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  2. cums from the rooftops big if true, give us houston track pls
  3. refering to brian eno as eno i was in chipotle earler and i saw a guy with a small leather bound case for something and it said "brian eno and peter schmitt", i dont know what it was. my girlfriend said "wouldnt it be weird if you got jury duty" to me passing court street on the train. i got home and checked the mail and i have jury duty. there was no way she could have known. then i checked youtube and this was top recc'd vid
  4. This could mean nothing....... Or it could mean something...............
  5. back up in that ass with the resurrection
  6. his most thought provoking / sonically pleasing in a while. thanks for this
  7. We've all heard the rumors. We all wish it hadn't been Hudson Mohawke. Was Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares an extra in the series? Let's settle this right here and right now. https://youtu.be/LfDnT8FvjFA?t=203 Is this the same man: Feel free to post other evidence to argue your point.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpW7iYfuGDU
  9. ^fell asleep to this last night and it turned out to be perfect.
  10. dungarees. corduroy or chinos or gtfo
  11. i recommend you don't watch anime
  12. Bump - I'm ready to start my rap career please
  13. the more i listen to this stuff the more i feel like it might be John Frusciante - anyone else getting serious californiacation vibes?
  14. so if you check firefox debugger while the page is open you can view prod.js which contains this code thats supposed to execute when you type in the right password: you can go to firefox console and paste that in and you will see the green "access granted" message appear on the screen however console also spits out the error "authenticated is not defined" which means that the variable that flips when you get the right password doesnt actually exist. can someone with more JS/web dev experience tell me if i'm right to assume that this means theyre probably waiting for the countdown to finish before entering the "right" password does anything?
  15. i could be wrong here but the last few chunks of client.js on that github suggest that once you authenticate you get an audio stream right away. i can't help but think theres already something waiting for us.
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