DadCruiseV2 (unreleased)

    2. Sheathe (Shea) - Royal Gorge (unreleased)

    3. Silver Trifolium - Hi Hey Hi Rainforest (unreleased)

    4. Rhyme Trails - Perigee IV Link

    5. Tellem Hawk - Rude Boy Lounge  Link

    6. Grottenholm - Nautilux Link

    7. Stochastic - Blistering Thumbs and a Broken Heart Link

    8. Kristopher Bernard - Girls Come and Go Link

    9. Flex Unger - Bitches Lament Link (Little Music for Little People)

    10. DJ Saint Hubert - The Secrets of Dragon Basketball Link

    11. AHHH - Yamagotchi Long Voices 

    12. Underscore - I Wish This Window Was Open Link

    13. Hello Foil - Spiralling Piano Drills Ruin My Flow I Link

    14. Lex Looper - Tie Your Shoelaces Link

    15. Trashbear Twin - Aganjapolis Link

    16. DorkingtonPugsly - Chatmm Is My Sphincter Link

    17. Maitake - Unreleased Track

    18. Mozzarella Stick - I'm Not Sing My Song To Share It Link

    19. Hello Spiral - Anorexic Jellyfish (Theo Watkins Remix) (unreleased)






    I've not done episode 4 yet, will catch up this week.

    Any more on the horizon?


    Yah, soon.

    The last one was chaos walking and lasted like 3hrs so andi's been editing it for nearly a month lol (tbh I think he lost the will to live and gave up for 2 weeks but I've bullied him back into bitwig)


    this is correct. but its comin soon

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